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Nailed It! The Coolest Autumn Nail Looks!

6 April, 2023 - 06:04am by - Head Pixie | 12 Comments


by BR Amelia

I love the artistry of nail polish - how the right colour, the right shape and the right design can show the world who you are. I adore that as the seasons change and as festive times come and go, you can reflect those times with a simple swipe of nail polish, or go all in and create a more elaborate look.

With autumn upon us, I find myself excited to swap out sunshine-bright colours for more muted tones, to see nail art featuring leaves, flames and pretty patterns. I even look forward to trying it at home. With that in mind, we've found a gorgeous selection of nail art tutorials - ranging from the wonderfully easy to achieve through to those that require more skill so that you too can fall in love with autumnal inspired nails.

Love a muted orange? These looks from Gabby Angelique are for you! Best of all, they're great for the nail newbie or those who're looking to challenge themselves with their nail art.

One of my favourite aspects of autumn involves going for a brisk walk on a chilly morning, followed by a latte at my local cafe, which is why I adore this nail art from Dessin Design Nails.

Swapping out sober orange stylings for more fiery looks, Gabby Angelique's looks in this video still give autumnal vibes, but they've the added bling for those of us who like to feel a little fancy in fall.

If you can resist kicking a big pile of fallen leaves during autumn, I tip my hat to you. I, for one, can not. When I'm not running at them with all the joy of a child, I'm admiring their pretty colours, and Iove that you can carry that joy with you by creating lush leafy looks on your nails with this tutorial from New Nails.

I love a plaid scarf. The moment I wrap one around my neck I know I'm in the thick of the autumnal season. Something I love just as much? Plaid nails, and this nail tutorial from JauntyJuli is a simple way to pop a little plaid on your nails.

So, my lovelies, have you fallen nail tips over toes in love with any of the looks above? Will you be admiring them from afar or will you give them a go? Get chatting below!



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22nd April, 2023

Wow that iced coffee nail look!

21st April, 2023

Not really my colours but look nice on others!

16th April, 2023

Some of the nail artists do some amazing work!

14th April, 2023

Love some of these colours. Sadly can’t have my nails done due to my job

13th April, 2023

I love that muted apricot color, and the plaid design. WOW. incredible talent

13th April, 2023

There are some clever designs there.

12th April, 2023

Love the check ones wish l had time to pamper myself ,

12th April, 2023

MMM not so much for me --I do like warm colours for winter

11th April, 2023

Orange is a Dutch colour. I love the colours the leaves change to in autumn. Those coffee nails look great. Nice inspiration and rocking some blue nails at the minute. From those tutorials it seems matte nails are back in?

11th April, 2023

Love the warmth of those nail colours.

11th April, 2023

There are some very pretty coclours.

10th April, 2023

The plaid would look good while wearing a Swandri or checkered shirts. I love to see different ideas and admire them on others.

16th April, 2023

There are some stunning nails. lol and some not so stunning :-)

21st April, 2023

yes very clever indeed

3rd May, 2023

It must take a lot of patience and a steady hand.



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