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Beauty Boosts You Can Do On Your Break!

8 September, 2023 - 07:05am by - Head Pixie | 12 Comments

by BR Kellie

In the midst of our bustling lives, finding time to pamper ourselves can be harder than finding that random hair we keep brushing on our face, yet can never see when we go to look for it in the mirror. When people say "take an hour out for yourself", I want to challenge them to find me that hour. For, in my life, no such hour to myself exists, outside of those when you'll find me tucked up in bed getting my beauty sleep. My weekly diary is wall-to-wall work and family, and weekends are chores, family, friends, more work and sleep. The pity party is real. Then it hit me... 

While finding a whole hour isn't that easy in order for me to take time out, there is something called the lunch break, and in that time there are things that can be done to help pull one's self together. Treatments that will have you in and out of your local beauty spot in less than thirty minutes, like these...

  • Brow shape and/or tint. Brows in need of some tender loving care? A quick wax and pluck will get them back in shape. Got a little extra time on your hands? Add in a tint, which will save you the time in the morning filling in your brows with extra colour. That's a win/win if ever there was one! 
  • Eyelash tint. Want darker, fuller and longer-looking (if your lashes are fair on their tips) lashes? Lashes that look like they've seen a mascara wand, without you having to do a thing? A lash tint's for you! Even better, you don't have to worry about flaking or panda eyes for up to a month after having the treatment.
  • Basic mani. Sometimes all it takes to feel fab is a quick cut, buff, shape and polish. All the while, you're forced to sit still for thirty minutes. Sounds like bliss.
  • Mini facial. If your work doesn't require you to be rocking a full face of makeup, then a thirty minute facial could be just the ticket on the days when you want to treat your skin.
  • Waxing. Okay, so getting your body hair pulled out of its follicle isn't the most relaxing lunch time experience, but if your lady garden needs a tidy up, or if you're getting ready to let the leggy-loos loose on the world, then your lunch break is a great time to get it done.
  • Botox. Is your frown turning your smile upside down? Then a bit of Botox during your lunchbreak could be a bit of you. The procedure only takes a few minutes, and you can return to most normal activities afterwards. (The registered nurse/doctor will give you a rundown of can and can't dos during your first consultation - which can also be done during a lunch break.)
  • LED Light Therapy. Want to rejuvenate your skin? Deal to redness? Scarring? Sun damage? Reduce the look of fine lines and wrinkles? A little LED light therapy session during your lunchtime might be just the ticket!
  • Fillers. Feel like your lips need a little extra plump? Perhaps you want to deal to marionette lines or nasolabial folds? It could be that you want to create more definition around your cheek or jaw areas. Dermal fillers may be able to do just that, and - depending on the treatment - can be done during a lunch break. As with Botox, any and all potential issues and questions can be addressed during an initial consultation. 

Whether you're needing a quick pamper session to deal to the demands of the day, or you're after a quick touch up to keep you looking in your usual tip top condition, these beauty boosts can do just that – one lunch break at a time.

So, are you a fan of a lunch time beauty boost? What's your go-to? Or do you prefer to keep your lunch break for eating, scrolling and napping? Let us know by chatting below!


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8th November, 2023

I saw Elle herself getting her Botox dissolved as is was going patchy?? Anyways she looked so scared having that dissolved versus the actual Botox it’s scared me out of it. Not that I can afford it lol

4th October, 2023

Definitely agree with the eye brows and eye lashes. A hair cut and treatment only takes an hour. A 30min massage would be a nice treat too. I also think getting out for a walk in the sunshine is a great boost too - and free!

1st October, 2023

wouldn't mind some of these, but would avoid a wax my skin would be beet red

1st October, 2023

I get my brows and lashes tinted, though I more often do it myself these days. I'd love some botox and LED light therapy. I wouldn't do it at lunchtime though, just in case something went a bit awry.

28th September, 2023

I would like an eyelash tint as my eyelashes are short and not dark, as long as it doesn't irritate my eyes.

28th September, 2023

I would like a brow and lash tint. I have never tried fillers I would be curious to know who has them or how to spot that people have had them I am definitely open to plumping wrinkles!

27th September, 2023

Maybe not a beauty boost, but I love a lunchtime massage.

17th September, 2023

I think the rushing to get to an appointment at lunch time would out weigh any benefits and would feel like a rush job not a pleasure.

15th September, 2023

I definitely need the entire break to eat :)

14th September, 2023

As someone who's gone to beauty school the mani is pushing it unless you want to head back to work with wet nails. Maybe a simple gel mani IF you don't have any polish on already. But I would give a good 45 minutes for a manicure. Personally speaking, lunchtime is for eating. However, if you can chow down a sandwich in 5 minutes and don't mind going back to work looking red under your brows and no eye makeup then you could squeeze in an eye trio on your lunch break. The rest I would rather do on my day off or after work, you're more relaxed you have more time and you can enjoy the experience rather than worrying about rushing back to work. Speaking of waxing it's already not a pleasant feeling so being stressed about getting back to work and having your hair ripped out is not ideal, and when it comes to Brazilians it really depends on how much hair you have? Did you prep? Is it your first time? However with laser hair removal that's a lot quicker and you might be able to squeeze in a laser hair removal Brazillian in your lunch break or a half leg IPL session.

11th September, 2023

Lunchtime is for eating lol no time for beauty treatments

11th September, 2023

I used to go for a walk at lunch time and found that was great me time.

1st October, 2023

That is not good MareeB-You need to make sure you have proper breaks for your own mental health.

31st October, 2023

Yes I agree -I think beauty treatments should be savoured as me time and not rushed .

1st October, 2023

I feel the same way Pat17, but I don't actually have lunch breaks at either of my jobs!


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