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Ten Rules For Your Best Makeup Ever!

21 April, 2023 - 08:50am by - Head Pixie | 13 Comments

by BR Kellie

I'll be honest - the moment I impose a rule upon myself I'm inclined to break it. That being said, after being a makeup addict for nearly three decades, it's fair to say at this point I've come to adhere to some very basic rules that make a world of difference to my cosmetic application, and in the interest of sharing is caring I've decided it's time to drop my pearls of wisdom. You're welcome.

Start Fresh

Trying to put fresh cosmetics on top of old cosmetics leaves me looking a cakey, janky mess. So whenever I do my makeup I start with a clean canvas. My skin is cleansed, toned, serumed, then moisturised. Then, and only then do I go in with the goodies.


If there's one rule I wish I'd paid more attention to in my youth it's this one. Sunscreen should be applied daily before heading out into the sun. It's good for your skin. It's good for your health. Apply it after skincare and before makeup. I love this sunscreen from La Roche-Posay, and find it acts as a primer and creates a lovely base for my makeup.

Makeup Is Not A Mask

It's glorious seeing a 90s resurgence in the shops. I walked into Cotton On the other day and it was like seeing my wardrobe circa 1995/1996 on display. Bring on the parachute pants and A-line maxi skirts! However, one 90s trend that can stay away is the makeup mask - created by choosing the wrong colour foundation and then layering it on with narry a blending tool in sight. 

Blend. Blend. Blend.

It's not just your foundation that needs to be blended into the hairline and down the neck, your blusher, bronzer, contour and highlight ought to be bounced over too in order to create a seamless look.

Know Your Undertone

One makeup-must that I've come to accept is simply for my own good is to choose colours that suit one's skin tone. Luckily my undertone is neutral so most colours look okay on me, except for green. If I dare to colour correct using a green tone I have to be sparse or I look ill, and if green eyeshadow goes anywhere near my eyes I look like I've been in a fist fight. Not pretty. Need help figuring out your undertone? Check out this article.

Natural Light For The Win

Where possible, apply your makeup in natural light. I have a mirror sitting on my office's windowsill, and it's the perfect spot to put my face on in the morning. I can see every inch of my face, making it easy to spot any areas that need blending, any errant brush lines from my foundation application, and every single spot that needs to be concealed.

Easy Does It

It's a heck of a lot easier to apply more makeup in order to build it up than it is to fix an overly enthusiastic application, so going lightly as you apply your face is a must. (But if you do find yourself having a 'whoopsydaisy' moment, then bouncing a dampened sponge over a colourific area can help remove the excess.)

The Brows Have It

I've never been one for a bold brow look, however I keep on top of my brow care as they really do frame the face, and a bushy brow moment can make you look unkempt, even if the rest of you is immaculate. That doesn't mean you have to be getting plucked and waxed every week, but do take the time to run a spoolie through the face beetles during your makeup routine, and maybe add a little wax if they're prone (like mine) to looking like they've been dragged through a hedge backwards.

Swipe On. Wipe Off.

I don't care how tired you are, or tipsy you are, or how much you can't be bothered, before bed you need to take your makeup off. Leaving it on is just asking for a break out. 

Tidy Your Tools

It's not just your face that needs regular cleaning, so do your tools. Brushes, blenders, sponges, whatever you use to apply your makeup, be sure to give them a wash with a gentle soap or shampoo on the regular. Not only will it keep them in tip top condition, it'll help keep break outs due to bacteria at bay.

So, do tell... what makeup rules do you strictly follow? Are there rules you ought to abide by but don't? And are there other rules you think would make our makeup wearing lives even better?

As I said earlier, sharing is caring so get chatting below!



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4th May, 2023

Good tips, less makeup is best as you age, also sunscreen.

2nd May, 2023

I know I keep repeating myself, but sunscreen is soooooo important!

1st May, 2023

Definitely start with clean skin, and wash off before bed. Or usually wash off as soon as I'm home from wherever I went. I'm starting to get something (maybe Roseacea) that is irritated by products and cleansing so I'm super careful about what's going on my skin now.

1st May, 2023

Less is definitely best!

30th April, 2023

Finding your correct undertone is so important, not just for foundation but for blush, bronzer, eye shadow, lipstick… everything. It’s such a shame when a perfect foundation colour is ruined by putting the opposite toned bronzer on top - eg a warm bronzer over a cool toned foundation. It creates a muddy appearance.

30th April, 2023

Thanks for the tips - I follow all of those tips, except need to be more onto keeping my makeup brushes cleaned more often So important to always take makeup off at night and use Sunscreen daily is a must!

28th April, 2023

Definitely follow a lot of these rules especially applying sunscreen every day and keeping my makeup brushes clean,but I am slack at removing my makeup particularly if it's been a late night.

28th April, 2023

Really l have a pretty simple plan ,clean ,serum, moisturiser, makeup, and then moisturiser on top of make up to soften lines

27th April, 2023

Definitely having a good base, smooth moisturized skin and a good setting spray rather than powder now that I'm older.

26th April, 2023

Love these! I always start fresh and have also turned into a daily sunscreen user. What I do need to do is get in the habit off washing my makeup tools regularly!

25th April, 2023

I regularly wash my brushes and change my sponges as it really does make such a difference to the overall result. I just use a cheap white hand soap and it leaves them looking like new.

24th April, 2023

Start fresh and sunscreen. All day everyday. Tidy tools.

24th April, 2023

I am getting better at making sure I use sunscreen and have had a few spots on my face removed so did get a scare.

26th April, 2023

Good hint and so easy so no excuses . Thank You

28th April, 2023

Hi what sort of setting do spray do you use?

28th April, 2023

Emma Kate I use Urban Decay all nighter ultra glow. It's not cheap but does work and lasts awhile. They also have the regular one if your skin is more on the oily side.



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