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How Long Have You Had Your Hairbrush?

6 September, 2020 - 08:02am by - First Lady | 244 Comments

poll posted by BR Amelia

I was reading an article the other day, recommending we change our hairbrushes every SIX MONTHS.  This seemed a bit extreme to me, but I do agree its important to keep our brushes in tip-top condition lest we risk them damaging our hair.

You see, built up debris of styling products and damp hair can lead to bacteria growth, and melted bristles from heat styling can actually snag the hair as we brush.  At the bare minimum we should be removing excess hair from our brushes after every use.  For the Gold Star of Care, we should be washing our brushes weekly.  Using baking soda and vinegar is an easy way to remove product build up and scalp flakes, helping to keep our brushes in better condition for longer.

We're putting the latest hair brush release from Mita to the test.  The last three Mita detangling brushes are all Top Rated by you, the people of New Zealand, so we're super excited to get our hands on this colourful beauty!

The Mita™ GEMTIP Detangling Brush is a unique 3D Flexi-Control Brush with multi-nylon bristles & gem tips.

Each bristle is physically formed into a smooth round sphere, like a delicate gem, free of sharp edges. The Mita GEMTIP detangling brush is super flexible with long & short thin bristles to remove tangles effortlessly and painlessly, reducing hair breakage.

The two-length bristles work perfectly to detangle and massage the hair whilst massaging the scalp and gently cleaning away dandruff and dirt from the scalp.

As well as for use on dry hair, the GEMPTIP shines when used in the shower.  It helps to spread shampoo and conditioner evenly along the hair and helps rinse them away more quickly without snagging or pulling on wet hair.

If you fancy a spot on this trial team, get chatting below about all things hair brush.  How long have you had your current brush?  Do you look after it well or is it a bit neglated?  Why would you like to review the Mita GEMTIPS Detangling Brush for us?

How Long Have You Had Your Hairbrush?

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19th September, 2020

Oooh this brush looks and sounds amazing and so pretty! I’ve had my brush for a few years now, I don’t really think about getting a new brush unless it breaks or I lose it! But I do remove old hair from it every few days and I use a hairbrush debris claw to get the yucky dust looking bits out, but they don’t work very well! I’ve even washed my brush in the past as I really don’t like having a brush that debris can build up in. Definitely going to try the baking soda and vinegar tip! I would love to try the new Mita GEMTIPS detangling brush because I would love a brush that is gentle on the hair while detangling and helping to reduce hair breakage,(which I get a lot!). I love that it can be used in the shower too! Definitely putting this on my wish list

13th September, 2020

Oh wow, I don't even have a hairbrush right now but would love to try this beautiful one!!!

11th September, 2020

well I just learnt something new, I would love to try this hairbush out... as well as try in on my daughters hair, she has curly hair and it tangles alot, so it would get a real trail at my house.

11th September, 2020

Id love to give this a go iv had my hair brush for about 3 or 4 years so I think its definitely time for a new one

10th September, 2020

I’d love to try this brush, I have had my brush for around 5 years, As a hairdresser I think I’d be a great choice to review this product,

10th September, 2020

Oh my gosh... I think I have had mine for at least a year, and I have never washed it! Would love to try this - I am always too scared to use my current brush on my wet hair so its great to see that this one can be used with shampoo/conditioner in.

10th September, 2020

My son has long hair. He broke my current brush. I’m keen for this trial.

9th September, 2020

I really need this brush for my household of girls. Will it make hair brushing better it sounds it

9th September, 2020

It wasn't until I read this, that I discovered that I'm really shocking with my hair brush. I've had it for a couple of years now, there are missing bristles, snapped bristles and melted bristles. The rubber that they attach to, pops out of the brush handle often and it's full of hair fluffs and gosh knows what else. I'm almost too embarrassed to post this.

9th September, 2020

I have very fine, frizzy quite curly hair so it tangled really easily. I have 2 brushes I rotate between and I had one for about 4 years and the other for maybe 18 months. I feel naughty having them so long after reading the article. I really am keen to try this brush as it might actually get the knots out without ripping my hair out.

9th September, 2020

Ahhhhhhhhh I don’t even know how long I’ve had my hairbrush! I do sometimes give it a good soak in hot water with white vinegar but it’s probably time for a change lol. My hair is suuuuuuper thick and it’s got so long over the lockdowns, I haven’t cut it in MONTHS. Brushing it is a pain in the butt ‘cos a sneeze is enough to tangle my mop

9th September, 2020

Seriously though a new hair brush every six months that to me seems extreme.

9th September, 2020

I really need to get a new brush but I just can’t be bothered finding something that will be suitable for my dry, frizzy and stubborn hair. Most of the days I just comb my hair with my finger or just tie it into a bun. I’d really like to try this hair brush and see how well it works on my hair and If the bristles manages to survive, my hair does get quite knotty

9th September, 2020

I'm a huge fan of Mita hair brushes - but in a house with two long-haired girls, they always go missing! I'd love to give this one a try - and hopefully being white and rainbow-hued I won't lose it!

9th September, 2020

Six months? Woah, now I am embarrassed to say how long I have had my brush. And I don't clean it very often (besides getting rid of the excess hair in it). This brush looks great, especially like that it can be used in the shower.


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