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Is this the secret to the perfect curl?

19 April, 2024 - 11:34am by - BR-Queenie | 207 Comments

Who doesn't look enviously at those Insta shots of gals (and guys) with picture perfect causal wavy hair? 

So hands up who thinks they were born with it? Yeah, we thought so.  Chances are they've spent hours on getting it 'just right'.                  

Cue the entry of the VS SassoonCurl Secret®  The new Curl Secret® has been transformed to be more versatile than ever, with morecustomization, more innovation and more magic, for total foolproof styling.

The original Curl Secret®automatic hair curler was a game-changer in the beauty industry, quickly becoming a must-havestyling tool for women everywhere. Back then, “hair goes in, curl comes out” became the rallying cryfor women who dreamed of a styling tool that would take the guesswork out of curling hair.

Fast forward to today & the completely reimagined Curl Secret® has been transformed to be the ultimatehair styler for wow-worthy curls & waves made easy. Now with more customization, moreinnovation & more magic, the Curl Secret® is the dream styling tool for all hair types.


Some of the key features include:

● WORRY-FREE STYLING - Automatic curling system with foolproof tangle-free technology & easy-to-use curling mechanism gently draws in the hair for the fastest, most perfect curls & waves.

● PEACE OF MIND STYLING - Low energy-efficient mode - heat auto adjusts down to around 150°Cafter 20 minutes of inactivity. After 60 minutes of inactivity, the styler will automatically switch off.

● CUSTOM CURLS - Choose 1 of 3 preset curl types - defined, loose, or wavy for the perfect curl orwave, every time. ● HAIR FRIENDLY STYLING - 5 heat settings for all hair types:

Want to know more? You can check it out HERE

But as usual does it do all this? Does it? Well we're here to put it to the test! We're going to be sending 20 members their very own Curl Secret® to test out, put through its paces and write a honest review. 

If you would like to be in on this amazing trial team, comment below with how often you curl your hair and what you currently use to do it. 



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24th May, 2024

I have straightened my hair pin straight for over 20 years, I've been thinking lately I would love to style it differently and this VS Curl Secret looks easy to use!

22nd May, 2024

I’m so desperate to try this tool! I curl my hair 1-2 times a week and currently use my GHDs. I find they give me good control but I’d really love something a bit easier!! I love wearing formed curls on day one and then letting them drop to something more beachy on day 2. I have naturally wavy/curly hair but I love a more controlled curl look when I curl. This tool looks the the ideal solution!!

16th May, 2024

ooh I would love to try this product!! I have always struggled to get my hair curled the way I like, so I would love to see if this will help me get my desired look on my slightly wavy hair! I've only ever curled my hair for special events because of my struggle, however I wonder if this could help me curl my hair more often!

15th May, 2024

Oh my goodness this sounds amazing - would have LOOOOOVED to trial this! I can't wait to see the reviews :)

12th May, 2024

Can't wait to see the reviews on this.

11th May, 2024

I have fine, straight hair that does not curl - except if I have it professionally done at the salon and the hairdresser uses their tricks to get the job done… I have always wanted to try a curler but am always too scared to buy one - thinking that it will be too effortful and a waste of money… I would love to give this curler a go and it will definitely be a true test to see if it can get the job done on fine, straight hair :-)

8th May, 2024

I have been using my straightner for a while now since my last curler died. This would be amazing to make life easier. I love the auto switch off setting for peace of mind which how easy it is to forget with life's craziness. This sounds like a incredible product

6th May, 2024

I have super straight hair and love adding a curl to my hair to add more volume. I currently use heatless rollers to curl my hair about once a week, but am super keen to try out VS SassoonCurl Secret®!

2nd May, 2024

If I'm honest I don't curl it much but I do always wanted curly hair mine is quite strait naturally. I have a Jose eber curling tong and also trying do the plays and top styler from in styler I'd also like to try do it with a fluffy robe or those heatless things around I've seen stuff at Kmart too for heatless curling

2nd May, 2024

I want to try this so badly

2nd May, 2024

I don't usually curl mg hair as I'm worried about damaging it however if I had a curling tool like this that I was confident my hair would not get damaged with I would definitely curl my hair as often as possible.

1st May, 2024

Not for me as I prefer straight hair but looks like a great trial!

30th April, 2024

Is the trial out? Did anyone get on it? I couldn't use one but I'd love to know how good they are.

30th April, 2024

I would to review the curl secret. I’ve got fine flat hair and need a bit of lift

30th April, 2024

I want to test this on me and my daughters! If I curl my hair I usually do it heatless using messy buns and pony tails to the up with damp hair and let it out after a sleep for waves. I have a couple of styling tools too I want to try the fluffy robe tie to try to it aswell

2nd May, 2024

I did Maree and am liking it :-)

22nd May, 2024

Ahhh I see this trial is already done! Looking forward to the reviews



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