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Anastasia Beverly Hills Tweezer Review
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Anastasia Beverly Hills Tweezer Review

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Anastasia Beverly Hills Tweezer Review

These stainless steel, slant-tip tweezers are hand-crafted in Italy to give you an Anastasia Beverly Hills salon-worthy performance at home. The micro-thin tip effortlessly grasps even the shortest, finest hairs from the roots to prevent breakage and skin irritation.

RRP: $50.00 

Availability: Beauty Bliss and Selected online retailers



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23rd April, 2017 at 7:43 pm
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No looking back

I've never invested in a proper pair of tweezers but I knew it was over due. These are a lovely pair of blush pink tweezers that have a silicon/wax like black cover for the nib ends of the tweezers to sit in. This I believe keeps the tweezers in good shape & keeps them clean whilst not in use. They come in case in a typical ABH styped box with the printing in gold. The tweezers are slightly slanted & aren't straight on. They have a thick piercing nib that's very sharp. I've been enjoying using these tweezers. I've had no nipping of the skin and can get very short hairs,easily enough to remove. Both short and long hair are a breeze to remove thanks to these tool's. Now people would most probably say they're just tweezers but when we think about how important the look of our brows to us we can appreciate how a good pair of tweezers can assist in our up keep of our brow sister's. I'm very happy that I purchases these, considering the price I say money well spent.

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