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Glam Pro Lash

Could This Be The Ultimate Makeup Mirror?

7 March, 2019 - 07:16pm by - Head Pixie | 18 Comments

By BR Kellie

Technology, you're a wondrous thing. 

Case in point?

This recently revealed voice-activated, light-adjusting makeup mirror from Alibaba, aka the TMall Genie Queen.


According to Technode, the TMall Genie Queen can adjust to different light settings, so that no matter where you are you can get a good look at your face. 

At work under harsh fluorescent lighting? No worries! At the park watching the kids play and need to touch up your lippy or check out a zit? Good as gold. In a bar after far too many drinks and want to make sure you're still as hot four hours in as you were when you started? Just pull this big beauty out of your teeny weeny clutch and you're good to go!

All jokes aside (and really, with the mirror alone standing at eight inches tall, you're hardly going to be carting this around), this mirror sounds like a god send for those days when you're trying to get your makeup done but can't get good enough light to ensure you're not going to be waltzing out of the house with badly blended blusher or lashings of obvious foundation lines.

Apparently the mirror also has the ability to also tell you the weather, offer beauty tips, and even control air con (don't ask me how, that's way too tech-y for me...), so all-in-all it could be a welcome addition to your beauty set-up. 

Want to get your hands on it? Sorry to say it's not yet released, but after buying an LED mirror and finding it not all that great, this is the kind of beauty tech I'm hoping becomes more readily available. 

So my pretties... does a voice-activated light-adjusting smart-mirror give you a case of 'ooooh yes please!', or is this one piece of tech you can do without? Chat away!


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27th March, 2019

Haha that's funny that it can tell you the weather, like it's going to run today so grab out all your waterproof makeup! Seems gimicky but a little over the top to me though, I don't really need to spend extra money on features that I'll probably never use.

17th March, 2019

It's hard to find a proper mirror! One, because they are expensive for a good one. Two, it needs to be adjustable for height. (Talk enough) Three, finding one with a good, decent light is hard. Four, it needs to have a nice normal mirror not only the zoom one.

I'd love to see if this would be my dream come through mirror.

14th March, 2019

I need a proper mirror . This looks awesome. Tell me more lol

11th March, 2019

So cool

10th March, 2019

Woow looks interesting

10th March, 2019

Probs wouldn't use this in public!

9th March, 2019

I probably wouldn't get this for the talking feature but the lighting, now lets be honest, who dosent ne9ef amazing lighting at their fingertips??

9th March, 2019

This sounds like tech gone a bit overboard...

9th March, 2019

I wouldn't use this product but I'm sure there is a market for it.

8th March, 2019

I am intrigued and would like to know more. I always carry a small mirror in my handbag a.k.a The Tardis. Often check teeth after eating, touch up makes up before meetings etc...

8th March, 2019

A mirror that can adjust to different light settings is great, but was the other functions neccessary to have for a mirror?

8th March, 2019

I'm not fussed about the talking mirror, but I love the lighting

8th March, 2019

Lol not for me. I keep my makeup as minimal as possible so this would get no use.

8th March, 2019

Sounds cool.

8th March, 2019

All for better lighting.. but I try and take the silence while I can get it so don’t mind if it doesn’t talk to me haha.