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If We Gave You $100...What Would You Do?

9 August, 2020 - 05:37pm by - First Lady | 36 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

If we gave you $100 with only one stipulation - you must use it on beauty - how would you spend it?

I was scrolling through Facebook and saw an article about 8 people who were given $100 to spend in the grocer store. Some bought junk, others spent it on ready meals, some did their weekly shop, one dude spent $63 on a bottle of wine.

While reading it, I thought of BR and the beauty lovers and shopaholics we host, and I thought - how do your spending habits vary?  How would people spend 100 (free) dollars?

Would people splurge on something major on their wishlist?  Our skin care fanatics would probably choose a serum or treatment they normally couldn't justify in their budget   - after all, all great looks start with great skin right? For our makeup lovers, well, their money would go to making themselves look great - maybe a palette or a limited edition splurge?  Or maybe people would treat themselves to a new fragrance?

Or would you take that $100 and stock up on the essentials; shower gel, shampoo, conditioner, razors, that sort of thing?  Things that add dollars to the ever growing grocery bill.

Would you use your free money on tried and tested products, or would you try something new?  Or maybe you'd forgo the products and hit the salon for a treatment?

Tell would you spend $100? 

How Would You Spend $100 (on Beauty products!)

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16th August, 2020

I would definitely stock up on my Granactive Retinol by The Ordinary, it’s always sold out so it’s good to have a few spares and I would get a large bottle of the Trilogy Rosehip Oil. I go through this so quickly.

16th August, 2020

Stock up on my usuals or similar items to my usuals.. or maybe a nice blonde conditioner for my ends too

13th August, 2020

I would splurge on a massage........bliss!!!!!

13th August, 2020

It definitely would depend on my financial situation at the time, if I have a good amount of savings I'd go for a splurge. At the moment though, definitely would just stock up on essentials or really affordable products to get the most out of it and lower my bills for the future.

13th August, 2020

I would definitely buy something I normally wouldn’t, it would have to be a proper eyeshadow palette, I’m always buying the cheap ones and envying the colours in the expensive ones....

13th August, 2020

I am a mask junkie so definitely would get a mask. Also will stock up on The Ordinary Lactic Acid which I use a lot

13th August, 2020

I’d actually buy a really expensive lipstick x

13th August, 2020

I really want to try some more La Roche-Posay products but they’re all soooo expensive! So I would splurge on some of them, and maybe a new tranexamic acid serum because I’ve just run out of my current one and it has been amazing at fading dark spots.

13th August, 2020

I would definitely get a nice big eyeshadow palette I couldn't afford otherwise and maybe a liquid lipstick. I definitely wouldn't get all the same stuff I get.

13th August, 2020

I'd buy some collagen powder!

13th August, 2020

i would probably start with a trip to the eyebrow place (may have let them go wild since lock down lol) and i would probably replace some makeup thats past its used by date, maybe get some new lippys to try out

13th August, 2020

I would splurge on skincare for myself, also some for my daughter who’s really struggling with her spots and scarring . I haven’t done that in the past year. I could really do with a good eye cream , any suggestions Ladies?

12th August, 2020

Definitely a serum - like a pricey retinol based one that promised to airbrush me in my sleep and wake looking 20 years younger :)

12th August, 2020

LOl I'd pay more than $100 for that :)

12th August, 2020

Awesome question. I'd probably purchase whatever I needed in basic beauty care and then with anything left over buy something new to test and review.

11th August, 2020

Tough choice! Id possibly put it towards some LiLash growth serum as it's amazing but rather expensive. Or I'd buy 2 or 3 of the new Fenty lipbalms


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