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You Beauty! Great Gifts for Guys!

10 December, 2018 - 08:27pm by - Head Pixie | 20 Comments

By BR Kellie

'My dad would never cleanse, let alone moisturise.'

'My husband would rather be given socks than a fragrance.'

'Grooming? Pffft. My brother wouldn't know the tail end of a comb if he saw one.'

Until recently I would have put my husband in one of those categories - the skincare category. Then something changed... He came to me asking for advice on how to improve his skin as it was misbehaving. "Finally," I thought as I raced to the bathroom and began to pull out the various skincare I'd bought him that had sat about gathering dust. I put together a regime, gave him instructions and left him to do as he was told. Next thing you know? The husband is saying just how much better his skin's looking. No kidding!

Moral of the story? Money spent on beauty products for men is not always a big ol' waste. And Christmas is the perfect time to set them up with a good skin care regime. And a fragrance. And some other beauty stuff too, because more is more... So what's on the market for the men these holiday's? Check these beauties out...

Clinique Great Skin for Him

Clinique Great Skin for Him is going on my 'to buy' list. With a face wash, scrub, aloe shave gel and moisturising lotion it's got everything a bloke needs to get his beauty routine underway. And the man beauty bag will come in handy too should he need to take his regime with him.

L'Oréal Paris Mens Expert Hydra Energetic Set

If you're looking for a more budget-friendly set then L'Oréal's range of skincare sets will tick the box!

Remington Groom & Go Precision Kit

If the men in your life like to preen... or you'd like them to start... then this Groom & Go Precision Kit from Remington will set them up for a smart start to the new year.

LAB SERIES Smooth Shave Trio

For the serious shaver in your life... or for the young fella who's about to get started... this LAB SERIES set has everything he needs for a smooth shave. 

VS Sassoon X Six Pro Hair Clipper

Want to go extra? Say hello to the VS Sassoon X Six Pro Hair Clipper. Ultra premium Japanese steel blades wtih six times more intensive cutting power will give new meaning to smooth as a baby's bum.

Narciso Rodriguez For Him Bleu Noir

Even the blokiest of blokes couldn't turn their nose up at this set from Narciso Rodriguez. With an EDP and shower gel, it'll have him smelling as sweet or, er, as manly as a blokey daisy.

Tom Ford Noir Extreme

Know a man who know his scent stuff? He will love you forever when he opens up this uber-luxe Noir Extreme gift set from Tom Ford. 

There you have it... Christmas gifts that we think could well make a man's day. So... what will you be giving the gentleblokes in your life? Will they be up for skincare? Fragrance? A little grooming goodness? Chat away!



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16th July, 2019

Good ideas this must be why my Mrs asks what brands I like

19th December, 2018

My man got a pack of face cleanser, cream etc like 2 or 3 years ago and most things are still untouched, they’re probably expired now. :D

16th December, 2018

My man likes a shower gel but he doesn't like to wear much heavy stuff he's more into his technology

16th December, 2018

Yes, fab ideas.

16th December, 2018

I actually managed to convince Husband to use a daily moisturiser. He still needs reminding on the odd occasion but on the whole, he is good.

16th December, 2018

Great suggestions!

16th December, 2018

My partner hates skincare. I have to moan everyday to make him and kids to wear sunscreen .

14th December, 2018

Really good suggestions.

14th December, 2018

The hardest thing I ever have to do is force my husband to have skin care in his life. So far, I've only managed to convince him to use sunscreen. Not much luck there.

12th December, 2018

Some nice sets.

12th December, 2018

Some good ideas here thanks

11th December, 2018

I never thought to get my fiancé some skincare for Christmas thinking that he s not the type, but then I realise is been using my skincare, so this Christmas I may try it!!

11th December, 2018

I don't have a man in my life and this may the first Christmas I don't give my dad a gift, since I'm about to be a poor student so my parents told me not to worry about giving them presents this year.

11th December, 2018

I bought my then fiance (now husband) a men's beauty box last year. It was a complete waste of money I think he used one item. Which reminds me must clear it all out and give it to someone else who will actually use it.

11th December, 2018

My man is not in to skincare at all but he has lovely skin, for xmas I got him a skydive lol.

11th December, 2018

That's an awesome gift!

11th December, 2018

Lol yea! I can't wait to see his face :-)

12th December, 2018

WOW !!! fantastic !!

12th December, 2018

They are right -give them some time for xmas as that lasts forever XXX

12th December, 2018

Well I'm going to study so I can land a good job and buy them nicer presents in the Christmases somewhere down the line.



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