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The Horror! When Not To Share Bad Beauty!

1 March, 2021 - 05:27am by - Head Pixie | 7 Comments

by BR Kellie

There I was, minding my own business, just doing my usual Facebook check in. Seeing who had made more babies, who was in the middle of a family feud and wanted to tell the world about it, who had made their best loaf of sourdough ever, and then it happened...

A little, red one appeared on the notification bell.

By George, I thought. Someone cares! 

With a quivering finger (I lie, twas a casual finger), I clicked on the notification and saw the wonderful BR Nat had tagged me in a post. Excellent, I thought. For our BR Nat does wonderful taggage.

OR DOES SHE!?!?!?!

The click was made, the screen was loaded, and what came into view gave me a case of the full body screams.

SNAKES!!! MASSAGING. HUMANS!!!! (Watch it, if you dare!)

Nope. No. Noooooo. Uh-uh. Ick. Pass. Hard pass. Rip my eyes out and burn them!!

Once I'd clicked the heck out of dodge, I found myself pondering our friendship. Why would a friend, someone who purportedly adores me, cares about me, wants the best for me, send me in the direction of a video showing snakes slithering all over a human body? It's as bad as when my zit-popping friends share videos of blackheads being squeezed in an Etna-like eruption! Also something I do not want to see.

So, beauties, give me your thoughts... Should friends tag each other in disturbing/gross/revolting/spine-shatteringly horrible beauty videos if they aren't 100% sure they'll be appreciated? Or is it a case of when you hit that notification bell that it's the danger that makes it exciting, and anything is fair game to be shared?

Sound off below, and remember, sharing is NOT always caring.

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12th March, 2021

When I have watched this video and others I've been unable to look away. However, I don't think it's something I'd like to see everyday on my feed.

5th March, 2021

I watched it, it's not bad at all lol. The ones I don't like are people popping things.....ummmm ewwwww

5th March, 2021

I’d click it on into watching that.

3rd March, 2021

I gave the video a watch, it didn't gross me out or scare me, but it doesn't look relaxing at all imo! Even if you weren't scared of snakes, snakes are all cold and slimy so I can't imagine it feeling nice as a massage ewww

1st March, 2021

No, nope, not for me! I’m terrified of snakes. A massage with snakes would have me leaving more tense than when I went in. I tried having a boa (like the yellow and white one in the video) draped over my neck and arms many years ago in an attempt to try cure my snake phobia, but nope, it was just torture and I still won’t go near them. Ugh! Thankfully, NZ doesn’t have snakes (in gardens or in the wild).

1st March, 2021

If its of mutual interest then sure, if not I'd pass.

1st March, 2021

I clicked the link but couldn't bring myself to watching the video argh. That looks like one of my worst nightmares.