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You'll want this Kim K collab, even if you're not a KKW Fan!

2 April, 2018 - 06:24pm by - Head Pixie | 21 Comments

By BR Kellie

Don't tell Wayne Goss, but he's not the only makeup man in my life. I mean, I love him. Adore him. Think the sun shines out of his posterior, but I also have myself a wee makeup-man crush on Kim K's makeup artist, Mario Dedivanovic. Scrolling through Instagram and seeing his face come up is a highlight of my day. He just seems nice, humble, thoughtful, solid. A good dude. And I love a good dude. 

My Mario fangirling went next level in 2016 when I found myself repeat-refreshing on the Anastasia Beverly Hills site in an effort to snap up their eyeshadow collaboration with Mario, The Master Palette by Mario. It was one purchase I did not live to regret. The complete opposite. In fact Mario's palette is the only time I've ever hit pan on an eyeshadow.

The shade 'Marina' is everything. Ever-ry-thing. I've had to limit my use of it because there will be a panicky moment when I finally scrape the last bit of pigment from the pan and realise it's gone forever, as the palette was limited edition.

Considering my obsession with his previous collaboration, you can only imagine how excited I became when he recently revealed the eyeshadow palette he's created in collaboration with Kim Kardashian.

Check this beauty out...


As you can see the collection includes lipstick and gloss, but it's the shadow shades that have my attention. That mulberry shade is all heart eyes. The rich reddy brown next to it is swoony. Those metallics. And that blue! I don't do blue. I'm afraid of blue. But after seeing Mario's picture of Kim doing that blue. I could learn to do blue. And if the video Mario posted of him smearing the shadows down Kim's cheek is anything to go by (even if it was planned - and my cynical side says yes it probably was - it's still a super cute watch) the shadows are super pigmented and creamy. 

When does this all that and a bag of chips palette launch? April 5th (I'm assuming that's the overseas version of April 5th). AKA two days after my birthday. Can anyone guess what my birthday pressie to myself will be?? (Assuming I can get my hands on it. Fingers and toes crossed!)

So, are you loving the look of this palette as much as we are? Which shade captures your imagination? Or is this one palette you could live without? Chat away!

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It's gorgeous!!

I could live without this - I love the mulberry shade but am more into greens so this would be a waste for me.

Ooh I could seeused loving 4-5 of those shades!

Ooh that palette looks so nice. Particularly that blue and the purple shade to the left of it. I most likely won't end up getting it but still like it alot.

ooh that is so pretty!

Pretty but I don't love it


I thought this was a colour pop one - something I have been stalking and looking to try

Pretty but I probably won't get it. I did wish I had gotten the ABH Master Mario palette they should've made that one permanent.

I'm not a fan of Kim K, but those eye shadow shades are gorgeous!

Personally I don't think it looks very special or unique, basically Kylie cosmetic type shadows in Zoeva style packaging. Plus the only time I've seen Kim K wear this blue shade is in the promo of this palette...

That says something when the person who made the eyeshadow won't wear after the promo. I would understand if it was a boring color but when it's the bright pop shade in the palette....hmmm.

24th April, 2018 at 5:11 pm

Show us what you do with the blue eyeshadow!

Not my cup of tea. When I heard Mario was collaborating my ears raised lol I’ve got too many pallettes like this other than that blue.

WOW that royal blue is popping!

Oooh I want!!!


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