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The Beauty Vault - Aug
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About Me I'm a skin care & hair care obsessed busy 40+ wife, mumma and IT manager. Busy is my normal. Beauty is my indulgence. I squeeze a crazy fun life into 24hrs each day. I'm on the constant quest for those favourite beauty products that make my skin glow, my hair shine, and my smile beam!

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29th July, 2018 at 3:59 pm
Manuka Infused Makeup Remover Wipes Review
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Hydrating Wipes

I got these wipes in a BBBE. I like using wipes so that was handy. I also like manuka honey products.

These come in a cute pink pack with a clear cover to peel back to remove the wipes - simple. The wipes are standard white wipes, and notably not particularly wet. It takes me two to complete remove my make up, although the first one gets rid of almost all of a full face make up.

While they don't feel wet to handle, they do a very good job of leaving my skin feeling hydrated and soft after use. I really like them.

It works out they cost just over $1 per day to remove a full make up. This is probably more expensive than most, but the soft, plump, feel of my skin afterwards makes it worth it. They don't do anything to irritate my sensitive patches of skin either.

A lovely product worth trying.

Tips: Use daily to remove your make up and refresh your skin.

Was this review useful to you? Yes No

They sound lovely - that price is probably a bit of a hurdle - but I'd like to try them!! Great review :)

Overall rating:
12th June, 2018 at 1:31 pm
Ecostore Skin: Multi-nutrient Facial Oil Review
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Too oily for me

I love Ecostore products, and their new Skin range is amazing, but this one product didn't agree with my skin. It packs a punch with great nutrients, but was perhaps too rich, and my skin broke out - which hasn't happened in a long time. I did stick with the product however, adjusting how much I applied, hoping it would adjust but it never did. I continued to have small breakouts around the t-zone/chin area.

I have a relatively normal skin type, though it tends to be dryer in winter and at the end of the day with long wear foundation it definitely is a little tighter, and in need of some extra moisture.

The bottle is fantastic, and the dropper is a slimmer size than normal, meaning its very easy to use a small amount and not over do it with application. You definitely don't need a lot of this product to get fantastic coverage. It is a very oily product so less is definitely more. I didn't need more than two drops for my whole face.

I used this at night mostly as an extra moisture boost for my skin, and it felt amazing on - almost feeling like a night cream afterwards would be too much, but I did stick with my usual routine and used a night cream. In morning my skin was soft and moist and felt lovely - apart from the breakouts

Under my makeup routine, this was a little too oily for day time use, and felt my primer and makeup weren't too happy over the top of this product and never got a nice blended foundation finish.

It's definitely a lovely feeling product, and if it agrees with your skin it will be amazing. This one just wasn't right for me.

Tips: Use a very small amount to start and increase if needed once you work ou

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Since writing my review I've discovered my skin loves this oil mixed with my moisturiser rather than applying directly to my skin.My breakouts cleared immediately with making this one change.I'm now loving the benefits of this oil & will buy again

Overall rating:
27th June, 2018 at 10:49 am
Trilogy Age-Proof Overnight Mask Reviews
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Wake up to hydrated glowing skin

I received this product in the cruelty free BBBE and was thrilled the overnight mask was Trilogy!

My skin is on the dry side, and so I'm always on the look out for good night time products that help my skin hydrate, and get that glow on!

This night mask is so luxurious and delicious. It's in a lovely glass jar, with a plastic stick to hygienically get product out. The cream is a lovely thickness so your skin immediately feels lathered in moisturising goodness! It has a lovely lavender scent as well, to ensure your skin and you have a restful nights sleep.

In the morning, my skin is plump, hydrated and looks bright and clear. The product seems to soak in nicely through the night, and no greasiness or shine is left the next morning.

For the first two weeks I used it nightly, just a very small amount (pea siz'ish), and my skin looked fantastic and hydrated every morning. No break outs either, which surprised me given how nourishing the product is. The vitamin C in the product definitely works some magic, and you wake up with fresh bright looking skin!

