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About Me I love all things beauty but am especially interested in natural skincare and makeup.

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Overall rating:
12th March, 2017 at 10:18 pm
Remington i-LIGHT Pro Review
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Money well spent

I purchased this in December 2016 when it was on sale for $599. After doing a lot of research I decided it would be a great machine and worth the money. It comes in a sturdy box with instructions on how to use it.

The machine is pretty easy to use. There are 2 attachments. One for the face and one for the body. They simply click onto the head of the device. After the machine is turned on it has a safety sensor which means it won't work unless you hold your hand over it so it can scan and make sure your skin is suitable. It will either go red and not work or green and you are ready to go.

There are 5 levels to choose from. I started on 1 for my is such a sensitive area and feels a little uncomfortable. After a few sessions I got it up to level 5 and the pain becomes less. I have had great results so far, I used to shave my pits everyday and now I only have to do it once a week. Some parts the hair is not growing back at all. It really is fantastic!

I also did my bikini area and have the same great results. I zap around every 2-3 weeks. It is so quick and easy. I have sensitive skin and get no irritation at all, does not make my skin red and sore. You can go over the same spot twice with no issues.

I am stoked I purchased this and was not expecting such amazing results. In saying that, I am a perfect candidate as I have dark hair and very pale skin. I hope others have success like me :-)

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Heya. No you don't have to wear any safety goggles with this machine.

Great review! Just wondering do you know if it is necessary to wear safety goggles while using it?

I really really want an ipl or hpl but they're sooo expensive. I've been reading reviews on them and they sound great, it's just a lot of cash in one go. I love the idea of the quick zap bikini hit! Great review btw Lisa!

Overall rating:
17th March, 2017 at 10:01 am
Herbal Essences Naked Moisture Conditioner Review
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Moisturised Hair

My aunty gave me a box of these herbal essence samples. She was finishing up at her job and recieved plenty samples to take home with her. My hair is thick and dry and coloured. I'm on a search for haircare that softens my hair . I haven't found my perfect hair care yet.

This bottle is clear. It's a mini sized version of the full sized bottle. The labelling on it is clear to read. The consistency is creamy like a moisturiser. Texture is white in colour and has a fresh lime and apple scent.

I use the matching shampoo before I put this conditioner in my hair. It feels smooth soft. When I rinse my hair out it feels more manageable to brush.

After using this my hair feels softer and I notice shine in my hair. I think it is priced high. I've been looking for it everywhere and haven't been able to find it.

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Thats cool. I have been looking for it everywhere. Ill try looking in New World too.

I just picked this up today from New World for $4 on special. It smells lovely am looking forward to trying it.

Overall rating:
26th August, 2016 at 7:48 pm
Essenzza Fuss Free Facial Mask Anti-Ageing + Antioxidant Review
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Sticky face

I love the idea that this is an affordable, ready-to-use and what appears to be effective face mask however I was sadly disappointed in the end. I bought this from Kmart for less than $5 and my expectations were high given that the corresponding makeup wipes were fantastic.

It comes in an easy to open pink sachet. I suggest reading the instructions on the back or watching the video on the brand’s website to avoid too much unnecessary handling of the mask when trying to put it on.

There are 3 layers saturated in the silky formula, you pull away the white plastic layer and place the clear layer towards your face and the blue away from the face. I couldn’t detect a particular scent which is great because you have to leave the mask on for 20-30 minutes and the last thing you want is a scent you can’t stand.

Remove the blue layer and fit the clear layer more securely to your face. What I really like about the mask was that it was easy to move and secure into place. The clear layer is stretchy so you can move it so that it fits nicely around your eyes and mouth. This alone made the mask worth it because I felt that my entire face was able to absorb the formula.

Once I was happy with my mask, I carried on about my night and 30 minutes later I removed it. When I pulled it away I could see parts of the mask had dried which reminded me of dried up towelettes. This is where everything fell over for me. My face looked refreshed and rejuvenated as if I had just received a facial but the sticky residue left behind was not my cup of tea.

In the video it advises to massage any leftover formula into the skin. This would have been ok however my face remained sticky to the point that when I tried to smooth my hand over it, it would tug – yep that kind of sticky. I don’t know many people who are willing to sleep with their face feeling that way. I’ve tried this mask twice now and I’m happy to stay with my trusty clay masque – more mess but I’ll settle for that over "sticky face" any day.

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I got a mega sticky face too! Not pleasant.

Darn I had my eye on this particular one. I haven't used a mask sheet mask because it has that sticky icky feeling. Great review well detailed.