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The Ultimate Beauty Survival Kit

8 September, 2023 - 07:07am by - Head Pixie | 12 Comments

by BR Tabatha

Ripped nails. Broken hairties. Panda eyes. Annoying when you have them happen at home, but a downright disaster when they occur while you're out and about. What's a beauty to do? Never leave the house without their survival kit, of course! So what bits and bobs do you need to have on hand at all times to save you from beauty disasters, and why? Here's five must-haves for all... as well as some ideas for those of us at different ages and stages.


Too many times I've caught a whiff of myself and wished I'd a mini bottle or can of deodorant on hand. I'm far too aware of the effect my potent pits have on others, which is why these days I never leave home without it.

Nail clippers

A ragged nail is torturous. It catches on everything. It looks messy. It's one of life's little annoyances. One that so often we can't do anything about without risking ripping half our nail off, which is why our beauty survival kit has a pair of nail clippers tucked in it. Not only great for dealing to ragged nails, you can use them to clip off loose threads on your clothes.


If you've ever accepted a last-minute invitation to a barbeque, or a trip to the beach, or to hang out at an outdoor bar or cafe with friends, you'll know that uncomfortable feeling that hits you when you realise the sun's starting to burn your skin. Keeping a little pottle of sunscreen on hand at all times will save you a case of the "ows" later.


Most obviously, a pair of tweezers are great to have on hand if you find yourself staring at a very obvious eyebrow hair that's somehow managed to evade previous detection. They can also be used to rip out long nose hairs that have decided to peek out from our nasal cavities. Tweezers are also tops for if a prickle or splinters makes its way under your skin. They can even come in handy if you need to reposition a false eyelash that's popped off.

Basic balm

When I say "basic balm", I mean you need a basic balm. Not scented. Not expensive. Patroleum jelly basic. Vaseline in a cute little tub is perfect. It can help soothe chapped lips, can be applied to any cuts, it can smooth brows, moisturise dry skin, and even be used as a glistening highlighter on the tops of your cheekbones. 

As for other products you may like to keep in your kit, depending on your style, age, needs...  

Whatever floats your boat when it comes to keeping your period contained. Hair ties and bobby pins. A little brush or comb. Travel-sized micellar and reuseable makeup remover pads, for when your makeup's gone manky. Mini toothbrush and toothpaste. Dental floss. Oh, and your phone - selfie mode makes for an excellent mirror when you need to check to see if you've a poppy seed stuck in your teeth.

So, my beauties, do tell... do you have a beauty survival kit? What do you keep in it? Is there anything we missed? Sharing is caring, so get chatting below!



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4th October, 2023

Hair ties, make up wipes of some description, small hair brush, tissues, trilogies everything balm, sunscreen (I've found sample sizes at my local pharmacy!), mini sewing kit, panadol amd a water bottle.

3rd October, 2023

I agree with all the items listed above, however I use Bepanthen cream instead of vaseline.

1st October, 2023

Sunscreen is a good one to add, hard to find some smaller travel sizes unless anyone has any suggestions. Last I had that was suitable was skinnies but hard to get small ones

1st October, 2023

I only have lip balm in my bag, but if I had to have a survival kit it would have serum/face oil, eye liner and tinted moisturizer/BBcream/light foundation at the very least. I have baby wipes everywhere as well.

28th September, 2023

Lip balm, hand cream, concealer.

28th September, 2023

A sewing kit for wardrobe malfunctions perhaps. Socks if your feet get cold / decent footwear.

27th September, 2023

Tweezers, lip balm, sunscreen, dental floss, hair tie, and tissues :)

27th September, 2023

Tinted lip balm and a big fat hair claw. I keep one of each in every bag I own. A dash of lip colour lifts my whole face, and if my hair goes nuts/ frizzy, I can whip it up into a loose bun that looks at least halfway decent.

19th September, 2023

Lip balm, hair tie, water!

19th September, 2023

Tissues,lipstick,pen and small hair brush spare pair of reading glasses -all very handy

17th September, 2023

May seem silly but pain relief and also a spare hair tie are always in my bag. Plus a find it super handy to have a mini dry shampoo as well

17th September, 2023

Lipstick, balm, tissues, dental floss, hand cream and a pen. The dental floss actually came in handy for my father'n'laws birthday cards when he was in hospice.

27th September, 2023

Oh yes, always a bottle of water! I forgot that one. Good skin starts with good hydration ;).



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