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Mystery Shopping Assignment - Float Culture

18 July, 2016 - 08:49pm by - First Lady | 25 Comments

Being one of our three Superheroes has some perks. The most enviable (other than the cape) has to be the chance to mystery shop a beauty counter, salon or shop.  Oh yes, we give our Superheroes some spending money and send them undercover in the beauty industry.

When it came to choosing a mission for our glowing goddess Koni we decided to do something a little unexpected.  We could have sent her highlighter shopping, but we didn't want to add to her we went her to experience floating.  In an enclosed pod.  In the dark.  Because we were too scared to try it ourselves.

What was the assignment you were given?

To put on my big girl pants and make my way to Float Culture and immerse my body in warm water saturated with Epsom salt solution inside a float pod - in the DARK!

Describe your first impressions of your experience.

Have you ever done something and then asked yourself “what did I just do”?  This was me and it’s probably the only time I ever wanted to become Riddick (who has night vision and is played by the oh so glorious Vin Diesel). But I digress! Float Culture aims to provide people with the ultimate form of peace and relaxation through sensory deprivation in their specially designed i-sopods.

I booked myself online for the 90 minute “floatation therapy” session in the Lake Room (you can also select Forest, Ocean and Cosmic).  Based on their website and instagram, I didn’t expect to find them down a street of what looks like empty run down offices and garages.  The place is smaller than I expected but clean and the staff welcoming, informative and helpful. The floatation rooms are private and spacious with a shower, toilet, lovely Sukin products decorating the wash basin, a grand looking i-sopod and a bench with clothes hooks and hangers above.  I started to get excited (but hold that thought).

What questions did they ask you before commencing your consultation? What information did you give them

They asked me if it was my first float and handed me a standard form to fill out my personal details and the reason why I was there.  I chose “relaxation” because “I’m a silly human” wasn’t an option.

Describe what happened during your consultation. Talk about the environment, how you felt during the appointment, your consultant’s attitude.

I was taken to the Lake Room and the staff member patiently walked me through the steps for pre-float, float and post-float and then I was left to start my session. In hindsight, it’s very simple but I was battling with my courage to  1. close the pod and 2. *shivers at the thought* turn the lights off in the pod.  I kid you not, if this wasn’t an assignment I would have kept that light on but I wanted to be sure I experienced it all. 

The i-sopod itself is a magnificent thing, it’s your own little sanctuary away from the world!  I had no issues floating in utter silence with my eyes closed and the pod lights on.  However, once the lights are out I found myself apprehensive, my breathing began to quicken and my usually not-so-flash memory was flipping fantastic at remembering The Omen and worse Freddy Krueger.  I learned that opening my eyes (knowing I’m not Riddick) and seeing darkness in its purest form wasn’t pleasant.  I may have possibly lunged for the light button in the pod and in the process confirmed that salt does indeed burn your eyes.  Float Culture thinks of people like me and they have a handy spray bottle of fresh water inside the pod to spritz your face. Once I managed to calm down, I decided to turn the lights on and off for the duration of my session to ensure I got to experience floating with the night fairies.

What did you like about your experience?

I really enjoyed the ambiance and cleanliness of the place and after a few visits I know it’ll be easier to relax. Floating in the i-sopod is a wonderful feeling, my body felt free and light and often I would zone out for a few minutes without a care in the world.  I appreciated how helpful and knowledgeable the staff were as well as the tips they provided.  I also liked trying some of the Sukin products that I would never have otherwise considered such as the shampoo and body lotion.

Anything you didn’t like?

Well I’m afraid of the ocean at night so naturally I’m afraid of being in water in pitch black darkness.  However, now that my assignment is over I can leave the light on – yes shine bright i-sopod! My hair felt dry and smelled of salty solution even after 2 thorough washes so I would recommend a swimming cap or shower cap but it’s something I would suggest checking with the staff.

Were you happy with the outcome from your experience?

Not entirely.  I felt light on my feet but not the type of relaxed state the staff described, however they did advise that most first timers usually take up most of the session getting used to the new environment.

Would you visit this place again, if you were paying for it yourself?

