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You Won't Believe the Trend of 2021!

1 March, 2021 - 05:27am by - Head Pixie | 13 Comments

by BR Kellie

Once upon a time it took me an hour to do my nightly skincare routine. And, no, that's not an exaggeration. I'd cottoned onto the K-Beauty trend of layering, and in my constant quest for perfect skin I decided that surely, when it came to products on my skin, more would be merrier. 

On both counts I would say... eh. 'More' was a time suck, and while my skin looked fine-ish, it didn't become glass like, or smooth, or zit and acne-free. It certainly was not 'merry'. So it was with great interest that I discovered the new trend of 2021 was something called 'skinimalism'.


First of all, try saying it. Out loud. Five times. Fast. 

Second of all? How is something so hard to say so simple to practice? So, what is the Skinimalism all about? Read on!

What is Skinimalism?

Whether it's your skin care routine or how much makeup you apply, Skinimalism is about going back to basics.

Your morning and night time skincare routines are to be kept to two to three products as opposed to a million different serums and tonics and lotions (which can serve to irritate and exacerbate problems). Your makeup routine should be so simple you can walk out the door in minutes.

Why Skinimalism?

Life is about cycles, and the way I'm seeing this trend is that it's the wheel turning away from the Kardashian effect of extraness, of hiding your face and all but constructing a new one using heavy makeup and contouring techniques. Not to mention moving away from the idea that a whole shelfful of skincare is required to give you good skin when sometimes less really is best. The bonus of being a Skinimalist is that you'll save money by buying less product, you'll help the environment by not filling landfills with tonnes of tiny tubes, and in the process you'll learn to embrace your beautiful self - pores and pimples, freckles and wrinkles and all!

How Do I Become a Skinimalist?

Think KISS. Keep it simple, sweetie! A good gentle cleanser, a simple moisturiser and sunscreen in the morning. Followed by cleanser, perhaps a serum targeted to your skins concerns, then a moisturiser at night. Your makeup routine is all about letting the natural you shine through, so a tinted moisturiser combined with spot concealing if necessary, and a lip balm (and mascara, because that's a must and I don't care what anyone else says) should do the trick!

Some might say this approach has been around for an age but it's now just been given a name. The great 'some' are probably right, but if it opens us up to another way of living our best beauty lives, who are we to argue?

So, do tell... are you into the idea of Skinimalism? Is this a lifestyle you've been leading and not even known it? Or are you happy to stick to your ten step, make up loving routines?

Get chatting below!



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7th June, 2021

This is exactly what I want to be doing! I’m very lazy when it comes to skin care and if this is all I need I’m super keen!

15th May, 2021

I only using a wipe to clean my face a serum and a eye cream, I’ve just got reusable wipes so looking forward to giving them a go

21st April, 2021

My beauty regime has become more time consuming especially in morning. Keep trying new products etc ( from reviews on here) which adds more steps to it Hubby complains haha

15th March, 2021

Skinimalism sounds good. Easy and better for my skin :)

5th March, 2021

Pretty close to one haha

5th March, 2021

I'm somewhere in the middle I'd say :)

5th March, 2021

Slowly working towards being one i think =D

5th March, 2021

That’s pretty much me in a nutshell lol

4th March, 2021

Well my wrinkles are back with revenge so I need to do the opposite

4th March, 2021

Well my wrinkles are back with revenge so I need to do the opposite

1st March, 2021

Yes that's me! I use just the basics these days. My skin is great and it doesn't take me hours :-)

1st March, 2021

I have added a couple extra products to my skin care routine over the years. But I'm happy with my numbers, 5 in the morning and...4 in the evening. Its within my price range to maintain and lasts me before its expiry. No complaints.

1st March, 2021

At last, we who are cash, time or both, poor "Skinimalists" can now be confident that we are actually treating our skins very kindly and well. Hurray!. So nice to know that my five minute routines , even for my octagenarian skin, is optimum, (Will only add that, if mascara is a must, so is some form of tinter (pencil or brush) for fading brows!)


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