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Say Goodbye to badly matched foundation!

20 February, 2017 - 11:08pm by - First Lady | 16 Comments

Article by BR Amelia

GAH is there anything more traumatic than shopping for a new pair of jeans?  Oh wait, yeap, there is.  Shopping for foundation.  Now usually it's not too hard to narrow down the formula, it'll either say 'for dry skin', 'for ageing skin' or have some other clue on the label.  If not you can Google it.  But what Google can't do is tell you what shade you are.  So there you are formula chosen, standing looking at bottles of shades for so long security starts lurking.

The right foundation will blend perfectly into your skin.  It won't be obvious and it will match your natural skin colour.  A foundation isn't meant to be used like a mask - it should be used to counteract redness, minimise and hide pores and blemishes and to even out your skin tone.  The perfect foundation is the one people can't see you're wearing.

There are several steps to achieving the flawless and seamless base makeup - you can find out full guide here.  But perhaps the most difficult step to get right is picking the right shade for you.  Here's our top tips!

1.  Always try before you buy.  Foundation isn't like buying an eye pencil. You can't be sure of the colour of a foundation until it is on your skin.  If ever there were a list of try-before-you-buy products, foundation would top it. (closely followed by jeans)

2.  Be bare faced.  Don't show up to the store with anything more than a lightly moisturised face.  

3.  Don't be afraid to ask.  Getting colour-matched by a trained professional makeup artist is probably the best way to ensure you take home your perfect shade.  Don't be afraid to ask for help, even on self-select displays.

4.  Don't think you have to spend large.  Contrary to what people think, you don't need to delve into the higher end products to find a broad shade range.  Sure, a lot of drugstore brands carry like 6 shades, but other affordable brands like Max Factor offer a comprehensive shade selection and a great range of testers.  For example the Miracle Match Foundation has 18 shades that you can find at your local Farmers - and it uses blur technology to really create the perfect shade blend!

5.  It's in the jaw.  Let's get something straight.  The back of your hand or your inner wrist are nowhere near similar to the skin you'll be using your foundation on.  Swatch colours on your jawline, as this will allow you to take in to account the colour of your neck

6.  Three stripes.  Swatch no more than three colours close to the shade you think you need on to your jawline at any one time.  The right shade will disappear into your skin.

7.  It's only natural if it's natural outside.  Just as you can't trust a changing room mirror, you can not trust shop lighting.  Stand outside in natural light to check out the shades.  So, note to self, put a compact

8.  Hmming and Ahhing.  If you can't decide between two shades (and don't have time to continue your search) opt for the darker shade.  By blending well you'll come off with a healthy 'tan'; whereas no matter how much you buff and blend a shade that's too light, you'll only come off chalky and ghost like.  Plus you can always mix a darker shade with a little moisturiser to lighten it up a bit.

9.  No testing allowed.  Find another store. Seriously. Ok if that's not an option, and you really can't try the foundation then the only tip we can give you is to hold a couple of bottles to your neck in natural light and see which one best matches.  And maybe say a little prayer up to the makeup gods to bestow good matching in your favour.

With so many brands, formulas and shades, finding the perfect foundation can seem like a never-ending beauty quest. That why brands like Max Factor are a great starting point.  In their Miracle Workers Collection of four foundations there are up to 18 different shades in formulas designed to fit your skin type so when you are self selecting it's easier to find the exact right match for you.  Whether you want younger looking skin, smoother-looking skin, a more even-looking skin tone or a glowing complexion, it's worth checking out this gorgeous new range.  For a deeper guide to the four products, check out this article. We bet you the contents of our makeup bag, you find your shade!

It can be time consuming looking for the best foundation fit, but we think it's worth putting in the time and energy to get the perfect shade - walking around like Fisbo the Clown with makeup too light, or an Oompa Loompa with makeup too orange just isn't a good look.  With great skin comes great confidence and the right foundation will have you feeling beautiful in, not hiding behind, your own skin!


You can head to Farmers and take advantage of their crazy-good Max Factor promotion - you can get any foundation from the Max Factor Miracle Worker Collection for just $25 when you buy the Smooth Miracle Primer!  Check out the site banners for more information! 

T&Cs/  Offer available from 17th Feb 2017 to 12th March 2017. Miracle Worker Foundations options include: Ageless Elixir Miracle, Skin Luminizer Miracle, Miracle Touch & Miracle Match.

Excludes Clearance Items. Available instore, not available online. Qualifying purchase must be made in a single transaction. Not available in conjunction with any other offer.

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That what I loved about rovie. Order samples and if you end up mixing they will blend a colour just for you. Never tried getting samples from farmers. The customer service at our one is a bit of a hit and miss

This is such good information -I have always used the back of my hand and never been happy with the colour a lot of the time and so I avoid foundation a lot. This has a lot of useful information and I will be more aware for my next purchase.

I don't think I've ever got samples before of a foundation! I've used the findation website and it's been pretty spot on. I do the jawline test with the shades I do get though. I really should try get colour matched and see if I am wearing the right shade. :)

Your skin always looks flawless Amy.

21st February, 2017 at 8:21 pm

And don't be afraid to ask for samples or testers. Often stores carry sample sachets but have them hidden out of sight in a drawer. I also carry a small, empty tester pot in my handbag (you can get them from Dollar stores or just repurpose a small tester pot that something else came in) for places that don't have sachets and only have large tester bottles. Places like that are normally happy to decant a little into a tester pot for you to take home and try it out, if you find one of their staff and ask.

I think I do all these things :) I have gone back several times to make sure I've got the right colour match before I've brought it.

Good info. I do remember being told that if one shade was too dark and one too light to go for the lighter shade and bronze up your face. I guess you can go for the darker shade too, or just look at another brand maybe.

I have never taken a sample home before. I tried asking for samples at Mac was declined. Haven't tried farmers or pharmacies yet. I don't mind asking for help when it comes to choosing my foundation. I sold 6 wrong foundation shades. Hopefully I will find my perfect colour.

This is well written and good advice for all of us to remember plus Max Factor seems to be able to cater to the majority

Awesome article, finding the right colour and then seasons change!! Although I cover up I'm darker in summer

Oh it's so true. Over the years I've thrown away heaps of foundations that don't look the same once at home on my face. I want to ask my beauty therapist as she's also a MUA, but she sells a specific and very expensive range and I'm scared of being talked into something way more expensive than I want to spend. This range looks awesome - I've always loved Max Factor.

I also recommend checking out lightening and darkening drops — I've tried ones from Australis and The Body Shop. They're super affordable and are excellent for altering the shade of your foundation if it's not quite right :)

Foundation matching is such a struggle. I always end up with something lighter and it looks like I'm sick or ghostly :(

The amount of times I've chosen the wrong foundation shade, such an annoyance! I think these are some really good tips, I shall remember them.

Last few times I have been matched, the shade was right but I didn't enjoy the formula and I wasn't making the same mistake of $75 again, it will be used up eventually and replaced with the one I did like. More recently I have used findation to match what I have and then go instore to check before buying.

Love this article, helpful and beautifully written. It's so true about finding another store where you can try out a tester... I just CANNOT buy a foundation or concealer without trying it out on the skin first, I've often found if one store doesn't have a tester (e.g. farmers), I'll pop into a different store (Life Pharmacy I've found have often been awesome for having testers) and try there - that's if you're looking for a drug store foundation.. It's just not worth spending your money on a foundation that doesn't match (no matter how much or little you spend) if you don't wear it because it's the wrong shade!


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