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Remington i-Light Pro+ Face & Body Review

Remington i-Light Pro+ Face & Body Review
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Get ready for the next generation of hair removal with the Remington i-LIGHT Pro+ Face & Body – fast, effective and gentle on the skin, this Intense Pulse Light (IPL) system offers a permanent*  and completely comfortable solution to remove unwanted hair in the comfort and privacy of your own home. 

The i-LIGHT Pro+ Face & Body features advanced technology that sets it apart from other at-home IPL devices. High energy output (7-8J/cm²) effectively disables the hair follicle with ProPulse wavelengths (>600nm) which deeply penetrate the skin to reach right down to the hair root. The light energy is delivered in long pulse durations (110ms) – faster than a blink of an eye - that are gentle to the skin. These three factors combined are the perfect recipe for safe & effective permanent hair removal in as little as 4 weeks*. Now you can feel confident and ready for anything all year round with soft, smooth, hair-free skin.



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Remington i-Light Pro+ Face & Body Review

Remington i-Light Pro+ Face & Body Review


Overall rating:
12th March, 2017
1 members found this review useful
Money well spent

I purchased this in December 2016 when it was on sale for $599. After doing a lot of research I decided it would be a great machine and worth the money. It comes in a sturdy box with instructions on how to use it.

The machine is pretty easy to use. There are 2 attachments. One for the face and one for the body. They simply click onto the head of the device. After the machine is turned on it has a safety sensor which means it won't work unless you hold your hand over it so it can scan and make sure your skin is suitable. It will either go red and not work or green and you are ready to go.

There are 5 levels to choose from. I started on 1 for my is such a sensitive area and feels a little uncomfortable. After a few sessions I got it up to level 5 and the pain becomes less. I have had great results so far, I used to shave my pits everyday and now I only have to do it once a week. Some parts the hair is not growing back at all. It really is fantastic!

I also did my bikini area and have the same great results. I zap around every 2-3 weeks. It is so quick and easy. I have sensitive skin and get no irritation at all, does not make my skin red and sore. You can go over the same spot twice with no issues.

I am stoked I purchased this and was not expecting such amazing results. In saying that, I am a perfect candidate as I have dark hair and very pale skin. I hope others have success like me :-)

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11th May, 2017

Heya. No you don't have to wear any safety goggles with this machine.

10th May, 2017

Great review! Just wondering do you know if it is necessary to wear safety goggles while using it?

30th March, 2017

I really really want an ipl or hpl but they're sooo expensive. I've been reading reviews on them and they sound great, it's just a lot of cash in one go. I love the idea of the quick zap bikini hit! Great review btw Lisa!

Overall rating:
19th January, 2017
1 members found this review useful

For years I have suffered ingrown hairs on my legs from epilation. I've tried Silky Mit and loved it but those ingrown hairs always came back. I recently tried the exfoliation gloves on a daily basis along with a BHA and although that was more successful it never fully stopped them from happening (lessened yes but stopped, no).

Along came Nat with her trial of this IPL machine and with the special they had on it I figured "why not?". After all, Remington do say that if you don't like it, you can return it for a full refund in 60 days.

So my results aren't as good as Nat's review but I don't care because my ingrown hairs have gone! I would have little marks and scabs all over my legs from picking ingrown hairs and there would be red bumps from regrowth. This has eliminated all of that.

I have been using this for a month and a bit (two weeks between sessions, just done my 4th) and sure hair is still growing (remember, I used an epilator so my hair is on a funny growth cycle AND a lot of my hair is blonde, not black) but I can see that it is a lot less and smoother too. I can easily get away with shaving once a week. Shaving ... something I have not done in YEARS.

I found it a bit scary to use the first time but after realising that 1) it doesn't leave marks, 2) doesn't hurt very much and 3) yes you can go over the same place more than once without worrying about burning as they suggest in their booklet, I found it incredibly easy to use, more so than the epilator.

Pressing the button to do the light and zap can be a bit of a pain though. You think you have it pressed but you don't so you have to readjust your grip and try again. It would be far easier to use a trigger mechanism than a push button one but this is my only complaint.

Yes it is a lot of money to spend on something you aren't too sure about and of course, nothing you can buy will give you 110% of your expectations but for me I think this machine is great and I'm really glad I took the chance and purchased one.

