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These Four Things Could be Stressing You Out!

19 January, 2017 - 09:22pm by - First Lady | 15 Comments

image: istock

Article by BR Natalie.

Leaving a voicemail.  Waiting for a friend request to be accepted.  A passing comment from an in-law.  Over-waiting in the waiting room, when you were on time.  It's not always the big things in life that stress us out.  And did you know there are probably things contributing to your stress levels without you even realising?

Here's some things that might be putting you on edge without you realising:

Background Noise - We're not talking about listening to the radio or your neighbours musical instruments.  We're talking those pesky noises that, unless you notice them probably don't cross your mind.  Until you realise they're there and then it's like some kind of technical tinitus.  The whirl of the refridgerator fan, the buzz of fluorescent lights, the hum of the office computers.  These low level noises may sink in to the background, but they've been proven to add to stress levels.

Little Lights - You're about to go to bed, so you've turned off the lights and are settling down in the dark.  Or are you?  What about the annoying LED when your phone is on charge,  the glow from your hibernating laptop or even the glare of your alarm clock counting down the hours until you've got to get up again?  Cut the stress from your bedroom - turn off all the lights!

Smartphones - Are you constantly checking your phone?  Do you find it hard to switch off from work?  Does this sound familiar - You're relaxing with a glass of wine.  Your phone beeps.  "I'll just check" you think.  You see the email notification.  "I'll just see who it's from".  You see it's work related.  "It could be important, I'll just read it".  You see it's by no means vital.  You put your phone down.  The wine isn't tasting as yummy any more.  You answer the email.  It's no wonder stress levels are rising - smartphones don't turn themselves off - and while they're turned on they're just waiting to beep themselves into our lives.  Want to cut the stress?  Have regular "no phone zones".  Trust us, you'll love them.

The Earth's Magnetic Field - If you've been on edge and a little grumpy to those around you, this might be the excuse to use.  10 to 15 percent of the population are thought to be directly affected by geomagnetic energy - making them generally more stressed, particularly at times when the Sun's solar flares mess around with it.  Now we're not saying you're going to get away with this excuse every time you're irrationally ratty, but unless you're arguing with a scientist it might work.


So why not tell us what stresses you out?  Do you sweat the small stuff, or are you only affected by life's "big worries"?  Do you have quirky anxieties or are you generally so laid back you're horizontal?



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8th February, 2020

That's so interesting to read. I'm sure background noise causes me stress. I think when I'm camping away from a lot of appliances, this really helps me, even though there may be other sounds! Now I'm going to be wondering about the other things too, like magnetic fields. How the heck do I stop that!

25th January, 2017

I would like to believe I am chilled and laid back but the blunt truth is that I am the biggest worry wart ever! I have really bad anxiety so find alot of things that people find small to be stressful beyond comprehension. I am stressed by a visitor coming to my house and finding me lacking in life where materialistic things are concerned, I am worried about looking fat all the time, I am worried about walking down the street by myself even during the day, I am stressed if there is no night light on cause I am deathly scared of the dark. Welcome to a tiny snippet of my life it's hard going but I get there. It's good to know that those things you mention Nat could be contributing to the level of stress. Time to reassess my surroundings.

24th January, 2017

I actually have to try to "actively relax", I am always on the go, and cannot sit down and do nothing!! I can't relax until all the works done and house work is done. I really feel the need for a tidy house, and sometimes it is hard to keep all that up, but nothing beats a glass of wine when all the jobs are finished! I swear the only time I let things be, is when I am sick. To combat this, I believe in sense of smell, strange I know, but I do think it helps at the end of the day. Be it a body butter or a room spray, as long as it makes me feel calm and relaxed I'm all for it. I also have this weird thing, I check that the doors are locked like several times before I leave the house. So I guess I'm a hypertensive stress bunny from way back, I have learnt to appreciate the calm when I can get it though, I definately recommend introducing fragrance to relax, and don't forget to put yourself first, every now and again.

21st January, 2017

Absolutely more in-tune with the earths Magnetic field and also noises... even out in the country there are all kinds of creatures that stir in the night and make for a restless night (yes I am talking about you my friendly morepork who lately perches outside my window at pernicious hours).

20th January, 2017

Hear you on the background noise! I've got some awesome noise cancelling headphones, lately when things have been annoying me I listen to some background meditation music. It is doing wonders for my stress levels. My other trick is to leave my work phone at home!!! No use stewing over something I can't change :)

20th January, 2017

I did find that the flashing of my phone and speakers for my nighttime music annoying. I found I slept better when I had my phone covered and facing down. And I have my speakers under the table since I couldn't get them completely out of sight.

20th January, 2017

Oh and the neighbours dog barking 24/7 bugs me heaps. Man, people are selfish leaving their animals alone all the time to annoy other people!

20th January, 2017

Everything stresses me out hahahahahahahahahaha #stresslyf. the little noises get me the most - I have quiet days where I ignore everything and sit outside with a little music playing in the house and not next to me, sometimes (most times) not even then. I call it... Noisy Brain... if I don't shut it out I get stressed and overwhelmed really easily.

20th January, 2017

I get annoyed when other's don't follow the rules, when I am trying my best to keep to them. I try not to sweat the small stuff, but sometimes it is one piece of straw too many. The best phrase I learnt over the last 12 months was "Not my Problem"/job/responsibility.

20th January, 2017

These make so much sense, as much as background noises used to bug me a lot, Its slowly changed over the years like sleeping with a fan on, its something my hubby has to have on and it would interrupt my sleep because I liked pure silence. Now Im the same, I have to have the fan on at night for noise. I had to switch my notifications on silent during the day or I get distracted, and then it leads to stress from getting behind in chores lol

19th January, 2017

When deadlines are due thats when the stress kicks in for me. I've had many stresses over the years . My outlet was beauty products to help wind me down from those stressses whether it be a bath or candle they all helped me get through those tough moments I had.

19th January, 2017

I am pretty laid back. Definately don't stress over little things. Bad drivers irrirate me though!

19th January, 2017

Alot stresses me out being a solo parent there a pros and cons but I'm one of those ones that can't handle the led lights on, the background noise of a clock ticking( so I don't have a clock in my home only digital), the buzz of a fridge or freezer can't stand it have to have silence in the night. So no I'm not horizontal I have qwerky peeves I've just adjusted to the ambient light of salt lamps being on all night. I often try to practise the saying "don't sweat the small things" & in actual fact when I was younger my qwerks were more extreme but as I've gotten older has more kids I kind of calmed down a bit. I can't stay at others home & if I do I don't sleep very well because of the background noise or the little lights lol. I also have terruble road rage.. can't stand bad drivers.

19th January, 2017

Work stresses me out - incompetent bosses and incompetent colleagues :(

19th January, 2017

Usually I'm laid back - but then I have these colossal meltdowns - like this afternoon - and every little thing does my head in! My inner calm was no where to be found. I'm blaming the awful southern weather!

23rd January, 2017

i hear you Maree!!

20th January, 2017

I kind of love that idea of having a fan on when you are sleeping... means I wouldn't get woken up by other little noises around the house :)


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