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Fancy a new colour for winter?

25 May, 2022 - 10:16pm by - First Lady | 38 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Come on, you must have thought it by now.  The nights are drawing in, the leaves are changing colour, you're taking a coat everywhere you go, just in case.  Winter is coming.

And it's only natural that when winter comes around, women everywhere ask themselves; "Is it time to change my hair colour?"

Well ever the enablers, the Beauty Crew are shouting back at you; 'yes, do it!'  Never been dark?  There's no better time to do it.  Fancy a splash of colour to brighten your life?  Now is the time!

We're putting two ranges from L'Oreal to the test and we need reviewers for them!

L’Oréal Paris Excellence Cool Crème

This is a Triple Care Colour Routine, with a formula that can cover 100% of all greys with a lasting anti-brass result.  It promises the ultimate salon like quality ash shades with a cool undertone.

L'Oreal Paris Preference Vivids

The Vivids range boasts a formula that is infused with a blend of powerful pure dyes  for ultra-vibrant colours.  You can achieve shinier hair with Préférence ultra vibrant colours as it features light reflecting dyes!

Pretty cool trial team right? So are you up for a colour change this winter?  Undecided?

Check out the shades range here.

To put your hand up for this trial you'll need to take a quick survey so we can find out a little more about your hair - we'll be picking the trial team from this information.

***Click here to take the survey and request a spot on the L'Oreal 2022 Hair Colour trial team.***

Are you looking to change your hair up for Winter?

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29th May, 2022

Theae colours are perfect for winter, I would go for dark purple. Such a gorgeous colour!

29th May, 2022

I’ve had lush ombre for some time and would love to convert my ends to a pretty rose gold or pink for winter - just to keep things exciting :P

28th May, 2022

The colours are gorgeous especially the rose gold but I will have to pass because I just had my colours done a week ago.

28th May, 2022

The colours are gorgeous especially the rose gold but I will have to pass because I just had my colours done a week ago

27th May, 2022

The shade rose gold looks like a pretty colour

27th May, 2022

As much as I love the colours, my aim is to cover the scattering of grey, with minimal hair damage

27th May, 2022

I've been trying to get a cool purple dye for ages! I currently dye my hair rose violet which is more red than anything. Sign me up! Also interested to see if it lasts

26th May, 2022

I am SO EXCITED to try this range!!!

26th May, 2022

The ash blonde or rose gold look beautiful

26th May, 2022

This is right up my alley, I would love to try the ultra light brown please :-)

The vibrant colours look fun.

26th May, 2022

Yay for changing hair colours. That Rose Gold looks gorgeous, same with the blue black. Magnetic plum I'm interested in trying. Something about purples!

Look forward to seeing trial hair pics all :)

26th May, 2022

L’Oréal Paris Excellence Cool Crème - this really interests me to try

26th May, 2022

Oh yes please! Have put my hand up to try the Rose Gold! Loving this shade at the moment, it actually suits my skin tone really well, so would love to try this! :)

26th May, 2022

I love to do my hair for Winter and Summer, love the colour Silver Grey and or the Rose Gold that’s on trial.

26th May, 2022

Definitely l feel very washed out in winter months ,


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