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Natural Brands Box

Natural Brands Box
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In this box you will find

  • 7 full size products 
  • All products are from natural brands
  • All products are cruelty-free
  • A selection of gorgeous skin care, personal care and cosmetic products.
  • The products have a collective retail value of over $204.00
  • All products in the box are from leading brands
  • All of the products in the box are current lines, readily available for repurchase in NZ stores
  • Boxes will be shipped during the week comments 7th September.


Natural Brands is a gorgeous showcase of ingenuity and passion for powerful products from nature.

This cruelty free box contains skincare and cosmetic products for your face and body.  The products in this box compliment each other beautifully, but can also be introduced into your existing routine separately.  You'll find brands you know and love as well as brands you need to discover!

This box is the perfect for ladies who are passionate about supporting our local brands and love natural, cruelty free products.

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Don't want a surprise? Want to know what's in the box before you buy? 

The Natural Brands beauty box contains

  1. Bee Vantage toothpaste (1 of 3 variants)
  2. Manuka Vantage Muscle and Joint Relief
  3. Skinfood Kiwifruit & Tangerine Sheet Masks (x2)
  4. Skinfood Exfoliating Scrub
  5. Skinnies LOOKS Tinted SPF30 (Shade: Medium)
  6. Linden Leave Regenerating Elixir
  7. Trilogy Vitamin C Polishing Powder

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Natural Brands Box

Natural Brands Box


Overall rating:
25th September, 2020
1 members found this review useful
Interesting and Varied

I was excited to get this new BBBE. I was ready to go as soon as I saw it had a Linden leaves product - I absolutely Linden leaves. Also being prone to some muscle and joint pain, I was intrigued to try the muscle and joint relief product. It was also great to see my old favourite brands, Trilogy and Skinfood included in the box. I have recently gone back to suing exfoliating scrubs and love the Skinfood scrub so that was a bonus, along with the mask, and I can't wait to try the vitamin C polishing powder.

The Skinnies product looks interesting. I'm not good with UV creams, so it'll be great to try this one that also has a little tint.

Last but not least, the bee vantage toothpaste is also intriguing. It is ginseng and spearmint flavoured. I love spearmint so it sounds ideal for me.

Another great curation from BBBE :)

Tips: Buy one, and save some products to share at Christmas!

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