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How Long Have You Had Your Hairbrush?

6 September, 2020 - 08:02am by - First Lady | 244 Comments

poll posted by BR Amelia

I was reading an article the other day, recommending we change our hairbrushes every SIX MONTHS.  This seemed a bit extreme to me, but I do agree its important to keep our brushes in tip-top condition lest we risk them damaging our hair.

You see, built up debris of styling products and damp hair can lead to bacteria growth, and melted bristles from heat styling can actually snag the hair as we brush.  At the bare minimum we should be removing excess hair from our brushes after every use.  For the Gold Star of Care, we should be washing our brushes weekly.  Using baking soda and vinegar is an easy way to remove product build up and scalp flakes, helping to keep our brushes in better condition for longer.

We're putting the latest hair brush release from Mita to the test.  The last three Mita detangling brushes are all Top Rated by you, the people of New Zealand, so we're super excited to get our hands on this colourful beauty!

The Mita™ GEMTIP Detangling Brush is a unique 3D Flexi-Control Brush with multi-nylon bristles & gem tips.

Each bristle is physically formed into a smooth round sphere, like a delicate gem, free of sharp edges. The Mita GEMTIP detangling brush is super flexible with long & short thin bristles to remove tangles effortlessly and painlessly, reducing hair breakage.

The two-length bristles work perfectly to detangle and massage the hair whilst massaging the scalp and gently cleaning away dandruff and dirt from the scalp.

As well as for use on dry hair, the GEMPTIP shines when used in the shower.  It helps to spread shampoo and conditioner evenly along the hair and helps rinse them away more quickly without snagging or pulling on wet hair.

If you fancy a spot on this trial team, get chatting below about all things hair brush.  How long have you had your current brush?  Do you look after it well or is it a bit neglated?  Why would you like to review the Mita GEMTIPS Detangling Brush for us?

How Long Have You Had Your Hairbrush?

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9th September, 2020

I couldn't even tell you how long I've had my brush. I've been with my husband 8yrs and my relationship with my hairbrush started before that. Due to the constant cleaning of my brush, i broke the handle last week

8th September, 2020

I've had my cheap Kmart brush for YEARS and I rarely use it since it doesn't do a great job of detangling my long, fine, wavy hair. I'm definitely in need of a proper detangling brush and would especially like to test this one out with wet hair!

8th September, 2020

I would love to try this hairbrush. I recently snapped the handle on my existing brush while trying to get the knots out! Miss 7 and I both have long, fine hair which knots up easily, mine also happens to be curly. I have been considering buying this hairbrush, however being able to try it first and review it would be absolutely amazing! :)

8th September, 2020

I would love to trial the new gem tips detangling brush. I have long hair and it gets knotty really easily. Would love to see if there was a brush to remove the knots easily.

8th September, 2020

I have really long, thick hair and seem to have a nasty habit of snapping handles off hair brushes so as luck would have it I don't have a handle on my hair brush. I would absolutely love to try this brush and give it a thorough review. I have such tangly hair and so does my 10 year old daughter. It would be great if we could find a hair brush that would work for both of us so that hair brushing doesn't continue to be some kind of torture!

8th September, 2020

I have two little girls who are 4 and 6 with long hair... and they grizzle and moan about hair brushing! I’d love to give this one a crack to tame the tangles!

8th September, 2020

Id definitely love to see how well it works with wet hair.

8th September, 2020

My hair brush has seen better days and I've even had to superglue part of it. It is one of the few brushes that doesn't rip my hair to bits so I'd be really keen to try the Mita™ GEMTIP Detangling Brush. I suffer from bouts of dandruff and also commit the cardinal sin of brushing my hair when it's wet so this brush would get a great work out with me!

8th September, 2020

I have had my current hairbrush for almost two years now but I do remove hair from it often! I do not find it the best though for the knottiness so I would quite like to try a detangling brush!

8th September, 2020

I’ve had my current hairbrush for 2 years now, I usually wash it only when it looks dirty. But now I think I should probably get a new one ASAP. I have really thick hair so a brush which detangles while massaging my scalp sounds amazing. I’m also interested how well it helps to brush through and rinse off shampoo and conditioner.

8th September, 2020

My current hair brush is years old and Primarily used for when I had my hair keratin straightened. However, now that I’m trying to revive my naturally curly hair (after 10+ years of various straightening methods), a new brush that focuses on detangling and hair health would be a life saver.

Being fairly new to having curly hair again, it would be amazing to see how different hair brushes work in comparison to my old paddle brush.

8th September, 2020

I have seen these advertised and would love to try one!

8th September, 2020

I do clean mine weekly but never new about using vinegar and baking soda, something I will be trying in the future. This brush does look feminine and special. My brush is sharp and really does not massage the head , oh that sounds luxurious and like a daily treat for my head. With hair so fine I would love to put my hand up to trial this brush to see if it really does detangle both in the shower and out.

8th September, 2020

I try to clean mine as often as once a week but I have to say, I replace mine every 2-3 years (eek) Not only does this look so eye catching but I’ve never used a brush in the shower before and would be really curious to try it out to see if it makes my hair feel any different.

8th September, 2020

I really should replace mine as the handle fell off the other day haha


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