Tips: Watch youtube vids and read up other reviews on this model (be very specific in your searches because previous models have replacement cartridges etc, this does not have that) before you splash out since it is an expensive product that many of us would consider a luxury item.

If you get any brown or white marks on the mirror of the hand held device, simply get a cotton bud, dip it in some Isopropyl Alcohol (pick up from the chemist for about $8) and gently wipe over the mirror. Follow that up with the lint free cloth included with the machine to dry it out.

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This review is the subjective opinion of a Beauty Review member and not of Beauty Review Limited.
9th May, 2018

No and from what I've read, it's a myth that hair gets darker and thicker from shaving so no worries there. I haven't used this machine in 12 months now and hair grows at same rate but there is way less of it. I might have another crack with it.

8th May, 2018

Thanks for this review. I also epilate and get terrible ingrown hairs. I'm so keen to try this home IPL machine, although I am nervous that my hair is too light. Did you find that your hair darkened once you started shaving again?

Overall rating:
29th May, 2015
5 members found this review useful
No Pain, No Gain!

I took up the BR/Farmers offer that was offered to us. As it had to be brought within a certain time I got a lovely BR lady to get me one and send it down. So grateful!

This came really well packaged. A very heavy duty box. Inside a kind of egg carton thing that holds it tight inside. The actual machine looks amazing. Purple features on machine and handle.

To use, plug it in (wish the cord was longer!), you turn on a switch and you have to wave your hand over a sensor to show you're a real person (it's a pain! It doesn't always pick it up. Safety features are good but plugging in, turning on a switch, holding down a button should be enough), select the flash strength you require (it automatically starts on lowest setting) hold the handle/hand piece, place the flash side flat against the skin (if it's not flat it won't flash, another safety feature), hold your index finger on button on top and push to make flash. You can hold your finger down constantly and move handle along area you want to treat to save pressing each time. Press the button, look away and wait for the zap of flash. Don't look at it as its really bright! (I wear sunglasses or sit in front of the fire and look at the reflection in the glass) After each flash, move to the next part and repeat. It comes with a special face lense and a body one. They have the pictures on to make it easy which to use.

You have to have lighter coloured skin to use it. You can't use it on tattoos. I accidentally got the edge of a large one I have on my thigh and heck it hurt!!!!! Burned the tattoo that took a week to calm down. My mistake forgetting it was on my leg.

I love how it's zapping away my hairs. Right after doing it, the growth slows right down. There are a quite a few things I'd suggest changing to make it more user friendly. It wouldn't change the cost but would change the ease in use. You are meant to use it every 2 weeks For proper results. If you have a partner ask them to help. My hubby was like not again after my last so called hair removal. Make sure you have shaved the area before zapping or you will jump! Careful if you do the lady garden you don't get the zap in the wrong spot. There maybe a few holes left in the ceiling as your head darts through it.

Would I buy it again, yes if I was wanting to save on going to a IPL salon.

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This review is the subjective opinion of a Beauty Review member and not of Beauty Review Limited.
1st May, 2022

I want this!!!!

Overall rating:
14th May, 2015
2 members found this review useful
I Light Pro great for at home

I got my I light Pro off Christmas 2014 so I've been using it now for 5 months and getting varied results. I did expect from the sales spiel on the packaging that I would be hair free in 6 weeks but that's not the case, I can see a massive improvement on the old bikini area and a slight improvement on my armpits and legs. There are some patchy bits now so I'm persevering as I know I'll get there, for now however I can't give up the razor! Things I did find hard were finding the time to shower where I didn't mind having to wait another 24 hours before I could shower again, the not wearing deodorant for that long and not going out in the sun while doing treatments eg pretty much no sunbathing at all for the past 5 months! At least winter will be easier. The occasional stray hair in odd places are still hard work as you are not allowed to pluck or wax them between treatments and they can sometimes be stubborn, be prepared to have to shave those. Also I personally wanted to get the best results from the beginning so went for the top level of light pulse, not always a good thing on sensitive areas! Just a warning there if you do have sensitive skin, start at a lower level!

Tips: Try this system in winter to avoid the not being able to sunbath and plan your bi weekly sessions for a day where you know you won't need to shower til the next day.

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This review is the subjective opinion of a Beauty Review member and not of Beauty Review Limited.



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