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Six Tips To Rock A Red Lip

10 February, 2019 - 06:34pm by - Head Pixie | 22 Comments

By BR Kellie

I love a red lipstick. They're bold. Bright. A good red has the ability to transform me from a hum-drum mum to a confident, self-assured woman. Better yet? They're dead sexy. They're the perfect Valentine's Day lip - well, they are if you're not planning to pash anyone all day and night long. But if you're looking to celebrate the day, they give the perfect nod to love and all its gloriousness. 

They're also really freaking scary to wear!

They can feather. They can migrate to your teeth. They can fade in unflattering ways. 

So what's a girl to do if she wants to rock a red? On Valentine's Day or any day of the year?

First things first... you might want to make sure you're wearing the right red to suit your skin's undertone - and if you want to know how to find that out then read this handy article BR Natalie put together earlier. Of course, makeup being makeup, if you like a lippy that's got nothing to do with your undertone - go for it! At the end of the day if you're walking out the door feeling fab that's all that matters!

Now that you've got yourself a lippie you love... how do we wear it with the confidence it deserves, that it inspires?

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Start with a good prepping

Exfoliate your lips then apply a nourishing balm. Give the balm a bit of time to sink in then wipe off any excess.

If you've been hanging around Beauty Review for a bit then you know how we're all about the priming - and it's not just on our faces and eyes that we chant 'it's a crime not to prime'. If you want to lock in your lip colour then a good priming goes a long way. So grab a lip primer and pop that on. 

Now it's time to play with the colour!

Take a lip liner in a similar shade of red as your lipstick and line and fill your lips. The filling in part is especially essential as it will create a base of colour that will stick around even if your lipstick colour wears down.

Once that's done... pop your lippy on! Give it a good swipe and wipe.

Next? Blot. Grab a one-ply tissue, place it between your lips and press your lips together.

Think you're done? Not quite! You'll want to go in again with another layer of red, just to ensure the colour is really pressed into your lippy loos. 

Then take a touch of translucent powder and dust it over your lips to really lock that colour down.

First finally? Do the finger test. Pop your index finger in your mouth, close your lips round it then pull it out. This removes the lipstick that's likely to take up residence on your teeth. Then do that glorious mouth grimace in the mirror to make sure there's no lippy on your gnashers. 

Second and most important finally? Strut your stuff! Rocking a red lip can feel a little daunting but it's a case of fake it 'til you make it. Take a deep breath, smile and make out like wearing a bold colour is no big deal and before you know it, it won't be!

So will you be embracing red lips this Valentine's Day? Do you rock red on the regular? What are your tricks and tips? Chat away!



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17th March, 2019

Love wearing a red lip on occasions, I love the maybelline velvet lip pencil or DOC ones. I need to try a lip primer!

3rd March, 2019

Sooo I need a lipliner and translucent powder now lol I do not wear red lipstick much but I used to

21st February, 2019

I own two reds. I don't wear them often enough though. I will start to wear them more often and use these helpful tips

19th February, 2019

Ooohhh good tips. I have shied away from lip liners purely because my hands are pretty unsteady and I am scared that I would look like I had an over inflation with fillers. I might just take the plunge though to keep my lipstick from bleeding and it will give me a longer lasting colour. Off to purchase a red lip liner :D

16th February, 2019

You have to use a good lip liner - or it just looks trashy. I love the colour stay range

16th February, 2019

Well I really must try these tips as I just can't seem to rock that red!! I tend to look better in rust colours and pinks and brown or nudes but red for some reason just seems bolder than bold and I feel like a beacon. Perhaps Toning the red down blending it with another colour might be a starter and seeing how that works ...or doesn't...

13th February, 2019

I wear red whenever I want to. But I do find a pink or nude or neutral lip more convenient. My main tip for making lipstick last is applying and blotting twice and then adding a dusting of loose powder. I do find that as the layers add up the color becomes more intense.

13th February, 2019

I was given a red lipstick for Christmas and wear it occasionally but prefer my pinks.

12th February, 2019

I love red lipstick on others. Just stunning.

12th February, 2019

I love red lipstick but don’t wear it too often. It’s just too high maintenance for me.

12th February, 2019

I can’t wear red as my teeth are yellow. :( Not like disgusting yellow, just natural bone yellow. Red lippies just don’t look good with them.

12th February, 2019

I have many shades of red lippies but tend to just stick with my pink and nude shades,just really not sure if red is my thing.

11th February, 2019

I have the most gorgeous red but just haven’t had an occasion to try it. It seems so out of my comfort zone.

11th February, 2019

I love red . My most complimented is DOSE Red Kiss of Fire and Russian Red by Mac creamy matte.

11th February, 2019

I have a bold red matte lip liner by L’Oreal that I use all over my lips. It will last for hours!

21st February, 2019

Good tip!


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