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The Ickiest Beauty Chores You Secretly Love!

3 March, 2024 - 07:45pm by - First Lady | 21 Comments

by BR Natalie

Staying beautiful isn't always pretty - the human body has some areas of maintenance that are, well, a bit icky.  Ear wax.  Belly Button fluff.  Toe nail grime.

But you have to admit, sometimes there's a bit of satisfaction to be had from the more icky beauty chores.  I quizzed my friends and family and here's what the grossest of the bunch confessed to enjoying. 

1.  A spot popping and hitting the mirror.

Second place in the pimple zone - a really long blackhead.

2.  Digging out an ingrown hair that turns out to be realllllly long.

Even if there's blood, even if there's pain, that hair uncurling makes it worth it!

3.  Filing your feet when they're dry and witnessing a cloud of foot dust.

Admit it - you've let your feet go an extra week just to make it really satisfying...

4.  Peeling off a nose strip and being greeted by a forest of long black heads.

Why do we use pore strips?  10% to clean our pores.  90% to inspect them after!

5.  Cleaning your ears out and it turning...magical.  Cough.  Eargasm.

Even better is when you've been out of cotton buds for a few weeks and you really needed that clean.

 So 'fess up then - what beauty habits give you a gross satisfaction?  Share it loud and share it proud, we won't judge!



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25th June, 2024

Removing a black head from my fiancé skin

24th June, 2024

Filing wet feet, cotton bud cleaning (though we know we shouldn't) and the random singular long facial hair that gets plucked. Satisfying.

18th June, 2024

Hehe probably the zit popping in the past and I do love to clean my daughters ears as they are REALLY waxy!

14th June, 2024

I just spent 3 weeks bathing in a large plastic bowl while I had no bathroom. It wasn't as bad as it sounds!

9th March, 2024

Number 4 is why pore strip companies suddenly changed the color of their strips from white to charcoal or black.

8th March, 2024

Definitely number 5. I LOVE cleaning out my ears with cotton buds, even though I know we're not supposed to. So. Deeply. Satisfying.

6th March, 2024

No 3 I am guilty of .

4th March, 2024

I do have the odd chin hair, I do hate them with a passion so when they get plucked out it's the best part of my day!

4th March, 2024

I have one particularly long hair on my chin that I can feel and not see. When I pluck it out it feels like a conger eel.

4th March, 2024

I feel satisfied when I have pulled out the horrid facial hair or from under my neck or something. I can't see them but I feel them they drive me nuts. My fiancé used to get alot of obvious black heads I liked getting them out but he's got far less since he gave up smoking which is good.

3rd March, 2024

Lmao nothing like a good pimple pop!

28th May, 2017

I still struggle with what looks like 'my Dad's feet'. The Scholl Velvet foot file has improved things and because I don't want to scare my partner, I will use when he is not around :-)

25th May, 2017

Definitely #2 & #1. I'm not embarrassed to admit it hahaha

24th May, 2017

Only number 2 here (its so satisfying though) and I like watching pimple poppers on you tube :/ ew right?!

24th May, 2017

Most of these! I dont have ingrown hairs and I dont use a nose strip, although I do have one og those blackheads that comes back to the same place!

14th June, 2024


16th June, 2024

Good on you MareeB .It will be worth it

22nd June, 2024

You did well MareeB.That was a necessity though when you were renovating.

6th July, 2024

I couldn't do that



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