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Linden Leaves In Love Again Body Oil Reviews

Linden Leaves In Love Again Body Oil Reviews
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Organic rosehip and avocado oils blended with pure sweet almond and apricot kernel oils, enriched with vitamin E and infused with a sensual blend of neroli, vanilla and sandalwood, to keep skin soft and nourished. This beautiful natural oil contains real tamarillo and strawberry.

Pack Size:  60ml ($29.99) and 250ml  ($63.99)

Availability Available online, at leading pharmacies, department stores and gift shops.


RRP: $63.99

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Linden Leaves In Love Again Body Oil Reviews

Linden Leaves In Love Again Body Oil Reviews


Overall rating:
3rd January, 2019
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LL In Love Again Most Beautifuly Packaged Body Oil

I was able to grab a small bottle of this at a bargain as sort of GWP. This body oil is marketed as a body oil but also a massage oil. Of the four scents from Linden Leaves In Love Again is my favorite scent of the four. It's supposed to be a blend of neuroli, vanilla and sandalwood, to me it smells fruity and floral. But I love fruity floral scents.

The body oil glides on my wet skin and moisturizes but doesn't feel really heavy or overly greasy. It is heavier and greasier than a body lotion and if you are in the middle of this summer heat you probably don't want to use this or body oils in general, but for a body oil this is a lighter one takes less time to soak in that some other ones. The ingredients are mostly organic almond oil and peach kernal oil with a tiny bit of avocado and rosehip oil plus some vitamin e and the sensual blend of fragrant oils.

My one thing about this product that knocks off a few smooches is that for the ingredients list this body oil is kinda overpriced. Sweet almond oil and peach kernal oil aren't really expensive oils, you can buy them in bulk for a lot cheaper. That being said this body oil is the most visually stunning body oil in terms of packaging. Linden Leaves actually put dried strawberries and tamarillo in the bottle and that process takes time and manpower so that's why I think it costs so much. It looks very luxurious on your bathroom counter or your dresser and I think if you can afford it, it's a really lovely body oil.

Tips: Apply straight away after having a shower or bath. Can also be used as a hair oil or a bath oil.

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