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The Beauty Vault - Aug
The Beauty Vault - Aug
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About Me Hello Ladies I am a slightly older mother who balances my home and work life. My children are my blessings. I absolutely adore animals and love all the small miracles that nature provides. As a little girl I would often play/experiment with make-up and to this day this has not changed. Smiles :-)


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29th June, 2018 at 10:14 pm
Remington AIR3D Hair Dryer Review
4 members found this review useful
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It'll blow you away! (#sorrynotsorry)

I'd owned my hairdryer for years. It only had one speed and was about the size and weight of a small tank. Needless to say, I usually air-dried my hair after washing, telling myself that curly hair went frizzy when it was blow dried anyway, so who cares. Anything not to have to break my wrists with Ole FrizzBlow.

But then BR was kind enough to send me the Remington AIR3D to trial and review, and I was so stoked! Because when do you buy a new hairdryer? When the old one blows a fuse and dies, that's when. And Ole FrizzBlow had plenty of life left in him yet if only to spite me, so I couldn't really justify buying another one. But oh my gosh. As soon as I unboxed Racy Remy (new nickname), Ole FrizzBlow got chucked straight in the bin.

Racy Remy (and even the box it arrived in) is just so damn beautiful. It's a really interesting shape, like an alien ship from a 70's science fiction TV show, or a bubble of oil in a lava lamp. Peculiarly, it has a hole in the middle. This could be for science or it could be for glamour, I really have no idea, but it works. It's also in rose gold. ROSE GOLD. It made Ole FrizzBlow look like a washing machine that had been run over by a train.

It has three speeds, three hotness levels, three attachments, and a little drawstring bag you can keep it in. And, according to the pamphlet which I also chucked in the bin, it does something with ions so it blows your hair smoother. That's not just marketing bollocks. Ole Frizzblow had a diffuser which retained my curls but left a halo of frizzy bits sticking up on top. Racy Remy does not do that. There are no frizzy bits. It's as if he's crooning to my wayward hairs, "lie down, relax and I'll take good, good care of you, baby," and they do and he does. Oh, how he does.

And best of all, Racy Remy is about half the weight of Ole Frizzblow, and dries my hair in half the time, whether I'm keeping it curly or going for the straight.

I love Racy Remy. He is MAGIC. Two things, but. One, the cool shot button isn't as responsive as it could be, and two, the price. It's pretty expensive if you're a gal who's used to paying for an Ole FrizzBlow. But, if you're the type of person who uses wads of cash to fan yourself on a hot day, get a Racy Remy. You won't regret it.

Tips: Wait for a sale. And make sure to leave Remy just casually lying around the house so that visitors can be impressed.

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Fabulous review!

I need a Racy Remy in my life!

Nicely written :-)

Overall rating:
13th May, 2018 at 12:16 pm
Body Crystal Desire Deodorant Review
2 members found this review useful
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I was nervous!!

I have used aluminium based deodorants for ever- and suffered the white marks, smell through, and the skin irritation all in the hope of preventing the pong. I purchased this through the vault, and am so happy I have found a new deodorant for life!

I was brave and used it before I went to work- it rolled on beautifully, as it is scented with natural oils didn't smell like chemicals and dried almost instantly. I didn't sweat, nor have 'breakthrough BO' or any marking on my clothes. I will be buying it again and again!

Tips: Make the change!!!

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I wondered what this is like especially being a natural product. I will give this one a go!

I'd love to try it. I don't like the idea of rolling aluminum onto my skin every day.