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Ready To Take Beauty Baby Steps?

24 July, 2022 - 07:12am by - Head Pixie | 10 Comments

by BR Tabatha

Taking your first steps into the makeup realm can feel intimidating - especially if your first foray into the area is to look up YouTube tutorials where the beauty guru is applying a full face, complete with ninety-nine intricate steps for the eye area alone. Not only that, jumping head first into makeup that way can result in seeing a beauty beginner do a one-eighty and never play with all the pretties ever again, which is why it's best to start slowly when you first get into makeup by using a few, easy-to-master products, like these...

BB Cream OR Tinted Serum

The wrong foundation - whether it be in colour or texture or skin suitability - can put you off wearing the stuff for life, especially if you've paid a small fortune for it. If you're new to applying the face base, a BB Cream is a great first step. Light, hydrating, with enough pigment to even out your skin tone, it's a newbie-friendly step into the world of foundation.

Garnier BB Cream Perfecting Care All-In-1

Alternatively, if you need a little more coverage, the likes of a tinted serum can also work wonders. Effortlessly blendable, while offering buildable coverage, it can work within variations of a person's natural skin tone. For example, I LOVE the L'Oréal True Match Nude Plumping Tinted Serum but thought I'd bought the wrong shade for me on intial application, but after a few minutes it looked as natural as can be. I don't know what genius ingredients they use to make that skin-blending beautifulness happen, but if it works I'm here for it.

L'Oréal True Match Plumping Tinted Serum

Liquid Blush

While powder blush is brilliant and can look gorgeous when applied correctly, it can feel fake-looking on someone who's not used to working with it, which is why a liquid blush is a great way to get a natural-looking flush of colour when you first start wearing makeup.

On first look liquid blush can appear overpowering in pigment, but the thing is you only need a little, and if it's not enough you can add more without venturing into the realm of clowndom. The trick is to apply a little to the back of your hand, then take a little bit of that and gently pat it onto the apples of your cheeks (the fleshy bits that pop out when you smile), then apply more as required.

Clear Mascara

Mascara can go oh so easily wrong - whether you're a first time user or an old school pro. Even now I find myself dotting my lids with inky black liquid, then having to wait for it to dry before twizzling it away with a cottonbud, which is why you can't beat a clear mascara when you're starting out. It can lift, lengthen and define your lashes without creating a mess. Bonus, you can use it to tame your brows too!

Tinted Balm OR Lip Gloss

Not everyone was born to rock a red from the jump, let alone be able to apply a liquid lip like they've been doing it forever, which is why when you're starting out a tinted balm or lip gloss is the perfect way to get used to apply colour without worrying that it's feathering, bleeding, or that you're going to look like you let a toddler apply your lippy. If you are wanting to try a lipstick, our recommendation would be to stick to a creamy formula in bullet form in a 'your lips but better' shade.

Maybelline Baby Lips

With the ultra basics sorted, you can then start to venture into other formulations and techniques, then branch out into concealer, eyeshadow, eyeliner... and from there the world really is your makeup oyster!

One last thing... Always remember the two big rules:

1. Have fun. It's just makeup.

2. And if it doesn't work out you can wipe it off!

So, my lovelies, are you ready to take your baby steps into the realm of makeup? What products are you excited to try? Which products are you nervous to try? And for those whose beauty space is strewn with cosmetics... which products do you recommend for beauty beginners? Get chatting below!


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9th August, 2022

Can't wait to try the tinted serum it sounds amazing!

7th August, 2022

I don't wear makeup, if I decided to change that, I'd probably start with the gel mascara and the Baby Lips.

5th August, 2022

I would like to try the tinted serum

2nd August, 2022

I'm not new to make up, but stopped wearing it during the covid era and when I decided to wear a full face recently it was quite intimidating. I'm not sure I got it right either. It was a strange feeling.

31st July, 2022

I would recommend the Loreal True Match plumping tinted serum, very natural looking and doesn't irritate my skin at all. That liquid blush looks the bomb, pardon the pun.

29th July, 2022

Love the maybelline.. like the look of that blush

27th July, 2022

Essence is an affordable brand to start out with. Their foundation/base products are limited. But they do have a shade range of blushes, shadows, lip products and nail polishes.

26th July, 2022

Agree with AboutFace , Wet n Wild is a good reasonably priced range to start with , l have some of their brushes and they are great

25th July, 2022

For a beginner I would recommend Wet'n'Wild cosmetics as they are good and are friendly on the wallet. This way you can experiment and not blow the budget.I'm using their tinted hydrator and I love it, it doesn't crease and gives a youthful finish great if you're older like me.

25th July, 2022

I saw a good make-up hack recently by Victorialyn, I think that's her name. She matches her blush with her lipstick, well she actually rubs the lippy on the back of her hand, adds a dot of fountain then mixes it to dot on her cheek bones and it looks really nice, perfectly matched.

25th July, 2022

Essence is another budget friendly cosmetic range.

2nd August, 2022

Yes, Wet n Wild is one of my favourite brands! The tinted hydrator is great.

26th July, 2022

Love their brushes :-)

2nd August, 2022

Essence is a favourite brand of mine, I have so many Essence products!

2nd August, 2022

I just got some and can't wait to try it.


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