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Are You In A Beauty Rut? Take The Test!

19 June, 2022 - 08:37am by - Head Pixie | 11 Comments

by BR Kellie

Bun. Bun. Braid. Bun. Bun. Bun. Ponytail.

This is (roughly) my weekly hair life. Rinse and repeat.

L'Oréal foundation. Maybelline concealer. Hourglass bronzer. MAC blush. 

This is my daily face base life. Rinse and repeat.

Cetaphil Cleanser. Dr LeWinn's Cleanser. Snowberry Serum. CeraVe moisturiser.

This is my skincare regime. With the odd mask thrown in. Not quite rinse and repeat, but very nearly.

Lovelies, the point of me laying out my beauty life for you to view is that I fear I'm in a beauty rut. I stick to the tried and true, day after day. And while there's nothing wrong with that, I'm starting to feel a little... bored. Or boring. Perhaps both.

But is my beauty rut normal? Is it something we all go through? To find out I've created a highly scientific Beauty Rut Test, and I'd love for you to take it! It's easy as... 10 questions, and for every answer yes, give yourself a point. Then, at the end, add up your total and your level of beauty rut will be revealed!

Here we go...

The Highly Scientific Beauty Review Beauty Rut Test

1. Are you using the same brand/scent of deodorant that you were using a year ago?

2. Do you use one eyeshadow palette at a time and don't replace it until every single shade is used in its entirety?

3. Does the thought of changing toothpaste brands set your teeth on edge?

4. Is your hairstyle the same today as it was a month ago?

5. Is your hairstyle the same today as it was a year ago?

6. Does your lipstick collection feature the same shades with little variation between them?

7. Do you have a signature scent?

8. Is your signature scent so well known by friends and family that you have multiple backup bottles?

9. Do you think GXVE is a Roman numeral?

10. Is your skincare regime the same now as it was two years ago?

The Results

1 - 3: Congratulations! You're a busy bee of the beauty world, floating from product to product and trend to trend with ease!

4 - 7: Nice one! You know when to shake it up and when to stick to the status quo.

8 - 10: You're in a rut as deep as the Mariana Trench. Go on, be bold, try something new! Or don't. If you love what you're using, continue to live your best beauty life.

As for me? I ended up with 6/10, and it very nearly would've been a 7/10 except I recently changed my dedicated deodorant of (at least) two decades because my supermarket stopped stocking it. So, the rut is real, but not as bad as it could be, and I can live with that.

And there you have it! The ultimate beauty rut test! So, are you stuck in a beauty rut? Do you need to shake things up? Or are a busy bee of the beauty world? Get chatting below!



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20th July, 2022

hahahaha not surprised by the results - I am very often set in my ways. However, I have found myself expanding my products as I learn more about my hair type and skin. Still some work to do though

15th July, 2022

4/10 surprised myself haha

1st July, 2022

7/10. I don't change much, I can't be bothered. I haven't cut my hair for two years and it's nearly at my waist. It grows fast and is very fine so it's easier just to let it do it's own thing.

27th June, 2022

6-10 but I know what works for me and I roll with that :)

20th June, 2022

This was cool, I got 2.

20th June, 2022


20th June, 2022

4-7 category for me! Not bad

20th June, 2022

I got 5, so not bad! And now to Google GXVE, because I have no idea!

20th June, 2022

I thought I'd be Mariana Trench material, but I'm pleasantly surprised! I love different scents, and my skincare keeps developing as my skin gets older and more and more demanding. This has made me think about my lipstick though... They're pretty much all the same shade! Never realised.

20th June, 2022

I scored 1/10 as I have the same hairstyle as last month. I do like trying new things and being able to trial new products on BR definitely helps keep things fresh :-)

20th June, 2022

Definitely in the 8 to 10 category, oh dear , never realized



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