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If I Could Turn Back Time...

26 May, 2023 - 06:44am by - Head Pixie | 15 Comments

by BR Amelia

Advice is about like, er - mouths - everyone has one, and all too often they're all too willing to use them - for better or worse. One area we're all open ears when people open their mouths? Beauty advice. Beauty do's. Beauty don'ts. Beauty never agains. So what are the drops of wisdom coming from those we love and adore? What, if they could turn back time, would or wouldn't our nearest and dearests do to their face/body? The results ranged from the expected, to the surprising, to the utterly relateable. Enjoy.

Heavy handed plucking - Sarah

Few of my friends survived the 90s with their eyebrows unscathed by the skinny brow trend - me especially. My brows didn't just walk a thin line - they are a thin line. Thank goodness for micro-blading.

Foundation shade fail - Mandy

Why I thought "rose beige" was a good match to my lily white skin I'll never know. Perhaps some part of me thought I was faking a tan? These days I match my foundation to my face and I look all the better for it.

The Undercut - BR Nat

It was hideous.  It felt hideous.  I hated it.

Skipping sunscreen and laying out too long - Philippa

I was an idiot in the 80s. I just didn't know it. I never wore sunscreen. I spent hours lying in the sun. Oh, and I oiled up. If I could turn back time, I'd wear sunscreen, I would only go out in the sun if it was necessary, and the only oil on my body would be one worn at night on my face.

Frying my hair - Aroha

When I was younger all I ever wanted was straight hair, and the torture I put my hair through to get it was intense. From using old-school straighteners that fried your hair to bits (and still left it wavy/frizzy) through to spending a small fortune to get it chemically straightened - which looked great at first, and then my hair began to grow out and it was curly/straight. These days I embrace my curls, and I'm all the happier (and richer) for it.

Paying attention to teen mags in the 90s - BR Kellie

As a teen with terrible skin, I was always on the lookout for a solution to fix it. Naturally I reached for the teen mags of the time and followed their instructions to find the most stripping of skincare and use that. Suffice to say it sent my oil production into overdrive and only made the situation worse. Should the same skin fate befall my daughter, she'll be getting the gentlest of skincare and issued with one big rule "don't pick".

Forgetting about my skin from the neck down - Gina

How I wish I'd moisturised my body. Especially my neck and chest. There's a marked difference in the tone and texture between that and my face. You can tell where I did and did not care. I wish I'd cared.

Facial mole removal - Dan

I had a massive mole on my face that bothered me for years. The doctor wasn't bothered by it, but after it started to grow and grow, I was. Having it removed left me more confident and I feel I just looked better. Should've done it sooner.

Following hair removal trends - BR Tabatha

I blame Sex and the City. All my friends began waxing their lady garden and I felt the pressure to do it too. Time after time I let a stranger rip, and I hated every second of it. I didn't much love the look either. These days I refuse to give someone good money to cause me pain for a procedure that doesn't benefit me in a meaninful way. Best decision I ever made.

Not getting Botox sooner - Belinda

Fear of failure is what stopped me getting Botox. I worried that I'd end up with a face fail that left me droopy-eyebrowed for a few months, or that I'd somehow do permanent damage. Eventually, once my elevenses got bad enough, I caved to my internal pressure, and I wish I'd done it sooner. I love having that area smoothed out. I look less stressed, less angry, and I've not once (thanks to my amazing nurse) had a fail.

So, my beauties... do tell... if you could turn back time, what would you change, or change up? What products would you avoid? What products would you embrace? We'd love to know, so get chatting below!



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11th July, 2023

Definitely tanning and not wearing sunscreen.

3rd June, 2023

Definitely over plucking! Omg when I look at pics I don't know how I thought it looked good.

2nd June, 2023

Would have to be the over plucking of my eyebrows in the 90’s! Desperately want to micro blade but can’t afford it!!

2nd June, 2023

Definitely a few sins! I wouldn’t have used a tanning booth in my youth

2nd June, 2023

Wearing sunscreen more using the right moisturizer for my skin type use creams to help with premature aging and wrinkles and taking care of my freckles

2nd June, 2023

Definitely wish I'd worn more sunscreen and wide-brimmed hats. And not cooked myself to a deep tan every summer. I was such an idiot! But I also firmly believe it's never too late to start being careful. I've been obsessively careful for maybe 25 years now, and while I do have sun damage, my skin has self-repaired a lot of it.

2nd June, 2023

Gosh, so many things! Eating better, exercising more, sunscreen, I am guilty of a lot! Now I know so much more I am making the most of things now

2nd June, 2023

I'd avoid the stress that nearly killed me, and ruined my thyroid which turned my hair white and thin and left me almost without eyebrows. Even in recovery, nothing goes back the way it was.

1st June, 2023

I wish I started applying sunscreen regular from a young age and also wish I had a proper skincare routine from my teens.

1st June, 2023

Definitely wish I had worn more sunscreen!

1st June, 2023

I would be more conscious of sun damage to my skin, as I now have white spots on my forearms and brown patches on my face.

31st May, 2023

I had one instance with a gommage mask/peel which I left to long on skin to dry. I ended up rubbing my skin raw to get it off and now I have lots of little broken capillaries on my face and cheeks. It was just a free sample, why did I have to ruin my skin for it!

30th May, 2023

I wish I never chewed my nails, I ruined the nail bed for good.

29th May, 2023

Such an interesting read. Sunscreen everyday and body moisturising daily.

28th May, 2023

I would be more sun aware and protected my skin and avoided sunburn as I have had so many skin problems as I got older.

2nd June, 2023

If your job is stressing you out, get another one, as fast as you can x

5th June, 2023

So sorry you've been through that. Stress really is a killer, isn't it - but so hard to deal with when you're in the middle of it! I'd love to know how you escaped its clutches...



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