I now use the product 3-4 times a week (rationing as this mask is sold out everywhere!!), and the great results continue. When I use the Trilogy mask, it is instead of my night cream, and then I use a hydrating night cream for the nights I don't use the mask, and they compliment each other beautifully

If you want a nourishing and hydrating night treatment, that leaves your skin glowing in the morning this one is so hard to beat.

This one is a keeper for my night time routine. I love it soooo much!

Thanks BR & BBBE (I wish I'd bought a 2nd cruelty free box!!!!)

Tips: Healthpost stock this mask and about 50 other fab Trilogy products - and they often have fantastic specials/bonuses with Trilogy purchases!

Was this review useful to you? Yes No

Me too! It's a keeper - love it!

I can't help it - I use it every night! It's great.

Overall rating:
2nd July, 2018 at 12:17 pm
Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara Reviews
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Covers those glittery greys perfectly!

I’m in my early 40’s and my greys are high maintenance (I'm about 50-60% grey!), so I was really excited to trial the Schwarzkopf Hair Mascara for Beauty Review!

I've had no success with any temporary grey cover products. Most have been messy to start with, and then the coverage has had no staying power through a normal day.

The packaging is lovely, and the hair mascara bottle itself is a good size.. It has some striking metallic pink/mauve on the packaging and mascara, giving it a little glam-factor. The spoolie is a good length and also quite fine bristled, for a lovely fine application to hair strands. I selected medium brown which is slightly darker than my usual colour, but I wanted to ensure good regrowth coverage.

I highly recommend reading the instructions before starting - as they ensure there's no mess, that you get a natural looking application, and a nicely blended finish.

You apply this product to dry hair.. To apply I held sections of hair firmly stretched out and gently painted on the mascara to my greys and down the strand a little to blend the product through (I maybe had 2cm or regrowth to cover). I left it to dry for about 5 minutes, and then brushed those sections of my hair to even it out and blend it further. The finished look was excellent, and I had near 100% grey coverage. I also had zero product on my scalp (my biggest gripe with spray on products!). Winning!

It's dry to touch, so no transfer to hands. You definitely need to brush it through to smooth your hair out again and finish styling if need be.

Washing the product out the next day, was as simple as shampooing and it was gone. I felt the mascara was a more natural finish to other products I'd tried. The medium brown is true to colour - so I had a more ombre look when finished - but I quite liked it for a temporary touch up and a slight change to my look too. You could get a little creative with this product! I didn't feel like my hair looked like I was obviously covering up greys.

I was really impressed with the way the product applied, blended and lasted. I'm not sure how many applications you'd get with the mascara but it doesn't feel like you're using a lot of product with each application.

This hair mascara would easily give me an extra week or two before having to colour my roots if I wanted to wait or didn't have the time. It also gives me an easy, natural looking solution when going out and feel I need to hide those glittery greys from sight.

When I repurchase I'll probably go for the dark blonde now that I know the coverage of greys with this product is excellent just so I have a better match to my natural colour. That said - you could have a bit of fun with a few colours whether you had greys or not, to change up your look, as it covers hair really well!

Thanks again BR for another fabulous trial opportunity!

Tips: The quick easy instructions are fantastic, and following them is the key to a nice natural look.

Don't try and dry it with the hair dryer. Be patient. My first every application I used a hair dryer to hurry the process up - and I did get a little extra frizz going on that I had to tame afterwards, so I think natural drying is best with this product!

Was this review useful to you? Yes No

This review was placed by a Trial Team member who was randomly selected to receive and review the product by Beauty Review. This review accurately reflects the individual's experience of the product and is not influenced by Beauty Review in any way.

That is interesting KiwiLass. I went darker than natural because I felt darker gave a better shot at covering my greys (about 60% grey) & it was great. I keep my hair light so I'm keen to try the blonde for a less obvious touch-up!

wow, it's always interesting reading other reviews after I've submitted mine! I trialled blonde and while there were things I liked about it, I only gave 3/5 on all ratings, as a lot just didn't work well for me. But then I'm at least 70% grey now!

