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Have you Tried Lanolin in Skincare Before?

17 October, 2023 - 10:48am by - First Lady | 258 Comments

poll posted by BR Tabby

Have you heard that  shearers have soft hands?  I don't know much about sheep, but even I'd heard that; and it turns out the reason why is pretty simple - it's the lanolin from handling sheep during shearing!

Lanolin is basically wool wax - a sheep's natural oil.  It's an emollient, locking moisture into the skin (and forming a barrier to keep the sheep dry).  It's long been used as a treatment for eczema and dry skin.

We're putting Alpine Silk Nourishing Collagen Crème with Organic Lanolin to the test.

Enriched with New Zealand Certified Organic Lanolin, Collagen and Vitamin E, this cream helps boost skin softness and hydration.  It will firm the skin and reduce the appearance of fine lines, making it the perfect moisturiser if you're beginning to consider anti-ageing products.

The three ingredients make a powerhouse trio:

  • Lanolin is an emollient which locks moisture into the skin; as well as being extremely rejuvenating and healing,.  It allows the skin to moisturize itself from within.  
  • Collagen maintain skin elasticity, volume, and moisture.  The form of marine collagen used by Alpine Silk is a hydrolysed (soluble) collagen which means it can penetrate the skin’s surface.
  • Vitamin E is an antioxidant and anti-inflammatory; known to improve the appearance of skin.  Skin will look more full and more firm!

So are you up for this Trial Team?  Why not get chatting below about all things Kiwi, lanoline and skin care.  We might pick you!

Have you Tried Lanolin in Skincare Before?

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6th December, 2023

I havent used Lanolin before so would love to give this a go. The fact it contains collagen and vitamin E is an added bonus. My aging skin would love a treat like this!

24th November, 2023

Lanolin was great for dry and sore nipples when breast feeding, and works great on dry cracked lips too.

8th November, 2023

I used Lanolin in the past , would love to try to see how this compares! Great to see Lanolin back !

8th November, 2023

I use lanolin cream all the time, especially this brand. It’s so good for very dry skin like mine I 100% recommend it to everyone

5th November, 2023

I have heard of lanolin, but I don't think I have used a product with it in for a long time. I have dry, sensitive skin, and I also suffer from eczema, so I would be keen to give this a try.

5th November, 2023

I've got some spot scars so would love to try this to see what healing properties it has. My ageing skin would also appreciate some extra help to maintain firmness and smoothness!

5th November, 2023

Definitely would be keen to try

2nd November, 2023

This sounds amazing! I would love to be apart of this trial.

2nd November, 2023

My is super dry and I have not found anything that helped soften my skin. Lanolin sounds like a great product and I would really love to try it.

2nd November, 2023

Hi Beauties xx I used to be in the shearing sheds all the time with my father and your right natrim2000, it sure did make your hands and skin so soft, and your nails would look amazing too, so I would love to try this skin care please xx

1st November, 2023

Hi My husband is an x shearer and we use to be in the sheds picking up wool and yes its from the lanolin of the sheep. It would be interesting to see how it works as a skincare as it made oue hands nice soft and shinny.

30th October, 2023

I have never tried a lanolin skincare product before. It seems to be all about vitamin C products at the moment. I would love the chance to try this please.

28th October, 2023

Yes I have although not this specific one. I found it very soothing and enriching for my skin. The couple I've used have been more protective than moisturising. I love it because it's natural.

28th October, 2023

I know nothing about sheep either, but this sounds like the bees knees! Would be super keen to try this out and add to my daily skin care routine. Who doesn’t want their skin to look firm and well moisturised!? Yes please!

27th October, 2023

Hi I would love to be part of the trial team And would love to experience this lovely sounding product Kind Regards Samantha



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