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The Beauty Vault - Aug
The Beauty Vault - Aug
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About Me Love shopping and grabbing bargains I am always happy to share my thoughts and brag about fantastic deals that I have come across. I find it really hard to spend large on one item and think that you can achieve the same looks with cheaper brands. Although since being on this is starting to make my shopping list a lot longer and I have come across a lot of new products I am looking forward to trying.

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9th January, 2017 at 9:36 pm
Dr Lewinns Reversaderm Complete System Review
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My dehydrated skin is as smooth as a baby now

Following the 2on/2off cycle for 6 weeks I had great results. It says to take 2 weeks off due to 'efficacy of ingredients' but I'm sure it's so you can be reminded how terrible your regular products are compared to these! My skin is norm/dehydrated. Cleanser - It has quite a strong, fresh, citrusy scent. It's creamy white, is non foaming & can be left on for a few mins for extra exfoliating. I used 1 & a bit pumps each time. The 100ml easy to use pump bottle will last a good while - it's at a fair price point. It deeply cleaned without drying, although it did seem to make my hands peel from massaging it in. Serum -I don't like dropper style bottles & mine arrived blocked. I used a pin & unblock where some product had gone gluggy in it. With minimal scent & a white opaque colour, it absorbs quickly & easily into skin without being oily. Benefits of brightened skin, improved radiance and skin tone were definitely met. A key ingredient in this, the cream & mask, is French Saffron to improve radiance & skin tone. Down side is the amount you need to use this product seems very expensive & for this price I'd like better packaging & more product. Cream - is very light. It has a scent similar to the cleanser but not as strong. I love the style of dispenser - you press the top down & a bit of moisturiser pops out. No mess no fuss. This one seems a bit springy, if you press too fast too much product comes out & it flicks everywhere. If a product is cheap I'm not too fussy but if it's expensive I expect even the packaging to be quality. One pump is enough for face & neck. It absorbs very quickly & skin is left soft, tight & bright with no oiliness. After using just the cleanser, serum & moisturiser my skin looked beautiful, I noticed a difference straight away it seemed clear & soft. Peel- I used 4 pumps of the generous sized peel every 2nd day. Its like a clear serum that spread easily over my face. After 30 minutes it has dried but still feels sticky on skin. Easily washed off with water. At first I noticed no burning, tingling or redness. At the start of the 4th week of product use (6th week real time) it tingled for a few of mins but it went away - I wasn't worried about this feeling as it is similar to having a professional peel & makes the product seem closer to salon quality. Mask - used once a week in replacement of the Peel. It's a light, creamy formula with a slight mauve tint to it but appears almost clear when applied and a light scent. First couple of mins the mask started to warm, calming down at 8 mins. It was by no means bad at all - I just feel I should mention it. These left my skin looking younger in every way - plump, pores reduced, smooth, even toned & glowing. I experienced no extra breakouts from the products. My dry 'yoga patch' on my chin is gone. Makeup is a dream to apply. I use much less foundation & get a very soft & smooth result. After just two weeks fine lines were less noticeable - collagen synthesis in action

Tips: I found it helpful to write down the peel and mask days so as not to get confused.

Also before cleaning my face, I removed my makeup with micellar water and eye makeup remover so as not to waste cleanser.

I use an spf everyday normally but it's a big must when using these products as it is with professional peel treatments. I don't think it helped that it's been summer holidays so I have been outside a lot more (with spf) & my pigmentation darkens over summer no matter how hard I try - I'm definitely going to do this hard core over winter! Big thanks to Beauty Review for this trial - amazing products to try and can't wait to see my skin in a few more months.

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It's not gone but it's a lot less noticeable, I don't specifically cover it with concealer anymore on a night out, for everyday I wear a really thin bb cream and you can't tell there is any pigmentation.

Overall how much difference did you find it made to your skin pigmentation?