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18th Jun 2015
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About Me I am a 30 something book nerd who takes her nose out of books (every now and then ) and sniffs around some beauty products ! And new mum , enjoying the unlimited cuddles but struggling with post delivery Crap skin and hair !

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30th September, 2015
Trilogy Eye Contour Cream
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Trilogy's usual high quality

You might think that $48.00 for a tube that is only 20 mls but I have had my tube for close to 6 months now and it is still going strong.

It is a very soft and gentle cream which comes in a white tube with typical Trilogy presentation. It bas a wee silver lid which screws on. I was always taught to use as little pressure around the eye area so use your ring finger to apply lightly. It goes on beautifully and absorbs well.

Over the time I have used this ,I have noticed my crows feet have not gotten worse,in fact I think they are looking less severe. I will continue to use this as I find the results are definitely worth the money.

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1st January, 1970

Hi Dii, thanks for your questions. I am still using this and I will re- purchase it once this tube has finished. It has lasted an absolute age and I am really happy with the results.

1st January, 1970

Hi there, Thanks for your review . Are you still using this ? Do you find it working ? Thanks ! :)