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Do You Want To Try a WHOLE New Range?

17 March, 2019 - 07:28pm by - First Lady | 156 Comments

Poll posted by BR Natalie

Today we have a lot to cover, so we're jumping straight in.

We're looking for reviewers to use and report back on two varieties of the new beauty range; Nature Box.   Each variety consists of five products using one of three cold-pressed oils - Coconut Oil, Avocado Oil and Macadamia Oil. 

What's the big deal about 'cold-pressed oils'?

I'm glad you asked!  Because cold-pressing is an extraction method that doesn't use external heat, it's more gentle on the final oil.  It doesn't alter or damage the oil, vitamins or antioxidants, retaining maximum effectiveness.   The oil’s natural colors and fragrances are preserved and all essential nutrients, antioxidants, healthy fatty acids and vitamins, such as A, B, C, and E are retained in the cold-pressed oils.

Nature Box formulas with cold pressed oils leave a delicate, non-greasy film over the hair and skin.  They provide moisture and nourishment, no matter what oil variant you choose.

What products will be being reviewed by the trial teams?

We'll be looking for sixty reviewers to each receive FIVE full sized Nature Box products, in the variant of their choice.  Each reviewer will receive the Nature Box;

  • Shampoo
  • Conditioner
  • Hair Treatment
  • Shower Gel
  • Body Lotion

Tell me more about each variant!

The Nature Box Coconut Oil hair care is for hair that needs moisture.  The leave-in treatment promises instant moisture and freshness from root-to-tip.  The Coconut Oil body care products will smooth and hydrate your skin. 

Nature Box Avocado Oil hair care is for dry or damaged hair - with a treatment designed to protect you from split ends.  The body care products promise to comfort and soften your skin.

The Nature Box Macadamia Oil shampoo and conditioner are designed for curly hair.  The rinse-off, or leave-in treatment offers strong nourishment and more controllable curls.  The body wash and lotion offer intense nourishment and hydration.

So - if you want a spot on this trial team, it's easy to put your hand up!  Simply tell us which Nature Box range you'd most like to try - and why!

Do You Want To Try a WHOLE New Range?

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6th July, 2019

I am always looking for new natural products, the avocado range would be awesome

11th April, 2019

This sounds like a really new unique range I would love to try. The Avocado range I believe is for me and would so love to try and review it.

10th April, 2019

The Nature Box Coconut box sounds Aaaamaazzing

7th April, 2019

This looks amazing! I think I would like the Avocado range, as my hair gets longer I worry about split ends

6th April, 2019

I'm always a fan of natural products so this range would be a pleasure to try to see if it would make a difference to my curly,frizzy hair and for the body wash and lotion to help keep my skin hydrated and healthy looking which is something I struggle with as i'm getting older.I would choose the Macadamia range if selected thanks.

1st April, 2019

Nature Box Avocado Oil sounds right up my alley! I have been trying to find a solution to stop my split ends as I am trying to grow my hair longer and the ends are quite dry and damaged. This would be great to try to see if this can help my hair

31st March, 2019

Which one I'd most like to try? Good question. The three of them look amazing and my hair and body are in need of the three of them. But I guess the one that I need the most is Nature Box Coconut Oil to hydrate my no so young skin. Crossing fingers.

26th March, 2019

That avocado oil range sounds like it would be best for me - although they all sound like they would benefit me in one way or another. I suffer from very dry skin, so it would be wonderful to use a body wash and lotion aimed at conquering that!

25th March, 2019

I would fit in to any of those ranges but I've very recently decided to quit the every morning heat styling and rock some freshly washed, air dryed, natural curl. So I would love to try the Macadamia Oil range!

24th March, 2019

These sound amazing I'm super keen to try any one of the Nature Box sets as my hair and skin fit into each ranges offered. After the harsh summer we have had one of these sets would be gratefully received & reviewed. Thanks for the opportunity.

24th March, 2019

The blue coconut looks fab, I feel so dry and dehydrated everywhere at the moment

24th March, 2019

I've been looking these up to see where they can be purchased from. I can't even see where they can be purchased from their website, let alone anywhere else. If someone works it out, can you let me know please.

6th April, 2019

The Wharehouse stocks the range :)

6th April, 2019

6th April, 2019

Oooops sorry posted link twice

6th April, 2019

Oh wow - thank you. I just looked. I'll go down tonight and get the treatment :)

23rd March, 2019

For me the macadamia oil range sticks out most. Although I also have dry and damaged hair as well, I miss my curls and the definition the most. My curls are just fluffy and knotty now. Saaave meeeee so tes please.

23rd March, 2019

I would go for the macadamia oil line, I used to have pretty waves in my hair naturally, but it’s so dry and straw like lately, that my waves are gone. :( But the avocado ones are for dry and damaged hair, so I guess that would work too? Not sure. These all sound intriguing though, I’d be happy to try them all, lol! :D

23rd March, 2019

I would love to try and review the Nature Box Avocado Oil range. As I get older my hair and skin is dryer and more sensitive I'm hopeful that the cold pressed method will deliver the nourishment and soothing that other products tout but often don't work. I also think using products together must increase the effectiveness overall. So I am eager to try these products

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