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Three Ways To Give Yourself A Beauty Boost!

26 July, 2021 - 06:05am by - Head Pixie | 13 Comments

by BR Tabatha

Well, here we are in the middle of winter. The country (yes, even those of us in the upper North Island) has experienced frosts and rain and grey days and, of course, the dark nights and even darker mornings. Much tea has been drunk, shows have been binged, chocolate eaten. I don't know about you, but I'm at the point that I need a little bit more than comfort food and watching The Bold Type to get me through the last of winter. I need a reason to make me get up in the morning! A little excitement! Moments of joy!

One brainstorm later and I've figured out three ways we can bring the light to the last of winter! Ideas that range from the easy and affordable to the downright luxurious...

Bring out the bright! 

Nothing brings a smile to my dial like a vibrant colour! So... pop on a bright lippy! If wearing brightly coloured lipstick is out of your comfort zone, wear a colourful top or even an accessory with a pop of colour - a hair clip, scarf or piece of jewellery. Slick on a brilliant shade of nail polish - coral, orange, hot pink - and enjoy the boost of looking down and seeing your pretty nails! Skip the neutral eyeshadow and add a pop of blue, or go full rainbow with your eye look (check out Angelica Nyqvist on YouTube for amazing rainbow eye inspiration!).

Create an At Home Spa

This one's easy because you don't have to go all out. You can create a simple spa experience by playing relaxing music, popping a face mask on, lying back and relaxing on your bed or couch with a good book/magazine/tv show for twenty minutes. Or you can make it an event - draw a bath and add a bath bomb, salts or bubbles (or take a long shower with a shower steamer to create a sensory experience), then towel off, finish your skincare regime, massage an oil or moisturiser into your skin, give yourself a mani and/or pedi, then apply a mask and relax with music or a book. Bliss!

Treat Yourself!

If you're sick and tired of being stuck inside the four walls of your home and/or work, book a beauty treatment! An hour long massage can make you feel a million dollars! A fresh cut or new colour can transform your look. If your budget can stretch a bit further, spring for a deluxe manicure instead of a basic one. Pamper yourself with a facial! Or do something as simple as having your brows shaped or your eyelashes/brows tinted - all three, even! 

I don't know about you, but I'm now feeling inspired and ready to see out the rest of winter with a beautiful, bright, gamboling lamb spring in my step!

So, my lovelies, in the spirit of sharing is caring, we ask that YOU tell us the ways you lift your spirits during winter! The more the merrier! Get chatting below!


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7th August, 2021

I don't really suffer too much with the winter blues because I manage to find something indoors to keep me entertained,busy and comforted but when I really want to feel super comforted I light my scented candle melts,put on some music,have a glass of bubbly and just generally relax.

7th August, 2021

I definitely have winter blues or seasonal depression and it's that time if year where all the bugs are going round there is Some great tips here in both article and the comments. My tips are Having a hot shower with a nice new shower gel or your favourite, comfort food, baking or cooking, movies and hugs and keeping in touch with friends and family

31st July, 2021

Chocolate and a good book are my mood busters of choice.

31st July, 2021

I love the idea of an at home spa. When I have a day off work I always do a face pack, eye lash and eye brow tint, shave and IPL, and soak in the bath - aahhh luxury!

30th July, 2021

I like to treat myself to a nice hand mask glove at home.

30th July, 2021

I find shopping my stash and experimenting with some editorial looks to be really fun and doesn't cost a cent!

28th July, 2021

Oh it would be a dream to soak in a luxury bath every now and then..

28th July, 2021

Lots of lotion to keep soft and smell good.

27th July, 2021

Love the candles makes the home warm and inviting. Regular nail painting, weekly masks and exfoliation. Bright lips and/or bright eye looks.

26th July, 2021

I try and get some outside time most days and I am ALL about candles...

26th July, 2021

I regularly take a nice hot bath. I rotate my favourite candles and always have bubbles. So relaxing!

26th July, 2021

I'm all about the brightly coloured clothes all year round! But a bath us definitely the out of the ordinary pick me up - candles and all!

26th July, 2021

I try and wear bright clothes during winter - eg summer flowery dress with opaque tights and boots :)

7th August, 2021

Fabulous advice :)


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