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Beauty on the Fly: 5 Expert Tips for Packing Your Products

17 March, 2024 - 06:19pm by - BR-Queenie | 7 Comments


Travelling can be a delightful experience, but packing your beauty products can sometimes be a daunting task. From ensuring they're safely packed to complying with airline regulations, there are various considerations to keep in mind. To help you breeze through your next trip with your favourite beauty essentials, here are five top tips for bringing your beauty products when you travel.

 Prioritize Multifunctional Products: Opt for beauty products that serve multiple purposes to minimize the number of items you need to pack. Look for items like tinted moisturizers with SPF, which combine hydration, sun protection, and light coverage in one product. Similarly, choose makeup palettes that offer a range of shades for eyes, cheeks, and lips, saving space in your luggage.

Image: OXX Beauty Solutions 3 Pack Travel Bottles $6.00

Invest in Travel-sized Containers: Instead of lugging around full-sized bottles of shampoo, conditioner, and lotions, transfer them into travel-sized containers. There are a number of brands that also do travel pouches. Many brands offer travel-friendly versions of their popular products, or you can purchase empty travel bottles and fill them with your preferred products. Remember to label each container to avoid confusion and spillage.

Secure Packaging: To prevent leaks and spills, ensure that all your beauty products are securely packaged. Place liquids and creams in sealed plastic bags or invest in leak-proof travel containers with tight lids. For added protection, place a small piece of plastic wrap over the opening of bottles before screwing on the cap to create an extra seal.

Research Airline Regulations: Familiarize yourself with airline regulations regarding carrying liquids in your carry-on luggage. Most airlines adhere to the rule, which allows passengers to bring containers holding no more than 100 ml of liquid, gels, or creams in a single quart-sized, clear, plastic zip-top bag. Be sure to pack your beauty products accordingly to avoid having them confiscated at security checkpoints.

Pack Strategically: When packing your beauty products, consider their fragility and how frequently you'll need them during your trip. Place delicate items like glass bottles or powders in the centre of your luggage surrounded by soft clothing to cushion them from impact. Keep frequently used items, such as lip balm or hand cream, easily accessible in your carry-on bag for quick touch-ups during your journey.

By following these top tips, you can streamline your beauty routine while traveling and ensure that your favorite products arrive safely at your destination. With careful planning and organisation, you can enjoy a stress-free journey without compromising your beauty routtine.

Ever had a lesson learnt from not packing your beauyt properly? Tell us below and what you do differently now.



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9th April, 2024

I always wrap bottles of shampoo and conditioner in plastic bags as I have had them explode on me a few times

8th April, 2024

I always pack too much and will forget something important!

8th April, 2024

Definitely roll all clothing and make sure any products won't leak!

2nd April, 2024

I have had many leaks of liquid products over the years. My favourite for travelling are solid products like solid shampoo, solid deodorant, solid body butter...

25th March, 2024

A very timely article as I am off to China in April. I am already planning my packing. I have got some samples of shampoo and conditioner so that's super easy. I have sample sachets of night serum also. It is really just my make up that I am going to have a good sort through and definitely look for those multi tasking products.

19th March, 2024

I use small plastic bags for products that may leak as yes I have had that happen and my shampoo leaked all over my other products in my make up bag.

18th March, 2024

My son's ex was the best suitcase-packer I've ever seen. She always rolled her clothing and it fitted better. If I'm taking something fragile I always wrap it in my clothes. I had an incident once when I arrived at Nelson airport and put one bag on top of the other on a trolley, and the one on the bottom had hair mousse poorly packed in it. I had very fragrant but wet luggage after that!

25th March, 2024

Oh Maree!! I had a similar disaster when moving. The cooking spray can had lost ots lid somehow and unfortunately a box was put on top of the box that it was in and it started to spray. Nobody heard or saw it until we went to unpack the box. Ugh!!!

26th March, 2024

Oh no! I was lucky, mine smelt good and washed out easily :)

29th March, 2024

Maree, I will be shopping for everything!!! Lol, my daughter in law has got so many outings planned for us I don't think I will have enough time!!! Lol. I will post some photos on gb and the photo wall here

31st March, 2024

So exciting Kimrose -Your daughter in law sounds excited too -Have a fantastic holiday

26th March, 2024

Oooh will you shop for beauty products there? I wonder if they have more of the Korean products ...

31st March, 2024

not long now Kimrose -Have an amazing trip



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