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Fragrance Reviews - The Mandatory Checklist

6 May, 2014 - 11:05am by - First Lady | 51 Comments

Article by BR Natalie

Our moderation team have noticed fragrances seem to be the hardest product to review. 

To help combat sub-standard reviews being submitted, we've come up with a mandatory checklist of things to discuss.  Fragrance reviews that do not meet these standards will be removed and the points will be deducted.

Two important things to note -
1.  You must own the fragrance.  A quick whiff at the perfume counter is not a fair trial of the product.
2.  If you're reviewing the gift set, you must review all the products of the set.  If you don't own the gift set, just the fragrance please submit your review against the fragrance.

For all fragrance reviews, please mention your thoughts on:

The Product.
Do you own the EDP or the EDT?  What size bottle do you own?  Is it your signature scent, do you use it daily or for special occasions?  How long have you been wearing it?  Was it a gift or did you choose it yourself?

The Scent.
What sort of notes does it have? Is it sweet?  Spicy? Fresh?  Floral?  Does it remind you of anything else?  Does it last through the day, or do you need to reapply regularly?

The Bottle.
Do you like the packaging? Did it influence your purchase?

Is the product worth the price tag?

So there we have it - four areas to focus on and hopefully the end of reviews like - "This smells nice, I really like it" or "Smells great on my mum"!

Anything you think we've missed?


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8th May, 2015

Good tips.

24th April, 2015

Thank you! This is so helpful. I had no idea at all about the fragrance reviews. I thought it was way too complicated.

8th April, 2015

Ah I needed to read this. Thats an interesting point to take into account.

29th March, 2015

Will keep the above in mind for any fragrance reviews Thanks BR team

26th February, 2015

Quite an art to getting the perfect scent to wear. I am not into scent and seldom wear any at all. Will take on board how to go about selecting the right one thanks for the tips .

1st February, 2015

Why didn't I look here before lol That last point of was it worth the money! Definately something I can add to my reviews. I love perfume so much. It's my ultimate favourite.

11th December, 2014

Thanks for this. I should have read this before submitting the review. Will need to edit my reviews then.

10th December, 2014

Definitely a huge help, thanks! :)

6th December, 2014

It is so helpful coming back to re read your tips for all of the reviews. Thanks to the team who are helping everyone.

30th October, 2014

Good things to remember when doing a fragrence review. Thanks!

11th October, 2014

Great points. Thanks

3rd October, 2014

Ahh have only just seen this. Had to re-do 2 of my perfume ones, so I talked about the bottle and the price because I wasn't sure what else I could say about the perfume. Glad to see however that those were the right things to talk about :) Where you got the perfume might also be useful to add to your review.

27th September, 2014

Should have read this first before I wrote my review :)

26th September, 2014

I have just seen this article.. Once again BR you are so helpful, I own so many fragrances but have only reviewed a couple as I found it really difficult to review really hard what to discuss, this article has just given me great guidance.. Thanks BR :)

22nd September, 2014

Thank u for making it clear how to review products



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