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Glow-and-Go Multi-Masking Kit Review
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Would use it again? 2.0/5
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Goodness Glow-and-Go Multi-Masking Kit Review

Overall rating:

Paprika Target Mask helps detox, while antioxidant Green Tea Face Mask will help you tone and glow. With all the goodness of purifying kaolin clay and nourishing coconut, avocado and chia seed oil, get ready for the ultimate #goodnessgal #multi-masking sesh. 

Paprika Target Mask: For the T-zone, I detox and dry out any excess oil or impurities to help reduce the appearance of pores. #satisfying. 98% natural, fragrance free

Green Tea Face Mask: An antioxidant boost to gentle draw out impurities while toning, I give glowiness and cleanliness for a refined complexion. Ooh-la-la! 98% natural fragrance free

How to use:

Start with clean skin. Apply Paprika Target Mask to the T-zone. Then apply Green Tea Face Mask everywhere else. Let dry (say 5mins), wash off with warm water and a cloth.

Pack Size: 2 x 30ml

RRP: $19.99

Availability: Farmers



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Overall rating:
27th August, 2018 at 6:05 pm
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Hit And Miss

I received this in a BBBE earlier this year and have been using this product for almost 2 months now. I found it an interesting idea to have 2 different purpose masks that can be used together or own there own. Packaging is lovely pastel green (Green Tea mask) and pastel pink(Paprika mask). Neither one have a scent which is quite good for clay masks. Some clay masks can be especially overpowering scent wise.

I prefer to use the Green Tea mask for an all over mask. It's super gentle on the skin, gently cleansing and gives me an all over glow. When using the Paprika mask, i've noticed it really dries out my skin but not in a good way. It's not a favourite of mine.

Both masks dry down within 5 mins, so if you are looking for a quick easy mask this would be it. Con, it's so hard to get off. I really had to scrub quite roughly and there is still spots of it on my face.

I am not in love with this set, nor do I particularly like it and will not be repurchasing these.

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Overall rating:
19th July, 2018 at 8:13 am
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Very drying to get that glow

I received this in my cruelty free BBBE - I had seen these masks in the supermarket so was keen to try

I used the box as an example of how to apply - I didn't look quite as artistically put together as the picture, but applying the two masks was relatively easy!

Removing the mask my skin was definitely bright and clear, but my skin also felt quite tight - as if the mask had pulled every tiny bit of natural oil from my skin. A good dose of a facial oil and moisturiser fixed that - but it was definitely an uncomfortable dryness for my skin.

Looking at packaging and result, I'd say this mask is aimed more at a younger age bracket rather than the over 40's skin types.

Wouldn't personally buy again, but it is great value for the right skin types and if you have overly oily skin this mask will definitely reduce that for you!

Tips: Stick to the 5 minute mask time otherwise it continues to dry and pull moisture from your skin.

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17th July, 2018 at 2:28 pm
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why don't they make one for dry skin!?!?

Soooooo I got this darling little kit in the Cruelty Free BBBE '18. I was excited until I read things like "clay" and "detox" and "excess oil". My face is severly lacking in oils, so the fact that this was going to steal any I had away worried me. Still, I powered on.

I love the tubes. The green and pink match the rest of the Goodness line, and I love that this kit comes with 2 different masks so you can use one after the other or both together as pictured. I think the amount you get in each tube is quite generous as well, usually clay mask tubes are huge and I can never use them in time.

The green mask - I used this on my cheeks with the pink mask and as a stand alone mask. This one is one that I think doesn't dry my skin out too much, so I'll use it often. It doesn't really have a smell, other than the clay kind of smell. My skin feels a bit dry after use, but my pimples definitely feel smaller and less inflamed than before use.

The pink mask - I put this on my forehead, nose and chin as suggested, and I used as a stand alone mask. I didn't like how dry it make my skin feel, and also how hard it was to remove (compared to the green one). Smells like calamine lotion. Not overly fussed on the size of my pores but they do seem smaller after use, but the super dry skin afterwards isn't worth it.

To remove the mask I put a hot and damp flannel on my face to bring the mask back to life, as I find its easier to remove this way. My face feels really good but really bad at the same time - soft, yes, but the extreme dryness does nothing for my mood. If you've got oily skin I really think you'd benefit from this mask. Sadly I just... don't.

Tips: I like to wet the bristles of an old brush, dry off the excess and use that to apply the masks. Keeps fingers clean!

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Great review! Yet to use these when I try the pink one I might leave on for a shorter time or just use in certain areasz


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