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4 Surprising Ways to Refresh Your Hair Colour!

11 October, 2020 - 10:52am by - First Lady | 9 Comments

By BR Amelia

If you’re a regular at hair colouring you no doubt know that to ensure the longevity of the colour you have to take care of your locks. That means choosing the correct shampoo and conditioner, doing conditioning treatments, avoiding heat and sun, and not smothering your hair in water every time you step into the shower. Of course, sometimes time or money gets in the way of buying the products you need to keep your hair colour at its best, so we checked out some weird, wacky and downright edible (and drinkable) ways people use to keep their coloured mops looking tip top.


Put down the cup of joe and rinse it through your hair! No, I’m not kidding – using coffee as a rinse is one method of keeping brunette locks as brown as can be. Those who do it recommend brewing up a strong cuppa, letting it cool, then steeping your hair in the product for a good fifteen or so minutes before rinsing it out. The trick is to make it strong, so perhaps a trip to your local barista for a triple shot long black would be in order?


Made the mistake of going swimming in chlorinated water and now your blonde do has gone greenish? Smother it in ketchup and leave it for twenty to thirty minutes before rinsing it out in the shower. The red will neutralise the green and the blonde will be back. 

Carrot Juice.

Yes, good old carrot juice when applied to the auburn hair, wrapped in plastic wrap, left for an hour or so, and then rinsed out is said to add a colourific boost. A couple of tips - the darker your red hair is the longer you leave it, and make sure you’ve towels or paper down when you’re applying the juice because as tasty and hair-handy carrot juice may be it can also be quite the stainer.


One last trick people reach for to keep their colour looking beautifully shiny is beer. Yup, good old ale. Rinsing your hair in beer and leaving it for three to five minutes before rinsing it out with cold water leaves it shinier and softer due to the vitamins and minerals in the brew. Apparently though it works better when flat, so you need to let it sit out for a bit. 

Still, we’re itching to know… have you put anything weird on your hair to extend your hair colour? Chat away…


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12th November, 2020

Interesting! I have only ever used cider vinegar for scalp care and to balance the PH levels on my hair plus lemon juice to freshen up my blonde highlights but it didn't really work for me.I have been tempted to use mayo though as I have heard good things about that but I think the smell would put me off lol.

17th October, 2020

I’ve done the beer rinse many moons ago but hate the smell of beer ... that’s probably the only thing I’ve done... hadn’t heard of carrot juice

16th October, 2020

My Mum used to rinse/wash our hair with flat beer as kids hahaha, thought she was bit mad...............

15th October, 2020

Haven’t tried these. I remember putting raw egg lol in my hair because mum said so lol

17th October, 2020

Lol not keen on putting any of these on my hair.

13th October, 2020

I have heard of applying beer as a rinse and also eggs for shiny hair, but none of the others mentioned.

12th October, 2020

I can't recall trying these I think I tried an egg one though once! It's possible I did a coffee rinse. Actually I tried to tint my eye brows with coffee

12th October, 2020

Those are unique, but not needed for me lol

11th October, 2020

Lol ketchup! I've not done anything like this. I've heard onion skins can help. I'd rather be drinking a beer than tipping it on me :-)

11th October, 2020

I haven't tried any of these. I love the idea of the carrot juice :)