My soon-to-be demoted friends would like to go and insist that I lead the way so yes looks like I will be going back.

Would you recommend this experience to a friend?

Yes but one float will not be enough for anyone to fully reap the benefits of this service.  Now that I know what to expect I can prepare myself better.

Is there anything else you would like to add?

Make sure your head is at the entry of the i-sopod, if you fall asleep and fail to wake up to the music, the pumps will come on and you do not want that!  The pumps are loud but we need not worry, I was fully alert from start to end. Thank you Beauty Review for this amazing opportunity!!


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27th July, 2016

I was thinking about float culture just recently! Thanks for giving us the insight Koni, you're a pretty brave mystery shopper!! It'd be interesting to hear if you really do feel the full potential benefits that floating has been promoted having, once you're tried it again.

26th July, 2016

You are so brave. I love the idea of floating and being at peace but I am seriously claustrophobic and not being able to see is a whole new level.

24th July, 2016

What an interesting assignment Koni! Big ups to you! Myself and the dark do not gel well, I couldn't of done it xx What an experience!

20th July, 2016

Sounds like a very interesting experience, thanks for braving it Koni but I don't think I'll be putting it on my list of things to do xx

20th July, 2016

Sounds like it was scary, but worth it! Hope you were able to relax well.

20th July, 2016

Looks like you had an amazing time, It would take me a lot to get in one of those.

19th July, 2016

Awwww wow Koni! You are very brave! That wouldve been such an experience, I wouldve done the same and tried to keep the lights on too, you did so well! Another amazing write up Koni <3 xxx

19th July, 2016

Wow awesome review :) sounds so nice but yes scared I would be, also finding myself thinking well eek But I'll be tempted to try xx

19th July, 2016

This sounds fun and terrifying! Great article Koni xx

19th July, 2016

Good on Koni for taking on this challenge. It's definitely not something I would go for or spend money on.

19th July, 2016

Eeek, I felt your fear reading that! It must be a super relaxing experience if/once you get used to the environment though! I love that some of these challenges take you right out of your comfort zone!

I had been pondering booking in for one of these 'pod things' as we had one open up nearby that keeps offering deals but 1) I didn't realise you were expected to lay in them in complete darkness, and 2) I didn't realise it involved salt water - the hair and skin doesn't enjoy it all that much. Thanks for the info, so glad I found out now!

But most importantly, I love your boots! And your face xx

19th July, 2016

How cool that both our challenges involved water and weird pods. You are braver than I though. I don't think I could have done this one. Were you left alone the whole time? And do you literally float or do you rest partially on something?

19th July, 2016

Great review Koni sounds interesting and a tad nerve rattling for the first time hope you enjoy the next visit more

19th July, 2016

Wow ! This really seems like an amazing experience ! Such a great Review ! Thanks Koni :)

19th July, 2016

Great written assignment in detail. If I was there I would kept light I feel scared of ocean and darkness together. You are breve koni. I definitely agree with you regards of place comfortable. When you first time be there,new place and new people, don't know what to expect. Float looks scary to

19th July, 2016

Oh Rajvee you understand my fear of the ocean at night :-) Don't worry it's all lights on next time haha!!

19th July, 2016

Thank you Di :-)

19th July, 2016

Thank you Keri, I'm sure I'll enjoy it more now that I can leave the light on haha xx

19th July, 2016

I want to try the one you did so I'm on the look out :-) Yes once the staff have walked you through what you have to do, you're on your own in the room. You literally float - you just lie back in the water and voila.

19th July, 2016

You don't have to lie in them in complete darkness but they do recommend it to fully reap the benefits. I only turned it off because of my assignment but I know that I can easily relax and zone out with the light on :-)

19th July, 2016

Oh yes it wouldn't be too good for right? I knew it had Epsom salt but not once did I think about what it would do to my hair until I laid back in the water (face palm)! Haha you're too sweet BEQ - they're from Novo xx

19th July, 2016

Thank you Tannygirl!!

19th July, 2016

Yes mainly terrifying haha thank you Shaz xx

20th July, 2016

I see there's a place in Christchurch call cloud 9 float club in riccarton.


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