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Beauty Editors Share What Gifts They'd Love For Mothers Day!

6 May, 2018 - 07:38pm by - Head Pixie | 17 Comments

By BR Kellie

Sorry. Couldn't help myself with that title. I'm a mother to a Disney-loving princess. I've heard the Tangled songs more times that I've heard my favourite Madonna tune. We even have the Tangled album for trips in the car. I live the dream. Yep.

Which is why come Mother's Day I do expect a nice wee gift for living that dream. And you know what? I expect the majority of mums out there feel the same, because the moment I said to my fellow BR mumsy's 'what beauty gift would you like to receive on Mother's Day' I didn't have time to take a breath before suggestions were thrust at me to write down. Yes, it seems we mums are keen for a gift of the beauty kind... 

So from affordable to ostentatious. Happy to sensual. Sensible to splashy. Here are our picks for Mother's Day present hits!


Clarins Huile Tonic. As BR Merilyn so often says, 'it's a spa experience in your shower'. Wash your bod, massage it on, enjoy the aroma as it envelops you, then rinse and go. The perfect gift for a mum who wants to treat herself but struggles to find the time.

For the mum who dreams of having a bath alone... run her a bath, treat her to LUSH's Incredible Mum bath bomb, then give her half an hour or so to let the ylang-ylang and bergamot oil nourish her skin while brightening her spirit.

This might just be the favourite product to cross the crews' desks so far this year. L'Oréal Sugar Scrubs have become a firm favourite, and very much part of our beauty routines. We BR mummies love the way they smell, we love the way they feel, we love that they work to give us smoother, glowier, clearer looking skin. Also, they can be snuck into the grocery shop if you suspect they who should remember to buy you a mother's day present might forget! 

Cuticles? Sorted. Dry elbows? Sorted. Parched lips? Sorted. Kid has come out in random case of itchy hives? Trilogy Everything Balm helps! (Well, it helped my little human recently when she came down with hives and needed something soothing - patch test yourself and others before using.) Multi-purpose and can be used on multiple people. A must-have for a mum's handbag!


You are my sunshine! My only sunshine!

According to BR Jeanie, Benefit Sun Beam 'makes you look all glowy and fresh when you apply to cheekbones....nice and subtle, not all silver...... so you don't look like a silver shiny contoured/highlighted robot'. 

Perfect for a mum who likes to get her glow on!

Gimme. Gimme. Gimme. This is straight up my pick. The NARSissist Wanted Eyeshadow Palette. I can't go past Mecca without popping in and swatching this puppy. It makes my heart go into overdrive. It gives me a massive case of the happies. But at $94 it also means I have to walk on by because the little human's gymnastics fees take priority. I shall be leaving this article open on my laptop for The Husband to see so he can at the very least get me a voucher to put towards buying it. (BUY THE WHOLE THING HUSBAND, I'M WORTH IT! Hahaha... no, seriously, I am.) 

For the new mum with a sense of humour. Dr Lipp Original Nipple Balm will keep her lips and nips in tip top condition!


Clinique Happy - the name alone says it all. This vibrant fragrance is sure to put a spring in any mum's step! 

Now Christian Dior Dolce Vita isn't exactly what you'd call affordable... but we are firm believers that mums are worth it (of course we are, there are mums galore at Beauty Review. The bias is real!). Floral, fruity, spicy, this is one scent that is worth every cent!

For the mum that has eyes in the back of her head... or who happens to enjoy a floral fragrance, Kenzo World is a must! Sensual, hypnotic, enticing and inxtoxicating. It's a bit blimmin' special.

There you have it - our picks for Mother's Day gifts she'll love! So are you hoping to unwrap a beauty-inspired gift this Mother's Day? What's on your wish list? Or is there something in our list that you think will capture your mum's imagination? Chat away!



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8th August, 2022

Great choices! I love the trilogy Everything Balm and that Loreal Sugar scrub is awesome for your skin. I put it on before I step in the shower and come out sooo smooth. Make sure you follow with a divine body lotion to seal all the goodness in. Perfect for Mothers Day and very affordable.

12th May, 2018

Ooh the Clarins tonic sounds wonderful and I think my mum would like it (although she would probably think that soap is enough in her shower)

8th May, 2018

Awesome list!! I might just leave this page conveniently open for my husband and daughter to see haha

8th May, 2018

Ooh the perfumes look amazing and so does the sugar scrub! I love that you've included products with a range of prices for most people

8th May, 2018

Mum likes perfume and I would think a bath bomb would be great I like the look of alot on this list and I have not tried any of it

8th May, 2018

Partner and I are getting married soon, so our agreement was to forgo the monies for Mother's Day present(s), so we can put it on the wedding, but the Kenzo fragrance might have to find its way into a cart....TBH I would be happy with a nice relaxing family day. Not yet sure what to get my Mum or MIL though

8th May, 2018

Saw the L’Oréal scrub on sale at paknsave $14 today

7th May, 2018

I bought the Mother's Day BBBE for my mum. It was such a hit last year that I had to do it again :)

7th May, 2018

These are lovely things to give for Mother's Day. I'm going away from beauty stuff this time

7th May, 2018

For mothers day I'm taking my mum out for the day. Her rule is we have to show our appreciation in time not money. She always enjoys a nice perfume for her birthday though ;)

7th May, 2018

I'm not a mom. But my mom is a real practical type of person. I used to gift her heaps of makeup and beauty only to find a small portion (mainly the face oil) to be reached for items. Recently Mom ran out of skincare facial oils so I bought her one. I want to get her and dad another sheet set since that's what worked a treat for them last year and it's been slept on for a year. I was looking at Briscoes but the size, thread count and color I'm after isn't available at least atm.

7th May, 2018

I just got the Mothers Day BBBE (arrived this morning!) - that was hubby's treat for me... the kids will hopefully buy me some cute winter PJ's - that's the tradition anyway ... My mum is getting her first ever brand new kitchen put in so I'm going to get her a few new things for the kitchen - which I know she'll love!

6th May, 2018

Would love any of those! I'm hoping for a Peter Alexander candle but don't think the hubby will deliver. A day with my family will still be amazing :)

6th May, 2018

I’ll definitely be dropping a few hints about the L’Oreal Sugar Scrub. After reading the reviews I’m desperate to try it.

6th May, 2018

My mum would love the perfume. I am putting a basket together for her. I do that a lot. A little bit of everything. I am not a mum so won't be getting anything.

6th May, 2018

Those are always the best gifts, I bet she’ll love it

6th May, 2018

Always a hit particularly because you invest time and thought into what goes in the basket.

7th May, 2018

They are awesome, MelFry. A lovely Mother's Day gift to yourself if they don't take the hint :)

8th May, 2018

I love the way to think, I may have to sneal one into the shopping this week


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