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LipTRICKS! Top Tips for Perfect Lips!

27 September, 2020 - 11:39am by - First Lady | 5 Comments

Article by BR Amelia

I know when experimenting with makeup, most people struggle with perfecting eyelooks.  Eyeliner.  Blending.  Falsies.   Me?  The area I struggle with the most kisser.  My pathetic pout.  My thin lips that barely have room for lipliner, let alone lipstick.

I've worked in the beauty industry for over a decade.   Here's some of the lip tricks I've learned along the way.

1.  Get Statement Lips That Have Depth - If you are going for a statement lip try filling in the entire lip with a lip pencil, then applying fine layers of the lipstick using a brush, blotting in between each layer.  This is PERFECT for a bold, dark lip.

2.  Lip Line - For an extra precise lip line take a synthetic concealer brush and some concealer that matches your skin tone exactly and lightly blend the concealer at the lip edge to create that perfect definition.

3.  Teeth - It’s an oldie but a goodie - pop your finger in your mouth, close your lips and drag your finger out, it gets rid of any lipstick on the inside of the lips which may transfer to the teeth.

4.  Transfer - For bolder colours try a creamy or matte textured lipstick rather than a gloss as a matte is lesslikely to transfer.

5.  On the go - Keep your lippie, a small mirror and a makeup remover wipe in your purse for on the go touch ups!

6.  Bright Colour - The best way to wear a bright lip is with confidence! Make sure your lips are in tip-top condition before wearing a bright lip, as any dryness will be highlighted by the bold lip colour.

7.  Slip, sliding away - If you apply a lip balm before your lipstick make sure it has time to sink in or blot off the excess with a tissue before applying your colour to make sure the colour doesn’t slip.

8.  Nude - A light moisturising concealer makes a great base for nude shades.

9.  Not a liner fan - Let's be honest, unless it's a statement lip, mismatched liner and lipstick does not look good.  If you're struggling to find a liner for your lip colour, look for an invisible liner that will stop colour bleeds in their tracks!  A flesh coloured brow pencil will do!

10.  The colour is missing something - If your lips need a little extra pazazz try dabbing a little sparkly eyeshadow in the centre.  Sounds strange, looks amazing! Play around with rose and natural shades or jump out of the box completely and try something crazy!

11.  I want to shine - A clear gloss is always a good way to add shine to a lipstick - a dab in the middle of your pout is sometimes all you need.  For something a little different, try applying a nude gloss all over.  The light reflecting spheres and nude shades will add an interesting depth to dark colours and an iridescent sheen to light and pastel shades.

12.  I want a deeper shade of red - Apply pressed powder in between coats to intensify your everyday red lipstick.  The powder pulls oil from the lipstick and will leav you with a deep matte colour base.

So, there's a dozen Lip Tricks for you to try and play with.  What's your best lip trick?  Get chatting below!



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5th October, 2020

I was never a lip liner person until my Hubby bought me as part of a set, a fuschia pink Elizabeth Arden one, and I really like it.

4th October, 2020

I’m definitely not a liner fan . I tried but just can’t get into it lol

17th October, 2020

I’ve had a few disasters with lip liner lol

3rd October, 2020

Great tips for lipstick wearing ladies :-)

27th September, 2020

Oh there's some great tips in there, thanks.

27th September, 2020

My latest trick is using a little contour under the middle of my bottom lip to add a little shadow and make look slightly bigger.


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