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Are You Looking for a less CLUMPY Mascara?

8 September, 2021 - 05:50pm by - First Lady | 344 Comments

Poll posted by BR Amelia

If I could only keep one cosmetic for the rest of my life it'd be mascara.  It's pretty much witchcraft how a single coat of mascara can add oomph to an otherwise bare face.

Now I don't know about you but I do encounter the same minor issues with most mascaras I try...I wish they'd be a bit more gentle on my eye area with less tendancy to clump.  I mean think about how much mascara you actually wipe off of the brush resulting in a sorrowful crust of wasted product around the tube.  And how many times have you put on just a smidge too much mascara, leaving your lashes clump-prone?  And as for those of us with sensitive eyes...what is with brands putting fragrance in mascaras?  Or creating a formula that dries you out?!

Well,'s trial product promises to be both more gentle and clump-free!

The L’Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Balm Noir Mascara is a mascara first.  A balm-in mascara formulated with only caring ingredients that delivers fuller, healthier and silkier looking lashes.   Think more volume, more care, less excess.

The L'Oréal Paris Volume Million Lashes Balm Noir Mascara is made from ingredients that are 99% Natural Origin and 1% stabilising agent.  And what it doesn't contain is equally parabens, no silicones and no mineral oils.

The Vegan formula is fragrance-free and hypoallergenic, suitable for sensitive eyes. The in-built excess wiper removes excess mascara for no clumps and the millionizer brush separates lashes for a fanned out lash look.

No overload, no clumps. Individual lash by lash separation, for millionized lashes!

So who wants to take this out for a spin for us?  You know what to do - get chatting to us about all things mascara.  Is it your must-have cosmetic?  Are you yet to find a clump-free mascara?  Are you curious about trying a balm-in mascara?

Comment below!

Are You Looking for a More Caring Mascara?

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19th September, 2021

I have always used the same mascara and seem to be content with it but am looking for one that can do these lashes justice, help!!!

17th September, 2021

I've had such problems with clumpy mascaras, it's the worst when your lashes stick together as it feels so uncomfortable and looks awful. I'd love to give this a go.

17th September, 2021

Would love to try this mascara. I've been searching for an easy to apply, clump-free mascara for so time now!

17th September, 2021

I would love to be on the trial for this mascara. It’s really hard to find a mascara that doesn’t clump. I love that it’s also great for sensitive eyes. Pick me, pick me!

17th September, 2021

This sounds like an awesome product to try. My lashes are fine and short, so mascara is something I always wear, but need to be careful with irritation or clumsiness as it doesn’t take much stress on the lashes for them to start thinning further (a lasting side effect for me from chemotherapy several years ago). Would love the opportunity to try this though from a trusted brand.

15th September, 2021

Brush looks really good!

15th September, 2021

Would love the opportunity to try

15th September, 2021

I would love to try this. My eyes are sensitive and for some stupid reason I always end up with clumps along with a slight black smudge that you can see isn't meant to be there.

15th September, 2021

Yay!! id love to review this product all for clump free mascara

15th September, 2021

Wow I would so love to try this. My very spindly lashes could sure do with a bit more love!

15th September, 2021

Yes please! I would absolutely love a clump free mascara. I really hope it works

14th September, 2021

I am desperate to find and try a mascara that is sensitive enough for my eyes and isn't clumpy! Heavenly combination and I hope this is the one! Whether lucky enough to be invited to trial or not I will definitely be giving this one a go ... they are saying all the right things for my eyes!

14th September, 2021

Mascara is definitely must have for me as I have quite short eye lashes. Clump free sounds amazing

14th September, 2021

I need less clumpy!!!

14th September, 2021

I would love to try this mascara,I have not be able to find one that doesnt clumb.


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