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Should You Wax Your Arms?

25 November, 2022 - 05:29pm by - Head Pixie | 12 Comments

by BR Tabatha

There are certain areas of one's body that seem like spots one might naturally choose to wax. (Well, as natural as de-fuzzing areas that are naturally meant to be hairy might be.) I'm thinking legs, armpits, upper lip, outer lady lips... you get the picture. An area I never gave much thought to waxing? My arms. And yet it's a thing. Models do it. As do actresses. As well as beauty influencers who like a smooth swatching surface for their cosmetic close ups. And, if the beauty lovers I follow on the internet are any indication, its popularity amongst the general public is growing as quickly as the hair is disappearing. So what are the pros and cons of waxing one's arms? And what's the best way to go about it? 

The Pros

The most obvious pro to waxing your arms is that if you're not fond of your arm hair it's an easy way to remove it. Fast, efficient, not overly expensive, waxing will last around three to four weeks (obviously, this will change from person to person) before the hair starts to grow back.

Waxing also means you're not having to whip out your razor every few days to deal with fresh growth. Also, when your arm hair begins to grow back, it won't look as thick due to having a finer tip, rather than the blunt tipped thicker-looking hair that shaving causes.

If you're a swimmer, less hair will help with your speed in the water. And, as stated above, if you're a model/actress/beauty influencer, you may well want to wax arm hair for aesthetic purposes. 

The Cons

Waxing isn't exactly painless, so depending on your levels of tolerance you might experience some discomfort when waxing your arms.

Then there's the aftercare. You want to exfoliate your skin and moisturise regularly to guard against ingrown hairs.

You may also find your skin is more sensitive post-wax. This would be because your hair's not there for funsies, it actually protects your skin. So whe your skin is bare of hair you might find you feel the heat, cold, or even the textures of your clothing more than usual, which could cause some discomfort.

Post-wax, there's also a chance of irritation if the waxing wasn't done in the most hygenic of manners, or if your skin is prone to irritation.

There's also the between waxes period. If you're wanting to regularly de-hair your arm you'll have to wait until it's about a quarter of an inch long before you re-wax and, much like a fringe, the growing out period can be a touch annoying.

The How

Our recommendation is to see a beauty therapist to have your arms waxed. They're trained in the art of making waxing as painless as possible, as well as making it look as good as possible, and can give the best advice on aftercare.

Want to do it yourself? Make sure you follow all the instructions on your at-home waxing kit, and be sure to cleanse your arms before getting stuck in. Alternatively, if you've an epilator that can be used to remove your arm hair, or an IPL machine can work to provide longer lasting results.

At the end of the day to wax or not wax your arms is for you and you only to decide. You prefer the hairless look? By all means, go ahead. You're happy with the state of your arms as they are? Wonderful! Anyone else's opinion is a simple case of neither here nor there. You do you!

So, have you ever waxed your arms before? What was your experience, and what tips do you have to share? Have you been tempted to do the defuzz? And if so, what's stopped you from gripping and ripping? Get chatting below!



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7th September, 2023

I am not very hairy so arm hairs are not obvious so No I have never removed my arm hair.

11th December, 2022

I would be interested to know who actually does remove their arm hair? It's not something I do BUT near my shoulders I do get ugly noticeable dark ones that I do try get rid of. For some reason they are quite painful too.

3rd December, 2022

Its only the pain that would stop me, but luckily I don't need to do it. Removing flab from arms on the other hand ....

2nd December, 2022

If I have a "thing" to go to I will remove the hairs on my arms with a cream. It is painless and it is quick and easy. I smooth the cream on and leave for 10 minutes and wash off in the shower. My arms are lovely and smooth

2nd December, 2022

Luckily I actually quite like the light coloured hair on my arms. Hard to say if I would wax if I didn't like the hair on my arms.

1st December, 2022

I've not waxed mine but if I needed to I would

30th November, 2022

I've never waxed my arms before and don't plan on trying it. I have blonde hair and tan arms so it's not something that's ever bothered me or that anyone has ever noticed. I think we are often our own biggest critic with these kinds of things and in reality most other people don't notice.

29th November, 2022

I've been waxing my arms for at least 20 years nows. I had super thick dark hairs on my arms and was always teased about them in college. I decided shaving wasn't an option as another girl did this and she got more grief than me. I started waxing in my early 20's and the hairs are now lighter and finer. I always recommend to wax 1 week after your period. The hormones and pain seems to be better. Another tip is to stick your thumb up like a hitch hiker if your trying it out at home.

29th November, 2022

I have waxed my arms a few times in the a random guy at a pub told me I had the hairiest arms he'd ever seen on a woman!!! I'm too old to worry about peopl like that now but do prefer smooth arms. Only con for me is the ingrown hairs, which I am prone to.

29th November, 2022

I probably would if I had noticeable dark hair but luckily mine is fine,fair and barely noticeable.

29th November, 2022

I'm definitely someone who probably should wax her arms, but there's no way I will! Painful and, for me, really skin-irritating post the traumatic procedure :). What I do though is bleach them. and they melt away to invisibility. I don't like all the chemicals, but it works. (And if bleach worked on my thicker-haired legs, I'd bleach them too, rather than do the constant shaving I currently have to do. But still definitely no waxing! )

29th November, 2022

It's a no for me on waxing my arms , l am lucky l have fine fair hair , it would be something once you started you would have to keep it up !

3rd December, 2022

I hope you bit him lol

11th December, 2022

Gosh that's rough how rude



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