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Review Standards

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It will come as no surprise that at Beauty Review we love reviews. We love reading them, we love writing them. What we don't love are reviews that are simply not useful.  Hence these 9 simple guidelines by which every review must be written.

1.  Actually test the product.  

Swatching an eye colour on the back of your hand at the make up counter isn't going to give you much to say.  It won't truly reflect the product, meaning the review won't be fair!  Similarly a spritz of perfume over the counter will not be a true test as to how the perfume lasts on you, how it smells on your natural skin, whether you need a body lotion to add oomph the scent etc.

2.  To really put a product to the test, try it over a few weeks. 

Note how your lifestyle and day to day activities affect it.  Read the product information - does it do what it says it will?  Is the product what you expected in consistency, application, texture?  Did it last as long as it said it would?  For products that specify a time frame (ie. "visibly whiter teeth in 14 days") at least trial it as directed for the time frame. 

3.  Pls dnt use txt spk!  

Short hand isn't a great way to describe a product to someone who's never used it, and well, it's annoying.  

4.  Keep it clean. 

Beauty Review has a diverse readership and everyone has a different opinion of what level of expletive is acceptable.  If you wouldn't want it to be your child's first word don't use it!

5.  Don't slander!  

We value your opinions, but please don't comment on the integrity of a product, brand, company or ingredients unless you can cite references for your information.  For example "This product is bad, the ingredients are harmful".  Other than scaremongering it provides no real information!

6.  Don't write a 2 line review just to get points.

 Beauty Review Points are our way of rewarding you for helping to build the database of reviews.  "I didn't like this product. Not for me" isn't going to influence anyone.  We're not asking for a novel for every review, but if you really don't have enough of an opinion on a product then you might want to test it for a while longer, or just not bother reviewing it!

7.  Check before you click post. 

If you can't understand what you've written no one else will!  You might also pick up a few spelling mistakes, over usE OF THE CAPS KEY or......................!?!!!!!!!!!!!!

8.  Check your punctuation. 

If you were taught to start a sentence with a capital, and insert full stops at the end  then by all means continue to do so here. Sentences starting with small letters and littered with small "i's" the middle look untidy and well...lazy.

9.  Don't review a product you haven't used.

 If a family member is raving about a new product - use your Friends Referral Link and get them to sign up and review it!

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If you have any questions or concerns, please send us an email to [email protected]



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