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Feeling tired? Beauty Hacks for those tired days

17 March, 2024 - 07:33pm by - BR-Queenie | 14 Comments


We've all been there – those mornings after a restless night's sleep or those days when exhaustion seems to have settled into every fibre of our being. But fear not, for there are ways to combat the telltale signs of fatigue and present a refreshed appearance to the world. Here are some beauty tips to help you look normal even when you're feeling anything but:

1. Hydrate Inside and Out:

Start your day with a tall glass of water to hydrate your body and skin. Dehydration can exacerbate the appearance of tiredness, making fine lines and dark circles more prominent. Additionally, use a hydrating moisturiser to plump up your skin and create a more luminous complexion.

2. Refresh Your Eyes:

Combat tired eyes by using cooling eye masks or chilled cucumber slices to reduce puffiness. Opt for an eye cream with ingredients like caffeine or vitamin C to brighten and depuff the under-eye area. Finish with a light-reflecting concealer to camouflage dark circles and create a more awake look.

Image: That Gal Brightening Face Primer Benefit $62.00

3. Brighten Your Complexion:

A radiant complexion can instantly make you appear more awake. Use a brightening primer to even out skin tone and diffuse light. Follow with a lightweight foundation or tinted moisturiser to achieve a natural-looking glow. Finish with a touch of cream blush on the apples of your cheeks for a healthy flush of colour.

4. Define Your Features:

Define your features to create the illusion of alertness. Fill in your brows with a brow pencil or powder to frame your face and add structure. Curl your lashes and apply a lengthening mascara to open up your eyes and make them appear more awake. Avoid heavy eyeliners, as they can weigh down your eyes and emphasize tiredness.

Image: TE WAI Facial Mist Spray $45.00

5. Fake a Full Night's Sleep:

When in doubt, fake it till you make it. Use a brightening concealer to disguise any signs of fatigue, focusing on areas such as the inner corners of your eyes and the sides of your nose. Set your makeup with a translucent powder to ensure long-lasting wear and prevent creasing. Carry a refreshing facial mist in your bag to revitalize your skin throughout the day.

6. Embrace the Power of Color:

Incorporate colour into your makeup look to counteract dullness. A swipe of peach or coral lipstick can instantly brighten your complexion and draw attention away from tired eyes. Experiment with soft, pastel eyeshadows to add a pop of colour to your lids without overwhelming your face.

Remember, true beauty comes from within, so prioritise self-care and get plenty of rest whenever possible. But on those days when fatigue gets the best of you, these beauty tips can help you put your best face forward and face the world with confidence.


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7th May, 2024

I do love a cooling eye mask - always keep one in the fridge.

29th April, 2024

Some days you just need to be easy on yourself and if you can take a little time out to relax -perhaps have a nice massage and tomorrow you will be on top of the world.

26th April, 2024

Hydration is definitely key!

24th April, 2024

I need to do more of these suggestions, especially the hydration!

23rd April, 2024

Very good tips, I use a bright pink lipstick and rosy blusher to brighten up my face.

19th April, 2024

Some good tips here!

15th April, 2024

No matter how hard you try there will always be some nights with too little or poor sleep and you just have to make it through the next day as best as you can.

8th April, 2024

A cold shower hahahaha always makes you feel awake

8th April, 2024

I spritz toner is a great freshner

3rd April, 2024

A good eye cream does wonders for me!

29th March, 2024

I can't start my day without a shower. Every Sunday is mask day. I can't leave the house without my brows done, however I have discovered brow dyes and this is a very useful tool in my make up bag.

20th March, 2024

I do most of these things - nice to know I'm on the right track! - but if I haven't slept well, my eyes betray me (they go all puffy, wrinkles look deeper, undereyes go sort of crepey and dark...). I haven't yet found a product that'll combat all that. I think in desperation I once tried cooled teabags, but I can't remember the outcome! Has anyone else found that this works for them?

19th March, 2024

I love face masks and toners to help

18th March, 2024

I'm always tired and probably always look it. An egg white mask for as long as possible is helpful, followed by a shower. I totally agree that darker brows make me look better.

22nd March, 2024

cucumber is amazing for this

30th March, 2024

Thanks for the cucumber tip, Pat17!!

11th April, 2024

A shower before you start the day is a must for me and sometimes another prior to bed .

3rd May, 2024

Too true. Nothing short of a full face lift will work!

20th April, 2024

Yes and worth keeping as we all need hep at different times to feel on top of our game.

11th May, 2024

That sound really nice-Happy face!

6th May, 2024

Yes Hydration seems to be what we most lack



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