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Insta-Inspo! Halloween's Most Terrifying Looks!

28 October, 2018 - 03:55pm by - Head Pixie | 13 Comments

By BR Tabatha

We love a bit of Insta-inspo for fresh ideas for makeup looks... especially when it comes to the time of year when the veil between the spirit and real world is thinnest. It sees some of Instagram's amazing makeup artists flex their muscles, dig deep into the darkest parts of their souls and create looks that give you a case of the squirms!

So what are our picks for 2018's most terrifying? 

Read on... (and click out if you're squeamish!)













A terrifying toothfairy. Shudder!!! This is one of many, maaaaaany Halloween looks from Ashley Brooke that grossed us out and blew our minds. Such a talent.


Her bio says 'makeup artist in training'. If this is what Charleen is capable of doing now, we can't wait to see what she comes up with once she's fully trained.


How'd you like to come across this fellow in a dark corner on All Saint's Eve? Stunning work from Dani Gomez Salazar.


Can we title this 'When A Night Out On The Town Goes Wrong'? Could it be the modern day equivalent of waking up in a bathtub full of ice missing an organ or two?


On the simpler side of the tracks... (we say simpler, but erm, could we create spider leg shadows that look that real? No) This creepy crawly look from Morgan Hall has all the shivers running up and down our spines.


Not. Scary. At. All. .............Actually. Totally. Terrifying. This demon makeup from Makenzie Yoakum has us praying we never meet a real one at some abandoned crossroad.


Is this a look we could all recreate? I'm confident in saying yes. Should we? Uh-uh. Nope. Nuh-uh. How brave is Diana Stagnet for putting a Ouija board on her bod? I'm freaking out writing the word alone! It's like saying the C-Man word in front of a mirror. You just don't do it. Not if you want to make it through the night alive!


What would Halloween be without the scariest thing of all... a killer clown. This take on the look by NsomniaksDream is heart-stoppingly fab. Check out her Insta page for more amazing inspiration, and tutorials can be found on her YouTube page. 

So much freakiness. So much talent. So, what's your favourite Halloween look? Will you be making an effort to go the extra-scary mile this year? Don't forget to post your looks on the Photowall



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14th November, 2018

That first picture! I think the conjuring nun is super scary look

4th November, 2018

Wow some of these are amazing! But very creepy.

2nd November, 2018

Amazing talent! I admire the time and effort they've gone to create these looks.

2nd November, 2018

Lots of talent out there. I did like Heidi Klums shrek look this year had to be my fave Halloween look.

31st October, 2018

Very creative... Artistic talents are shining on halloween ;D

29th October, 2018

Not my cup of tea for looks but I appreciate the talent that's clearly displayed in these looks.

29th October, 2018

OMG ewwww the teeth though! Haha - all very very well done I must say :)

29th October, 2018

Love the detailing in these looks . Awesome

28th October, 2018

Wow! Those all are definitely Halloween makeup goals!

28th October, 2018

Wow very talented!!!

28th October, 2018

I am a creep so love them all! Hmmmm clowns do spook me out though. I wish I was that talented so I could freak some people out bhahaha :-)

28th October, 2018

Clowns should never be done! They are scary enough when they are happy. That first look with the teeth? HORRIFIC

29th October, 2018

Agreed. I hate clowns!

28th October, 2018

Eeee I don't like creepy things. I appreciate the talent of the artists all the same!

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