Fabulous review!!

Overall rating:
28th May, 2018 at 1:17 pm
L'Oréal Paris Infallible Pro-Glow Foundation Review
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Just okay....

I'd had this foundation on my radar for a while. I love a foundation that gets me through a busy day without touch ups, but also a foundation that doesn't look too matte and flat.

This foundation is very runny compared to others. First impressions was that the coverage was going to be quite light.

Application wasn't as flawless using a foundation brush and ended up using my fingers. Coverage is okay - it is a medium coverage and on the light side of medium for my liking.

By mid afternoon I did notice some shiny areas, and my chin especially was looking a little pink where foundation had worn off a little.

Definitely no issue removing this makeup, and my skin didn't feel dry like other long wearing foundations, but the coverage wasn't quite as heavy as I'd like, and therefore I noticed the wear long before I would with other foundations I've used.

It's an okay foundation, and if you want something lighter than the usual stay put foundations, this one might for for your. I loved how it felt on my skin, but that was probably about it, so I still haven't found that holy grail foundation yet.

Was this review useful to you? Yes No

I did lightly powder the t zone.You lose that hydrating glow’ aspect with powdering over it though. Since writing the review I am now setting it with Mario Badescu facial spray (Rosewater one) & it’s lasting the day with very little wearing off

Hiya! When it was wearing off by mid afternoon, did you bake or set it with powder that day? :) I've been eyeing this product for a while now.

Overall rating:
6th March, 2018 at 10:14 am
Chi Chi Super BB Cream Review
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A great coverage BB Cream with benefits

I was Super impressed with this BB cream. It's basically a light foundation, with an SPF, and skin benefits that kept my skin looking lovely through the day and even plumped out a couple of laugh lines to soften the whole look of my face. Probably the only BB cream I can say actuallly left my skin with a glow and a lovely natural finish to it.

The packaging itself - I just love that it's a pump dispenser rather than squeezing product out of tubes. Its so easy to control how much product comes out. There's a lot of product in the package also - I've been using my current one almost daily for at least 3 months, and still no sign of it running out.

The coverage of this BB cream is better than the usual creams I tried - this one can cover redness and imperfections nicely while still leaving a nice natural look, without feeling too bare. Most days I was very comfortable just wearing the BB cream, and a little finishing powder along the t-zone. If I wanted a heavier application, I would use the BB cream as a base under foundation, which also worked well, and kept my skin well moisturised through the day.

I wear the 'Fair' shade, and it was a really good match for my skin tone. Not too pale, and not too orange. I have normal to dry skin and this product never left my skin feeling dry - in fact it made it feel moisturised and dewy, without being shiny.

It's a great product for those that want the lighter makeup look of a BB cream, but still need light/medium coverage like a foundation. It's also great for dry skin, as it provides all day moisture and other great ingredients for the skin to keep your skin looking great through the day.

Tips: A primer and a finishing powder with this bb cream will extend the wear, but on its own I can get through a busy day with very little fade.

The product can be layered for more coverage

Was this review useful to you? Yes No

Its lovely i couldn't wait to try it. The woman who sold it to me said its been pretty popular too. And i totally agree with you it's like a light foundation which is what I liked about it. .

It's still my daily BB cream! ...look forward to the review

Great review - Brought some of this today.

Overall rating:
9th February, 2018 at 4:11 pm
Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater Review
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It's Love!

I bought this spray after reading just one review. Its as good as everyone says! Yay!!

A great price at $18 for the large bottle. The packaging is so simple, and pretty! The shade of pink of the spray is perfect rosy pink....

The first day I used it was at bedtime. I put on my night moisturiser and spritzed my face. Oh my word the smell is glorious - so beautiful, floral and restful. On my skin the light mist felt a little damp and tacky, but very nourishing. I had a great nights sleep! I woke up the next morning with a healthy glow to my skin, and to touch it was so soft and plump! I was impressed.

