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Eeek...It's Friday 13th - Beauty Superstitions You Might...

12 April, 2018 - 09:56pm by - First Lady | 17 Comments

Article by BR Amelia

Fridays.  Let's be honest, they're usually a bit of a battle.  If we can just make it until home-time, well, we've made it to the weekend.  With so much hope in sight Murphy's Law tends to kick in.  What can go wrong, will go wrong.  But's more like we're battling Sod's Law.  It will go wrong, and it will be the worst possible kind of wrong.

Yes. It's that most hallowed of Fridays.  The dreaded 13th.  Whatever you do today, tread carefully.  Don't wear lipgloss.  Don't attempt a winged liner.   Do not, I repeat, DO NOT, try that new peel.  Don't tempt cruel fate beauties!

Thinking of the superstition of Friday 13th got us to thinking about beauty superstitions we grew up with.  Here's just some that were batted round BRHQ this week.

  • Pluck a grey hair and 5 more will come to its funeral.
  • If an eyelash falls, place it on your finger, make a wish and blow.
  • Wearing white ribbons in your hair is bad luck.
  • Don't hang a mirror so low it cuts your head off - lest you want headaches!
  • Keeping a lock of hair from your baby's first haircut for good luck.
  • Break a mirror and you'll get 7 years bad luck.
  • Throwing hair away after a haircut is bad luck - you should burn it. 
  • Cutting your fingernails on a Friday or Sunday is considered bad luck.

Have you heard of any of these beauty superstitions?  What beauty superstitions do you follow?  Get chatting below!

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Wow never Hurd of the fingernail cutting one.

I've heard of all of these and don't step on the cracks on pavements ,don't pull ugly faces or the wing will change and you will have that face forever, and the list goes on .

The pulling faces was probably made up to keep kids in line and obedient rather than making faces at adults every time they were told to do something.

13th April, 2018 at 4:24 pm

so true

14th April, 2018 at 12:08 pm

I have heard of a few of those. People are certainly paranoid.

Well, I didn't know about eyelashes and white ribbons and I am super concerned because I had a big haircut today and left a lot of hair on the floor of the salon...

I've heard of the grey hair one but it was 7 more grey hairs will show up. I don't follow any of these, well I wouldn't hang a mirror so low I can't see my head because well I want to be able to see my face. I wouldn't break a mirror either because that's destructive and messy to clean up. And I have done numerous manis and pedis on Friday and Sunday. I actually used to do my manicures on Sunday night because pretty nails for Monday morning. I've had my share of bad luck but I doubt any of it was from not observing any of these old wives' tales.

I still make a wish and blow away fallen eyelashes, have done so since I was a child. :) Burning hair after a haircut is to prevent an enemy from making a voodoo doll with the hair (the same applies to nail clippings, apparently you’re supposed to burn them or flush them)

Oh no - last weekend I threw out my long pony tail I'd kept for months!

13th April, 2018 at 8:46 pm

Lol. I throw away my hair clippings, too. Can you imagine the smell of burning hair ... Ugh!

14th April, 2018 at 11:33 am

I've grown up with the nail and mirror one. There was also one I've heard before about shaving your upper legs. But I can't remember it.

I have heard of a few, not to cut your nails at night, or whistle at night and not to sleep facing a mirror. But the only one I don't do is sleep facing a mirror

I've heard that too - if your spirit leaves your body during the night and sees itself in the mirror, it might get a fright and not return to your body.

13th April, 2018 at 8:47 pm


14th April, 2018 at 12:09 pm

The only thing on the list I've heard of is breaking a mirror, but it's not something I follow

I've only heard of 7 years bad luck for breaking a mirror. I've heard some cultures won't cut their hair while they're pregnant. I don't know if that's about luck though.

Haha I always pull my greys out :-)

Oh my goodness! never pulling the greys now... and I still make a wish when I get an eyelash.

Never heard of the cutting nails one! Sometimes you just realise eeek they're a bit overgrown!

Never heard of these before. Only bad luck I had was that I had to stay an hour late lol

I've heard of the grey hairs one! ooh I hate grey hairs. sometimes I won't pluck them but then i'm like YOLO and I get on with life! I was also so confused about why a mirror was beheading me, but I get it now lmfao. and today is sunday and I filed my nails, no cutting here, so does that count!? lol


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