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Recoverederm Day Cream
Recoverederm Day Cream

Cosmetics: Are You Loyal to the Brand?

25 August, 2019 - 02:02pm by - First Lady | 105 Comments

poll posted by BR Natalie



When you apply your base products, you know, primer, concealer, foundation, BB Cream, highlighter, bronzer - do you use products from the same brand, maybe even the same range?  Do you find layering products within a range leads to a better finished face?

We're putting together a trial team for the Rimmel London Lasting Radiance range.  Each member of this trial team will receive the Lasting Radiance Primer, Lasting Radiance Concealer and Lasting Radiance Foundation to use and review.

Lasting Radiance Primer

Super easy to apply, this glowy primer can be worn alone for a natural,radiant finish, or applied under foundation as a power primer,ensuring optimal fusion of make-up with skin and thus prolonging the wear of your foundation.

Lasting Radiance Foundation

The Lasting Radiance Foundation has a protective,invisible shield containing SPF25 and an antioxidantcomplex to help reduce dullness, erase the signs oftiredness and instantly reveal a more even, perfectedcomplexion, whilst helping the skin fight pollution.

Shade range:

Lasting Radiance Concealer

The Lasting Radiance Concealer is a full-coverage concealer that covers imperfections whilst visibly reawakening and illuminating the skin under the eyes.

Shade range:

So, if you fancy being a part of this very cool trial opportunity, take our quick survey by clicking the link below and then, why not come back here and tell us whether you use the same brand for your base products?


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23rd September, 2019

This would be an amazing opportunity to help cover up my redness. Yes please :D xx

10th September, 2019

Yes please!! I would love to try these!! I love the Rimmel BB cream so I would love to try their other products

28th August, 2019

I tend to use multiple brands of base products - but I have yet to find a holy grail combination. All about that trial and error.

24th August, 2019

I remember doing the survey for this, have you chosen the lucky ones yet? :)

23rd August, 2019

Yes please this looks amazing. I'm looking for a new makeup and I'm not good at putting it on but I would really like to trial this for everyone. Please and thank you.

23rd August, 2019

yes please would love to try them, takes me ages to pick the right skin shade.

23rd August, 2019

I don't make an effort to use the same brand for my facial products, although it's probably a good idea as they're more likely to have been tested together and therefore less chance of adverse chemical reactions!

22nd August, 2019

I continue to have breakouts and have an uneven skin tone so am always looking for a foundation with suitable coverage and staying power! I would love to try this to see how long it lasts and whether it can conceal whilst looking natural.

20th August, 2019

Always keen to try a new makeup , as I believe there may be something more that suits me better out there and available :)

19th August, 2019

Finding my shade has always been difficult and there any shades for tanned skin.

18th August, 2019

I have had a hell of a time with foundation. My combination skin means products that work for me one minute can be a complete flop the next. Needless to say -I am always on the hunt for base products! It would be amazing to find a drugstore product that works for me and i would love to give this range a good go!

17th August, 2019

Foundations and me work some of the time and just as I feel like I’ve got the application process down to a point where I feel comfortable leaving the house without looking like a clown, suddenly it changes its mind and can play up dreadfully sometimes that I have to start again which then leads me to being late, yet again

17th August, 2019

I really love drug store make up! I have never really liked high end because I think drug store is just as good! So I’m always on the look out for new drug store make up! I would absolutely love a place on this trial!

17th August, 2019

Rimmel and myself have always had a love hate relationship, we really have, so I would love to try and render our disagreements and try a trip out.

16th August, 2019

Is it bad that I'm not loyal to a brand? I tend to use whatever is good and affordable & suitable to my skin type, as well as some brands not having the shade I need. Would love to try these :)


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