In the morning I applied this over toner, and before my serum. My BB cream went on like a dream over top of the facial spray and I liked the healthy look happening with my skin! When I'd finished putting on makeup I lightly spritzed again, and I was ready to go.

I love that my skin looked great all day. I don't have dry skin at the end of the day. My BB cream is still hanging in there too! I felt like I had a nice natural look happening. I spritzed when I got home after lunch, and didn't touch up my makeup - I felt that confident with how my skin was looking, thanks to this spray.

I have since gone and bought the smaller bottle for the handbag/office and one for my mum. I'm truly hooked and obsessed with this product. Amazing. Cruelty Free Beauty, and no nasties as well - it's a win-win product for me!

Tips: ....the scent is so soothing, and the spray so nourishing, I recommend this for a night time boost for your skin's great!

Try to half spray with the pump for a lighter application - you can build on it if you need more, otherwise a full spray is quite a lot of droplets and more drying time...

Was this review useful to you? Yes No

It's one item I can't live with out! I have multiple bottles haha !

Sounds like a winner

It sounds awesome. I haven't heard of spraying over a moisturiser before.

Overall rating:
11th February, 2018 at 3:17 pm
Maybelline Brow Tattoo Gel Tint Review
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Even tinted brows that stick around

I get my eyebrows tinted. Something I'd rather not do but my brows are so thin and non-existent I have to! When I read about this product - it sounded like a replacement for my salon tint - and time saver and great for the budget

The gel comes in a tube similar to a mascara container, just smaller. Colour for me was Light brown. Reading the instructions, they've kept to 3 steps and simple. Brush it on, let it dry, and peel off after at least 20minutes.

The product goes on in a similar consistency to PVA glue. It goes on easily and smoothly. I painted the whole brow until hairs were well covered and sitting flat. The thinner outer edge of the brow was harder to paint to a thinner line, but I used a cotton bud to clean up the edges, plucked a couple of stray hairs around the edges once I liked the application, and the brows looked great! Waiting for it to dry I barely noticed the product on, and it didn't feel like it was tightening as it dried, which I liked. It dries to a touch quite quickly too.

I left the gel on for about 40 minutes. When it came to remove - it came off surprisingly easy, I picked up an edge of the gel with my fingernail and then pulled the gel off, which came off in mostly one long piece, to reveal a perfectly shaped and filled in brow. Very little product was left behind, and again a finger nail can remove any little strands left behind.

My brows looked really good. I was impressed. My eyebrows looked a little darker, the gaps filled with colour and they looked even! I don't have thick eyebrows, so you could definitely see the product between the brows - but no different than using another brow product to fill the gaps, or straight after a salon brow tint. The next morning - I checked the mirror and they were as I left them, perfectly formed and filled. They didn't appear to have really faded (I hadn't washed my face since application).

That morning after washing my face I did notice a little fade. I hadn't taken great care to avoid the brows with my face wash. Despite the fade they looked filled still. The more noticeable aspect of the fading was that with the light brown, it was fading off to a slight auburn/orange tint on me, which I toned down a little with my bb cream over my brows. The next day I took more care with washing my face, but again the fading was continuing, and I knew I'd be needing to do the tint again the next day. In my experience the product lasted 2 days well, and 3rd day I was wanting to re-do it. The fade shade I wasn't totally fond of, but I could fix that I imagine by choosing a different shade - maybe medium brown or grey.

The fading aside - I love the product, and it's probably enough to give up the salon tinting to do it at home instead. I get a nice tidy brow each day without fumbling with pencil and other products. I can do it at night and have lovely brows ready in the morning! I really like it and will continue use.

