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AI Comes Up With Beauty Puns...

6 October, 2023 - 12:58pm by - Head Pixie | 10 Comments

by BR Kellie

As a writer, I've been keeping an eye on the developments with AI. I keep reading articles about how AI will put me out of business. How it will write the articles I never could. How anything I put fingers to keypad to will soon look pitiful compared to the prose of AI. Reader, I'm here to tell you - if it's going to happen, it's not going to happen anytime soon.

You see, I had a wee play with AI. I was curious to see if it could actually do my job, so I asked it to write a couple of beauty articles around skincare and makeup, and while the writing was okay (although at times amateurish), some of the facts were not facts - in fact, they were absolute fiction. Also, there was no personality. Nothing sparkled. The articles were clearly written by an artificial intelligence that had all the personality of a blank piece of paper. Not to be deterred, I asked AI to come up with some beauty puns for me - because you know we love a bit of word play at BRHQ. What did it come up with? Have I found a use for this technology? Let the results speak for themselves...

I mean, it's cute, but the AI had just been trained to write beauty articles, not a Hallmark card for Valentine's Day. You'd have thought for all its "intelligence" it would have figured that out.

I straight up don't understand this one. If BR Nat told me that, I'd feel her forehead and ask her if she was okay.

Again with the lovey-dovey stuff! Though, to be honest, I had an "awwww".

I liked this one. Not gonna lie. Might use it one day.

At this point I had to google each pun to see if AI had pulled them from another website. Nope. AI made that up. I was a touch impressed.

You know what would contour my world with happiness? More consistently good AI-written beauty puns.

Seriously, what's with all the relationship-based makeup puns?! So, I asked old ChatGPT if it could perhaps create makeup-based puns that weren't compliments? It took me way too literally...

That's just mean. I mean, we say we like to avoid a case of clown face in our Beauty Review articles, but we don't direct that comment at any single person.

Again with the mean! At this point I asked AI to write makeup puns that were neither loving or insulting, and the results were actually so bad I'm not going to bother showing you. Well, apart from this one:

And in a classic case of yeah, nah, I closed my laptop.

While I appreciate that idea generation is something AI can absolutely be helpful with, so long as it's throwing beauty misinformation my way, and coming up with word play that, whilst sometimes cute, sounded a touch too cheesy, or just straight up insulting, my job is safe. For now. But if I ever need to write a love note to the husband, I know who I'll be talking to...

So, my beauties, are you as bothered by AI as I am by a pimple appearing on the tip of my nose? Or is artificial intelligence as useful to you as a pair of gel eye patches after a rough night's sleep? More importantly, what did you think of its beauty puns? Get chatting below!



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18th October, 2023

I'm a teacher and I'm 1000% sick of students handing in work written by AI!

18th October, 2023

haha love it!

17th October, 2023

AI is both fascinating and scary.

9th October, 2023

I have found AI useful for a few things, but I feel like asking it to draft a letter is just the tip of the iceberg really, and I don't really have the imagination to understand its potential (maybe I was overlooking the pun potential!!). I'm taking my teenage son to the movie about AI - the creator, so maybe I will come out of that a bit more scared about the future!!!

7th October, 2023

Some of these are funny. Not a fan of AI and it's a daunting thought of what the future holds for our children and their children.

7th October, 2023

AI has its uses, but not sure that writing beauty articles is one of them.

7th October, 2023

A bit lame and wouldn't impress me .

6th October, 2023

A few of these aren't bad.

6th October, 2023

Bhahahaha some of those are funny!

6th October, 2023

I think it's terrifying personally. We read so much information every day and it seems almost all of it is made up. And it's hard to tell what's real and what isn't.

8th October, 2023

No if this is as example it doesn't work for me.

8th October, 2023

Yes I agree there need to be some serious thought and regulations into the use of AI before it gets out of hand if it is not too late already.

20th October, 2023

That to shocking -What a waste of your time !!



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