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Check out our fabulous Rewards Vault!

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To contribute to NZ's biggest beauty guide - and get rewarded!

The Beauty Vault is our rewards exchange where you can spend the points you've been earning by reviewing products and interacting with us on the site.

Imagine the best beauty sale ever - then imagine the products were free!  That's the Beauty Vault!

Ok, we know, that’s not enough information right?  There are fabulous and free products at stake – you need to know everythinggg.  Here’s the answers to your burning questions.

How often will you be opening the Beauty Vault? 

The Beauty Vault is open all year round - only closing when it's time to restock.

What day does the Beauty Vault open? 


Who can buy from the Beauty Vault?  

The Beauty Vault is open to all members who have been registered with Beauty Review for 6 weeks and have a minimum of 500 Beauty Points.  

What kind of products are in the Beauty Vault? 

Fabulous ones!  From the biggest beauty brands in the world to wonderful New Zealand companies. 

We're doing things differently this time around - We'll be loading up new products every week, so you can get excited, and maybe do some last minute reviews to boost your points balance!  The preview will reflect some of the starting balance of Saturday's vault.  The vault will be reloaded on Sunday (with mostly the same products and quantities, but a few surprises too).  We'll be dropping in extra quantities of products during both Vaults.

How much are my points worth? 

Everything in the Beauty Vault is priced at its NZ RRP.  (We do not profit from the Beauty Vault in any way).  The exchange rate of the Beauty Points is:

10 Beauty Points = $1

So if you have 500 Beauty Points, you have $50 to spend.  1000 Beauty Points is $100.  1500 Beauty Points is $150 and so on.

Do I need to pay anything? 

The only thing you need to pay for is the shipping and handling.

The costs will are: 3 items or less $16.00 4-6 items $19.00, 7 items or more $25.00

Every Beauty Vault we receive a few grumbles about the Shipping and Handling costs.  We keep costs as low as we can and it's important to know we run The Beauty Vault strictly not for profit.  Shipping and Handling costs go towards, well, shipping and the labour costs of packing hundreds of orders.  

So, wait a minute.  I can just review and review and earn a squillion points and spend them, paying only shipping, with no catch?!

Well, in theory.  All reviews submitted must meet our Review Standards.  If our moderator doesn’t believe they do you’ll be sent an automatic email asking you to revisit your review.  If you choose not to, that’s fine, but you won’t receive the 15 points for that review.

Also – there is a $250 cap on any one vault visit.  Why?  So everyone gets the chance at a good haul!  If you want to dive back into the vault on Sunday and spend your excess points, you can – but you’ll need to pay the shipping again and there will still be a $250 cap on the second shop.  You can only shop once per day.

How do I pay for my shipping? Is it safe?  

Of course - we would never compromise our member’s security!  We will be using Paystation for payments - so you can use your credit card to pay just like any other secure site.

Upon checking out you will be redirected to the payment gateway.  Once you have completed your payment, you MUST wait until you are returned to the Beauty Vault before exiting your browser.  If you submit your payment and don't wait to be redirected the order will not be logged with us and you will not receive your products!

I don't have enough points for something I really want - can I top up? 

 YES!  But,  you will need to have at least 90% of the points needed for a product to top up.  The system will progressively take your available points as you add products to your cart, then when you go to pay, it will let you know if there is any top up required. If you do not have at least 90% of points to pay for your order, you will need to drop some products from your cart.

Won't people with lots of points be able to really stock up? 

BR is all about fairness and so we're limiting purchases to strictly 1 of each individual product per person and with high value item such as fragrance only one fragrance in total can be purchased per member per vault.  This limit is across ALL vault visits for the day, so if you choose to shop the vault twice in one day, you still won’t be able to get a second of a product you bought in your first shop.

This is really sounding too good to be true - are the products genuine? 

Pffft! How could you even ask?  Just like the products we send you to trial, all of the products in the Beauty Vault are sourced from approved NZ distributors. 

Can we review the products we buy

Of course!  All of the products in the Beauty Vault will be on the site ready to review!  And you'll earn 15 points for the next rewards sale!

How long will delivery take? 

Allow 14 - 21 working days for shipping.

What happens if my product doesn't arrive or arrives broken? 

You need to contact us urgently on [email protected]  Unfortunately we have an extremely limited amount of product available, so it will be unlikely that we will be able to send you a replacement. If your product arrives damaged, email us a photo and we will refund your shipping and credit back your points.  If your product does not arrive, we will track and trace any missing packages to see if they can be located. In the event of them not being located, we will refund your shipping and credit back your points.

Any other questions? 

Email us at [email protected]


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