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Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Butter Cream Review
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Soap & Glory Sugar Crush Body Butter Cream Review

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Soap & Glory’s must-have new moisture-extreme, re-energizing, sweet-lime scented body buttercream for supreme skin smoothing! Loaded with shea and cocoa butter, almond and coconut oil, and a super-refreshing triple whammy of lime oil, kiwi juice water, and smoothing lime tree blossom extract, Soap & Glory’s new ultra-rich body buttercream is irresistible, really!


A VERY FINE LIME: After a bath or shower – on still slightly damp skin – massage a handful of Sugar Crush™ Body Buttercream onto your skin; from your toes to your shoulders. (And then – of course – let us know if you love it.)

Pack Size:  300ml

RRP:  $20.00

Availability:  Mecca Cosmetica



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Overall rating:
21st February, 2018 at 9:08 am
2 members found this review useful
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A must try

I first tried this body butter after seeing it in Mecca Maxima and thinking how great it would be if it actually worked as it's a great price, cruelty free and comes in a large tub. Initially upon opening the lid I thought the smell reminded me of dishwashing liquid but once I had rubbed it into my skin the scent seemed to change. After about 10 minutes I was left with a subtle Vanilla/lime fragrance which I loved. I always use this at night and wake up with soft, smooth skin. I was very excited to have found a product that was such great value for money I quickly went out and bought a few more as Christmas gifts. The fragrance can put people off but once it's on it definitely improves and I've heard the same from the friends I gave these to as gifts. I will definitely be purchasing this body butter again and am looking forward to trying more products by Soap and Glory

Tips: The intense lime scent will calm down after contact with the skin and leaves a subtle but fresh fragrance

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I know what you mean about it being hard to find lime scented products. The only ones I have found have smelt like dishwashing liquid. It was so great to find this over summer as it's a really refreshing fragrance

sounds really nice and worth a try -Thanks

I love lime. It's not often you see lime flavoured products eh?


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