Tips: Leave it on a good 40 minutes or so for a good starting point with the tint as the fade happens quickly

Take care with cleansing and try and avoid brows so they don't fade too much - I imagine a gentler cleanser than what I use would help with slowing fade

Was this review useful to you? Yes No

This review was placed by a Trial Team member who was randomly selected to receive and review the product by Beauty Review. This review accurately reflects the individual's experience of the product and is not influenced by Beauty Review in any way.

Update:I ran out of product, so used 1-2 times a week it seemed to last just under 8 weeks.At about the 8 week mark I noticed the product got a little gluggy & hard to use. I've since repurchased Grey Brown, no salon tinting at al l-I love it

There’s a lot of product in the tube so assuming every 2-3 days you reapply you should get maybe 4-6 weeks, at a guess. I’m going to keep applying every 2-3 days till empty and post an update with how long the tube lasts!

That's a great recommendation if it can replace salon tinting. How long would one tube last do you think?

Overall rating:
18th February, 2014 at 8:15 pm
Aztec Secret Indian Healing Clay Mask Review
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Must buy!

I’ve been using this mask 3-4 times a week for the last month – This is the first cycle EVER where I’ve not had awful skin (hormonal breakouts are the bane of my life!). So yeah, to say this stuff works is an absolute understatement!

I mix it up with apple cider vinegar, which turns it into a mousse like paste. Not going to lie, all you are going to smell is vinegar! If you are using vinegar, don’t use anything metal to mix – I use an old spatula, which works well to smooth out any pockets of dry clay. The instructions overestimate the amount you need, if you load heaps on it’ll drop off as soon as you move once it’s dried. It dries very tight, as in you will struggle to talk. That may or may not be a con for you, but I don’t mind it. I haven’t had an issue with redness on my face, but my neck/chest always looks angry after. This subsides within 10 minutes.

Here’s the downside… It’s messy to take off. Best to remove either in the shower or the bath, where you can contain the mess. For the sake of the plumbing I would STRONGLY suggest putting muslin cloth over the drain to catch as much as you can… it’s clay after all, so can build up in your drains.

But the upside... Clear, happy skin!

Tips: Buy from iHerb, so cheap! If using regularly, be mindful that clay in drains isn't a good thing.

Was this review useful to you? Yes No

Great review!! I love this mask - thanks for the tip re. The cloth over the drain - I never thought about that but will be doing that from now on

I also have dry skin Kellie, and no problems for me either :-)

More iHerb goodness! Thanks for letting me know - I'm going to up my maskage :)

I'm prone to dry skin (albeit not on my face so much) due to eczema, but no issues with dryness. Have been using a chemical exfoliant in the last week too, which I recommend using straight after the mask. (Red Stridex box from iHerb :) )

Have you had any troubles with dryness using it so often? I really want to use it more than once a week but a lot of the reviews I've read have said using it often caused overly dry skin. Great review btw :)

Overall rating:
4th February, 2018 at 11:59 pm
Mario Badescu Facial Spray with Aloe, Herbs and Rosewater Review
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My All Time Favourite!

I cannot praise this product enough!!! I use this everyday and it is the best thing I have ever done. It is a reasonably affordable product, costing only $18 at Mecca, which I really like. It also makes my skin feel so so smooth after applying it, which is a great base for foundation and other make up product. I Spray the product all over my face after washing it to tone my skin before moisturizing. Ever since I have started using this product, my skin has become way more glowy and healthy looking. This product reallly brings out a nice natural glow from your skin. I use this as a primer before make up, and a setting spray afterwards. It makes my skin look so so smooth and leaves me with a flawless finish, which I have never ever gotten before using this product. It also soaks in really quickly so you don't spend ages waiting for it to soak in before starting your make up. This product smells so good and it does not affect sensitive skin as well, adding to the other great attributes I would 100% recommend this to anyone, it has done a truly amazing job for me.

Tips: Use before moisturizer, It helps it soak in better.

Was this review useful to you? Yes No

On this review alone I sent hubby into Mecca and bought this today... already love it!! Thank you!